Husky Poodle Mix – Your Complete Breed Guide To The Siberpoo

A hyperactive breed that is best owned by an experienced dog owner, the Husky Poodle Mix requires a great deal of attention, physical, and mental stimulations. Failure to do so equates to troubles.

A Husky Poodle Mix is also called Siberpoo, Huskydoodle, Huskypoo, and Huskipoo. Siberpoo is a cross between 2 intelligent dog breeds – a sled dog Siberian Husky and a water retriever Poodle. It was presumed that the Huskypoo was developed during the 1990s to combine the low shedding characteristic of a Poodle into a Siberian Husky’s seasonal blowing of coat.

Later, let’s find out if your personality and lifestyle are the perfect match for a zestful Husky Poodle Mix. We’ll tell you how much exercise a Siberpoo needs, if a Huskypoo can live peacefully with kids and other pets, the ideal diet and what the potential health problems are. But, first, let’s see how the Siberpoo looks and if this canine buddy is a good dog.

Are Husky Poos Good Dogs?

Huskydoodles are a mix of intelligence, affection, and energy rolled into a fluffy and wonderful canine companion. Husky Poos are good dogs especially for those who love the outdoors and have an active lifestyle.

Despite these wonderful traits, Huskydoodles have a mischievous streak in them.

What Does A Huskypoo Look Like?

The physical appearance of a Huskypoo varies depending on which parent has the more dominant gene. Typically, most of them will have long muzzles and long floppy ears like a Poodle. But if the Hukypoo inherits the Husky ears, those ears would be short and upright.

Also, the Huskypoo can inherit the blue and stunning eyes of a Husky but the brown eyes are also common. Like a Husky, the paws of a Huskypoo are large, allowing them to walk on mud and snow without any difficulties.

The coat color and texture vary, too. The Huskypoo dogs have thick and double layers of hair that give the shaggy and fluffy appearance but if the Poodle gene is more dominant, the coat texture is more on the curly side. The coat colors can be from a blend of white, black, gray, red, apricot, cream, and brown.

How Big Does A Huskypoo Get?

A Huskypoo is fully grown between 12 to 18 monthsThe sizes vary depending on the size of the Poodle parent, either a miniature or a Standard Poodle. This is how big a Husky Poo can get: 

  • Miniature Huskipoo: 12 to 16 inches tall and 15 to 35 lbs
  • Standard Huskipoo: 21 to 23.5 inches tall and 35 to 60 lbs

How Long Can A Huskypoo Live?

A Huskypoo has a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.

As a crossbreed, your Huskypoo benefits from what we call ‘hybrid vigor’, breeding two purebred dogs that are not entirely related to producing healthier puppies (e.g. longer lifespan).

However, hybrid vigor is not a perfect concept, thus, your Husky Poodle can still inherit the common health issues from both parents such as the following:


The causes of canine allergies are from different sources. It can be allergies from food, fleas, change in weather, and coming in contact from which your canine buddy is allergic (e.g. wool and flea collar). 

The common symptoms are itchy and smelly ears, swelling of the face, hives, to name a few. Apart from avoiding possible allergens, the treatment includes medicines and a shift to a new diet, say for example, from poultry to beef.

Juvenile Cataracts

Blame it on the Husky gene, juvenile cataracts appear as early as one year old. Cataracts are the development of protein film in the eyeball that blocks and deforms the eye lens. It can affect either or both eyes that can lead to partial or even complete blindness.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for juvenile cataracts except surgery that can only reduce the loss of vision. 


The cause could either be shrinkage or inflammation of the thyroid gland. The common signs are hair loss and susceptibility to skin infections. Oral replacement hormone is the only remedy for this endocrine disorder.

The other common health issues are hip & elbow dysplasia, and patellar luxation.

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How To Take Care Of Huskypoos?


A Siberpoo is not suited for a couch potato person because it needs an hour or even more exercise daily. You can run, hike, or play frisbee with your Siberpoo. A canine buddy that loves the outdoors too much-rain, shine, or even snow won’t stop your Siberpoo from enjoying the outdoors.


Huskypoos are active dogs that need a balanced diet of protein, dietary fats derived from animal fats, fatty acids, and carbohydrates. On top of that, we cannot emphasize enough that processed food is not a healthy choice for your Huskypoo.

Processed food has undergone the extrusion process, meaning, the food has been subjected to high heat, thereby, destroying the nutrients. Lack of nutrients leads to health problems like chronic inflammation. This is why nothing beats fresh food for your Huskypoo which is what you will get if you order Pet Plate dog food.

Pet Plate wet dog food is made with the freshest and human-grade ingredients and is cooked in a human-grade kitchen. This assures you that the food you will serve for your Huskipoo is clean and safe. Did we say that Pet Plate customizes the food based on your Huskypoo’s age, activity level, weight, caloric requirements, and more?


Active dogs need additional nutrients to keep their active minds and bodies on the go. You can give multivitamins that contain:

  • Glucosamine
  • Zinc
  • Omega 3

Also, you should not ignore the dental health of your Siberpoo. Invest in dental water additives for the prevention of plaque buildup and for fresher breath.

Are Siberpoos Good With Kids? Temperaments Of Husky Poodle Mixes

You can count on the loyalty and protective traits of a Siberpoo but do not expect your Husky Poodle Mix to have long patience with kids. A Siberpoo does not tolerate prodding, poking, loud noises, and the tugging habits of kids. Though Huskypoos are not aggressive, they can snap on over-rowdy kids.

Are Siberpoos Clingy?

Yes, Siberpoos are clingy and have a low tolerance for being alone. The Husky Poodle Mix is a very affectionate dog to the point that it demands your complete attention. If you fail in that department, your Siberpoo won’t take it lightly, it will act out by being destructive and troublesome.

How Do You Train A Husky Poo?

A Husky Poo is notorious for being a stubborn canine buddy and this is why training should commence at once. Setting boundaries and rules should be done from day 1. If not, your Husky Poo can turn your home upside down.

You should limit the training sessions to 15 minutes a day to avoid the puppy from getting bored and distracted. If you have time, twice a day is better for a stubborn Husky Poo.

During training, be sure to lavish your Siberpoo with praises and positive reinforcements so it can quickly associate the link between proper behaviors and good experiences.

Furthermore, let your Siberpoo feel your confidence, sturdiness, and domineering behaviors during training sessions. If you do not show your dominance, your Siberpoo will become the alpha member of the household. Train your Huskipoo the following:

  • Obedience training
  • Potty training
  • Voice recognition
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Does Huskypoo Shed? Grooming Tips For Husky Poodle Mixes

If a Huskypoo inherits the hypoallergenic single coat of a Poodle parent, then, yes, a Huskypoo is hypoallergenic or will only shed minimally.

On the one hand, if a Huskypoo inherits the double-coated characteristic of a Siberian Husky, then it is not hypoallergenic, meaning that a Huskypoo will shed its undercoats twice a year.

How Do You Groom A Siberpoo?

Siberpoo is not difficult to groom. In fact, you do not have to brush the coat daily, twice a week is enough to prevent matting and to make the coat look tidy and clean. You have to use a good brush though like the Furminator Undercoat Tool.

The advantage of Furminator over other brands is that it is available in different sizes and is coat length specific. So, for a Siberpoo, we recommend that you select the medium size and for short hair Furminator. What’s more to love about Furminator?

  • Effectively removes loose hair without causing damage to the topcoat.
  • Has a curved edge that conforms to the natural build of your Siberpoo.
  • Has a skin guard so you do not have to worry about accidentally hurting the skin.
  • Ergonomic design for easy use.

In regards to bathing, once a month is what we recommend. Too much bathing will strip the skin of its natural oils.

It is best if you choose a shampoo that is alcohol and paraben-free, made with natural ingredients like baking soda, oatmeal, and aloe vera. One of the best in the market is the Mighty Petz 2-I

How Much Are Siberpoos? The price range of Husky Doodle puppies is from $800 to $2,000. Factors that affect how much a Husky Poo is litter size and the breeders’ reputation. Plus, Husky Poo is difficult to breed. Unfortunately, you may not be able to find Husky Doodle puppies in shelters as this mixed dog breed is relatively new.

Can You Shave A Huskydoodle? Since a Huskydodle is a double-coated dog breed, we do not recommend that you shave the coat. Shaving changes the texture and also alters the process of keeping your Huskydoodle cool during warm months. Plus, the two coats won’t grow at the same time which can lead to overheating.

Can Huskies Get Along With Poodles? Yes, it’s because Poodles are energetic dogs that can keep up with Siberian Huskies’ playful nature. Poodles welcome the rough play that Huskies are known for. Plus, same as Huskies, Poodles also have in them a mischievous streak, thus, both breeds can be ‘partners in crime’ in cases when you fail to give them their daily dose of exercise.

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