Hybrid Cat Breeds
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They’re exotic and extraordinary and not your average feline – that’s what hybrid cat breeds are all about. From their appearance to their personality, there is something unique about these whiskered cuties, and the spotlight is on them today!

Sleek and elegant Savannah Cats are made for hunting, with coats reminiscent of a feral kitty. Bengal Cats are noted for their muscular build, agility, and spotted coat patterns that are unlike any other. And there’s the hairless beauty, Dwelf cat, which looks like a cross between a Sphynx and American curl.

If you’re thinking of owning a hybrid cat breed and curious about your best options – or you simply are fascinated to learn more about them, keep reading. These fascinating felines that you never thought existed are sure to surprise you!

24. Napoleon Cat

Named after the great Napoleon Bonaparte, the Napoleon Cat is quite like the feline counterpart of this man – or at least when it comes to its short build. These dwarf kitties have a low-slung body and stubby legs, kind of like a Dachshund.

These beauties appear to have round everything – their eyes, face shape, muzzle and cheeks. Coat colors vary, and they usually have medium-length to long hair, which makes regular grooming a must for these creatures.

23. Kinkalow

Another dwarf cat, the Kinkalow looks like a cross between the Munchkin and the American Curl. They have curled ears, short legs, and a round head. Their tails are also a bit longer than their bodies.

Kinkalows are sweet and affectionate cats. They can get along well with people of all ages including children and seniors.

22. Ussuri

These cats of Russian origin are quite rare. In fact, they are not easily found in their home country, as well. These striped hybrid cats look like a wild cat but with a warm and friendly personality. They can easily bond with their owners but prefer to lavish just one person with their affection.

Ussuri cats have a strong prey drive. So, if you have small pets at home, it is best to keep them away from these natural hunters.

21. Sokoke

Sokoke cats have an athletic build and lean bodies. Their legs are slender, which allow them to move with ease and grace. These cats have long tails and oval-shaped paws. Overall, their lithe build gives them an elegant appearance.

But what is most fascinating about the Sokoke is its eyes. These felines have alluring eyes in various shades of green or amber. They are widely set and oval-shaped, which complement their straight nose and medium-sized ears.

20. California Spangled

Imagine a miniature leopard, and that’s what the California Spangled cat looks like. These felines have gorgeous coat colors in gold, red, black, brown, and silver. Just like a leopard’s spots, the pattern is block-shaped and extraordinary.

Although they may seem feral, these kitties are actually easy to train. They are intelligent and obedient cats, so taming them should never be an issue.

19. Australian Mist

Australian Mist cats are medium-sized kitties with large ears to match their big, round eyes. They have a plump tail, thanks to the abundance of fur that covers it. As for their coat, it varies between spotted and marbled, with a somewhat “misty” background, which is how it got its name.

Unlike wild cats, Australian Mist kitties are quite mellow and gentle. They don’t usually scratch people, which makes them a suitable companion for families with children.

18. Ukranian Levkoy

With features resembling a Sphynx or a hairless Siamese, the Ukranian Levkoy is quite unique-looking. They have wrinkled skin, little to no hair, overturned ears, and long limbs. They appear long and lean, which makes them seem graceful and elegant.

Because of their hairless bodies, it is best to keep them well-protected from harsh elements. These cats can get easily cold or sunburned, which means better skin protection is necessary before heading outdoors with these felines.

17. Safari

Another unique looking hybrid cat breeds, Safari cats are average-sized kitties that can weigh up to 33 lbs. These have short coats in various patterns, although the most popular one is the spotted tabby coat type.

Personality-wise, they are more of the active type. They are not particularly affectionate, and these cats prefer to explore and stay active more than to be on your lap for a nap.

16. Pixie-Bob

Their name sounds like a haircut but it mainly refers to the type of tail they have. Pixie-Bobs have a short tail, sometimes almost non-existent and appearing like a stump. They have reddish or black wooly coats that are so soft, they seem to demand to be touched.

Interestingly, Pixie-Bobs are polydactyl, which means they have seven toes. This is something quite unique about these cats, adding to their uniqueness and appeal.

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15. Toyger

The name is indeed fitting for this whiskered cutie with features resembling a miniature tiger. Toygers have rectangular-shaped bodies, well-defined muscles, and high shoulders. Most importantly, their coat patterns are tiger-like – stripes with circular designs all around.

Spirited and outgoing, Toygers are great with children. They love to play and are easy to train, which is why first-time owners should never have a problem with these felines.

14. Burmilla

Short and stocky, it is surprising that Burmilla cats are actually great jumpers and climbers. They have a round head and slightly slanted eyes. Their coats are short, yet dense and soft.

The way to a Burmilla’s heart is to provide more climbing opportunities. Cat perches and cat trees should keep them active, healthy, and happy.

13. Ocicat

Ocicats look like a cross between a Siamese and an Abyssinian. They have a long and lean body covered in various coat patterns and colors but mostly in black, red or orange, and some brown.

These hybrid cats are quite social fellows. But they bond with just a single person, yet they can be friendly to everyone in the house. They also tend to be vocal and won’t hold back to express their feelings.

12. Cheetoh

A cheetah-looking domesticated feline, the Cheetoh is a large and muscular hybrid cat breed. They possess the same elegance and speed that a cheetah, which you can see when this cat is hunting or stalking its prey.

While feral-looking, Cheetohs are surprisingly sweet and gentle. They are friendly and mellow kitties, and it should not take too long before they get to bond with their favorite humans.

11. Jungle Bob 

Jungle Bobs are a spitting image of a Pixie-Bob and a Chausie combined. They are indeed exotic with features that are uniquely theirs.

Some of these cats have a full-length tail at birth while others have bobtails. Either way, they are adorable with a docile personality that allows them to do well with their household members.

10. Serengeti Cat

A large-boned and athletic kitty, the Serengeti cat is one leggy feline. They run fast and can climb to steep and great heights. Their coat pattern is unique, often a combination of black spots and a gold background.

Serengeti cats are gentle kitties. They do not have any trace of feral cat DNA in them, which means they are quite pleasant and sociable.

9. Pantherette

At first glance, you may think that the Pantherette is a baby panther. This was exactly the look that breeders were aiming for when they developed this hybrid cat breed. These felines have black coats and green eyes that glimmer and glow vividly.

Based on Black Bengals, Pantherettes are fairly new breeds. Although not much is known about them, one thing is certain – they are sweet as many domesticated cats but a passion for exploration and adventure.

8. Foldex Cat

With features that make them look like an Exotic Shorthair and Scottish Fold combined, the Foldex does look quite unique. Their noses are short and appear to be pushed in like an Exotic Shorthair. They also have folded ears with rounded tips, which is reminiscent of a Scottish Fold’s ears.

Some Foldex cats have short hair while others have long hair. Either way, their coats are always plush and soft, and sometimes with a glossy quality to it.

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7. Highlander Cat

With legs and stocky bodies like a Maine Coon and folded ears like a Scottish Fold, Highlander Cats are extraordinary-looking hybrid kitties. They have bobtails that are barely over 6 inches long and others even have extra toes, which add to their unique charm.

Highlander Cats are affectionate kitties. They are devoted to their owners and will do anything to please them.

6. Mokave Jag

Initially registered as a cat breed in 2005, the Mokave Jag is a mix of different genes such as the Jungle Cat, Asian Leopard, and bobcat. This is why they appear exotic, somewhat like a small Jaguar with tall ears.

These kitties are sweet and trainable. You will have no problem with this cat because of its intelligence, so it should be easy to teach them tricks.

5. Chausie

Chausies are laid-back and mellow kitties. They can be energetic, though, so be prepared to spend lots of playtime with this exotic-looking cutie.

These adorable felines have various coat patterns. They may have a solid black color, a grizzled tabby, or a brown-ticked tabby pattern. Their tails are short and their chests are deep, giving them an appearance of muscular and robust-build.

4. Lykoi

Somewhat hairless but with tufts of hair in various areas, the Lykoi is a unique-looking hybrid cat breed. They are actually not man-made breeds but mainly evolved from their ancestors’ own appearances over time.

Lykois may have a black coat mixed in with some white markings. They also have the familiar facial mask in a contrasting shade of color.

3. Dwelf

Harry Potter fans might see traces of Dobby’s physical traits in a Dwelf, thanks to its hairless body and large eyes. These cats are quite tiny and with delicate bodies. But they are not at all frail and can even be athletic.

With legs as short as a Munchkin, curled ears like an American Curl, and a hairless body like a Sphynx, the Dwelf is quite exotic-looking. They barely grow up to 9 lbs, which makes them small and lightweight.

2. Bengal Cat

The total opposite of a Dwelf, the Bengal Cat is not at all delicate. They are muscular, powerful, and strong. These cats are swift, active, and nimble. Whether it is climbing or running, these cats can do them all. 

But what’s most impressive about the Bengal Cat is its coat pattern. These gorgeous felines can have different coat patterns and colors including the black silver tabby or brown tabby.

1. Savannah Cat

An impeccable hunter, the Savannah Cat are agile and active fellows. They have a very strong prey drive, so be sure to keep your smaller pets as far away as possible from these kitties.

Long, slender, and leggy, Savannah Cats appear larger because of their height. These cats also have impressive coat patterns like a feral cat, giving them an exotic appeal.

Related Questions

What Is The Biggest Hybrid Cat? The biggest hybrid cat is the Liger, the offspring of a tigress and a lion. They are big cats that grow up to 12 feet tall and weigh as much as 1,000 lbs.

Are Hybrid Cats Dangerous? For the most part, hybrid cats are not all dangerous; it all depends on the different breeds mixed to produce the offspring. However, it is possible for the aggression factor to be present, especially if the cat is a mixture of a domesticated and a feral cat breed.

How Much Do Hybrid Cats Cost? The cost of buying a hybrid cat breed varies. For instance, there are Savannah cats that can cost upwards $35,000, especially when it comes to F1 varieties. On the other hand, F2 and F3 are around $8,000 or $4,000 respectively.

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