Jack Russell Terrier Mixes

Historically bred to hunt and chase smaller animals, the Jack Russell is a high-energy doggo. But when mixed with another breed, it tames the super spirited creature within. So, if you particularly love a JRT with a unique touch, then a Jack Russell Terrier mix fits the bill. 

One of the most popular JRT mixes is the Jack Bichon, a sweet, fluffy pooch whose parents are thjack-russell-terrier-mixese Bichon Frise and Jack Russell. There’s also the brainy Border Jack that takes after his clever Border Collie parent but with a Jack Russell’s muscular physique. Plus, there’s the Jackpie who’s full of beans – a Kelpie + Jack Russell hybrid dog!

Jack Russell Terrier mixes come in different shapes, sizes, and special traits. Let’s get to know these 39 JRT mixes that you’d love to call your own!

39. Husky Jack: Husky + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@jack_____husky

This unlikely pair makes a quite unique-looking Jack Russell Terrier mix. Think of it as a Husky with a shorter and more compact body, and that’s your Husky Jack. These pups have a fluffy coat and a face mask just like a Husky.

Quick and nimble, the Husky Jack is a happy fellow. They thrive on physical activity, so it is best to keep them on a leash to make sure they don’t wander about too far. An hour of exercise a day is also ideal for these active pups.

38. Jack Pit: Jack Russell + American Pitbull Terrier

Image from Instagram:@zitaandthebutterfly

True to its terrier roots, the Jack Pit – a hybrid dog that’s a combo of the Jack Russell and American Pitbull – is a bundle of energy! These fellows are very playful and curious. They may be short and stock as a Jack Russell but they are muscular and strong as Pittie. These are hardy pooches that are pretty much low-maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, grooming should never be an issue with this pup. They have a slick and short coat, which makes grooming easy-peasy.

37. Cojack: Corgi + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@luckiestboyinla

With both parents being short-legged and compact, expect the Cojack to be just the same. A cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Corgi, the Cojack is a jolly fellow. They have a thick butt (thanks to the Corgi gene) and a smiley face like a Jack Russell.

This pooch is a natural herder. They love to chase after everything it sees, yet highly entertaining to be around with. With its fun-loving personality, this canine is an excellent family pet.

36. Cavajack: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@sally_sharpe_irvin

Featuring those rounded, long ears as a Cavalier and a long, oval body like a Jack Russell’s, the Cavajack is a fascinating Jack Russell Terrier mix. This loving pup is quite affectionate and prefers to be around its owner all day.

They are not exactly high-energy types of a dog. In fact, they only require about half an hour of exercise, and the rest of the time is spent taking it easy and cuddling up with you. If you need a snoozin’ buddy or an outdoors pal, the Cavajack fits the bill perfectly well.

35. Jack Shepherd: Jack Russell + German Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@ayeeitsdebbiee

Think of a mini German Shepherd with a predominantly brown coat, and that’s your Jack Shepherd! These pooches are super friendly and active, which makes them a great family pup. They also don’t bark too often, and combined with the compact body, they should do well in apartments.

German Shepherds are natural shedders but not a Jack Shepherd. Since they don’t have a thick and fluffy coat as a GSD, shedding should be the least of your concern with this fellow.

34. Jackabee: Jack Russell + Beagle

Image from Instagram:@luna_loves_laps

Cheeky and intelligent, there are so many things to love about the Jackabee, or a Jack Russell and Beagle mix. This canine has black, white and tan colors just like the Jack Russell but with those adorable floppy Beagle ears.

As they are naturally bred to hunt, this Jack Russell Terrier mix is always on the go for adventures. They enjoy chasing after small animals that catch their eye, so it’s best to keep them leashed when out for a walk.

33. Golden Jack Retriever: Golden Retriever + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@scootchandmorty

The Golden Jack Retriever is an active pooch. They are full of energy and with a goofy character. Half-Golden Retriever and half-Jack Russell, this hybrid pooch has a medium-length golden coat and a stocky body.

One interesting fact about the Golden Jack Retriever is its love of the water. They are always up for a swim or a paddle, so be sure to take them to your swimming outings!

32. Cattle Jack: Australian Cattle Dog + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@jeepin_jory

Standing at about 20 inches tall and with coat colors in brown, white, and blue, the Cattle Jack looks exactly more like its Australian Cattle dog parent… With a cheeky Jack Russell grin. They are short-coated pooches with long ears inherited from either parent’s genes.

Now, this pup is full of beans. They love to run around and do things assigned to them. After all, they are bred as a farm dog, so they need ample exercise and activity to eliminate boredom.

31. Rus-A-Pei: Jack Russell + Chinese Shar Pei

Image from Instagram:@roxy_brownfur

Thick and fluffy, that’s what the Rus-A-Pei is all about. This designer dog is what you get when you mix a Jack Russell and a Chinese Shar Pei. Their coats are medium-length and dense as a Shar Pei, yet their bodies are short and compact like a Jack Russell.

As for their personality, Rus-A-Peis are well-balanced. They do not go to extremes, which makes them quite easy to train and work with. And yes, they do amazingly well with first-time dog owners, too!

30. Jug: Jack Russell + Pug

Image from Instagram:@dustinpup

Weighing up to 18 pounds and standing at about 14 inches from the shoulder, the Jug is a small and compact pooch. What do you expect, after all, since both parents are quite on the short side! Plus, they have more rolls and folds than muscle, which is typical of its Pug parent.

Do take note that Jugs tend to have breathing difficulties, which is common with Pugs. Thus, they do not require strenuous exercise and only some easy activities to keep them healthy and thriving.

29. Minnie Jack: Miniature Pinscher + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@karixo.89

Covered in black and brown short coat, that’s a Minnie Jack for you. This Miniature Pinscher and Jack Russell mix pooch inherits both features of parents – appearance and personality. They have a small, yet muscular body and with a long snout as a Min Pin.

Be sure to provide ample exercise to this active canine. It is also best to train this fellow at an early age to encourage positive behavior since it is likely to possess a “big dog” personality typical of both parents.

28. Silky Jack: Silky Terrier + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@johnsee89

Silky Jacks look just like a Silky Terrier sans the super long hair. These adorable little fellows have medium-length coats, usually in shades of brown or tan. And yes, they’re still the same, short-legged, long-bodied pups typical of both a Jack Russell and a Silky Terrier!

Personality-wise, Silky Jacks are agile and active canines. They love fun and games just as much as they enjoy snuggling up with their favorite humans. Are they trainable pooches? You bet they are!

27. Jacairn: Jack Russell + Cairn Terrier

Image from Instagram:@jttlead

This designer dog is a perfect mixture of the Jack Russell and the Cairn Terrier genes featuring a Cairn’s short and wavy coat and a Jack Russel’s big, round eyes. These are stocky, yet swift canines with a fancy for chasing small animals – a hallmark of every Terrier.

Jacairns are an excellent choice for first-time dog owners because of how easy it is to maintain their short coats. As a bonus, these are intelligent and obedient dogs that make training relatively simple.

26. Papijack: Papillon + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@folke_east

Possessing the butterfly-like ears of a Papillon and the stubby legs of a Jack Russell, the Papijack is endearing in every single way. Their coats usually come in shades of black and white while it is not uncommon to find some with brown and white short coats.

The secret to a Papijack’s heart is playtime. Give these playful dogs ample time to exercise coupled with plenty of attention, and they are a happy camper.

25. Jack Rat Terrier: Jack Russell + Rat Terrier

Image from Instagram:@lou.babydog

Perfect for every active folks, the Jack Rat Terrier has boundless energy! They may be fine-boned and small-bodied as a Rat Terrier but these canines are hardy fellows just like every Jack Russell is!

But just a word of caution – Jack-Rats are highly social creatures. They tend to wander off, so be sure to keep them on leash when out for a walk.

24. French Jack: French Bulldog + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@fosterarmy

A spunky pooch, the French Jack is an interesting Jack Russell mix. These dogs are about 14 inches in height, which is typical of a Jack Russell Terrier. They also have a thicker body with rolls all around just like a French Bulldog.

French Jacks are goofy creatures that love to entertain their owners. But with their inherent stubborn personality, they may be a bit of a handful for newbie dog owners.

23. Basset Jack: Basset Hound + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@carlotaentretachos

The Basset Jack is a hybrid dog that’s a cross between a Basset Hound and a Jack Russell. As expected, they possess the same long ears and somber-looking eyes of a Basset Hound but in a Jack’s more compact and smaller frame.

These pooches are some of the most mellow Jack Russell Terrier mixes there are. Basset Jacks are patient and laid-back fellows. They adore snuggling up and taking it easy, so they are perfect for families with young children.

22. China Jack: Chinese Crested + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@519petstylist

Combine a thin-haired Chinese Crested and a compact-bodied Jack Russell, and you’ve got a low-maintenance and easy-going China Jack. It’s the perfect hybrid dog for folks who prefer a low-shedding pooch that’s easy to train.

But just like every Chinese Crested dog, the China Jack requires warm clothes during the cooler seasons because of their very short coats. And they’re natural cuddlebugs, too, so that should help to keep them nice and cozy, too!

21. Eskijack: American Eskimo + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@archie_the_eskijack

Eskijacks look a lot like a Jack Russell but with longer, fluffier hair, thanks to the American Eskimo gene. They often have a predominantly white coat with some brown and black markings on their head and face, which are hallmark designs of a Jack Russell.

With an Eskijack, you get the best of both worlds – the soft and fluffy coat of an American Eskimo but in a Jack Russell’s small and compact body. They are great apartment pets that are relatively low-maintenance and trainable.

20. Westie Jack: West Highland Terrier + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@phoebethejackwestie

This fluffy-coated pooch takes after his Westie parent but with splatters of brown and black colors from a Jack Russell. These pups are on the small side, standing at about 11 to 14 inches and weighing not more than 18 pounds. 

Westie Jacks are energetic creatures but without being overbearing. They are more than happy spending time with their families. Got kids in the house? These adorable canines are well-balanced and don’t mind having young children around.

19. Norjack: Norfolk Terrier + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@bowyerjane

Norjacks resemble a Norfolk Terrier greatly – short, wiry coat and floppy ears. But they’re a little taller than a purebred and with a stockier build just like a Jack Russell.

If you want a cuddle buddy, the Norjack will gladly snuggle up with you. They are affectionate and loyal pooches that live to please their owners.

18. Bulljack: American Bulldog + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@r.j_dio

The Bulljack is every ounce a Bulldog but without the signature undershot jaws, squished face and large body. They have a Jack Russell’s stocky body and long snout combined with a Bulldog’s intense stare.

As Bulljacks have a smaller frame, they are perfect for apartments. They also have short coats, which makes them easy to maintain and groom.

17. Yorkie Jack: Yorkshire Terrier + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@vinnie.the.jorkie

This compact canine features a Yorkie’s somewhat wiry and long-ish coat but with a stockier build like a Jack Russell. They are low-shedding pooches but frequent brushing and trimming are essential to keep them looking nice and flawless.

Yorkie Jacks are excellent for folks who want a pup that looks like a Yorkie but with a more energetic and spunkier personality. These are your loyal and affectionate dogs that love to be around their owners for hours on end.

16. Havajack: Havanese + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@vetlethedog

A tad bigger than a purebred Havanese, the Havajack is still the same ol’ sweet and affectionate pup. They take after a Jack Russell’s oval body and the Havanese’s light and soft fluff of a coat. These canines may have white coats with some browns and blacks in certain areas.

Havajacks are energetic pooches. They enjoy romping around and chasing smaller animals. Thus, a fenced yard is a must for these lively and agile dogs to keep them from wandering about in the neighborhood.

15. Jackshund: Jack Russell + Dachshund

Image from Instagram:@hermione.rescuepup

Jackshunds look like a mini Dachshund with paddle paws pointing outwards and a longer body like a Jack Russell. They also tend to have a darker coat color, which is typical of a Doxie.

Feisty and energetic, Jackshunds can be a bit tricky to train for inexperienced dog owners. They require firm training to keep their diva tendencies under control. But once well-trained, they are an absolute delight in the home!

14. Bully Jack Terrier: Bull Terrier + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@hello.puppyzero

With its characteristic long snout and erect long ears, the Bully Jack Terrier looks exactly like a Bull Terrier, except it’s smaller than the purebred. They have short coats often in light brown and white colors.

Bully Jacks are active fellows. These canines require about an hour of intense exercise and activity each day to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors.

13. Jackaranian: Jack Russell + Pomeranian

Image from Instagram:@obiwolfkenobi

Another well-loved Jack Russell Terrier mix, the Jackaranian is a combination of the JRT and the Pomeranian. These are great apartment pooches because of their tiny frame measuring up to 13 inches in height. 

Jackaranians usually inherit a Pomeranian’s fluffy tan and white coat but typically shorter in length. They are also spunky fellows requiring about half an hour of playtime and brisk walks a day to keep them healthy.

12. Jack Tzu: Jack Russell + Shih Tzu

Image from Instagram:@tobymeetstheworld

Jack Tzus are long-coated canines, which they got from their Shih Tzu parent. However, they are smaller and more compact – a feature typical of a Jack Russell. 

With their intense prey drive and innate alertness, Jack Tzus are excellent guard dogs. And since they are pocket-sized, these curious and protective fellows should fit perfectly right into a compact apartment.

11. Jackmatian: Jack Russell + Dalmatian

Image from Instagram:@houndandpurr

Basically a pocket-sized Dalmatian, the Jackmatian combines the genes of a Jack Russell and a polka-dotted bodied Dalmatian. They have black spots all over their bodies but in fewer amounts than a purebred.

These short and stocky obedient pooches are relatively easy to train. They would do well with first time canine owners. Just be sure to give them ample exercise to keep their behavior in check.

10. Mini Foxy Jack: Mini Fox Terrier + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@dang1

Mini Foxy Jacks are a smaller version of a Jack Russell but with a fluffier and predominantly white coat. They also have a square frame and with well-defined muscles as a JRT. These canines have a smaller and rounder head, which is characteristic of a purebred Mini Fox Terrier.

Both breeds closely resemble one another due to their Terrier heritage. Thus, you can expect a lot of energy and agility from this nimble, tiny doggo.

9. Patterjack: Patterdale Terrier + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@ralphs_universe

A rare JRT mix, the Patterjack is one of the smallest in this bunch. Since both parents are pretty much similar in both features and personalities, you can expect this tiny fellow to look like either a Patterdale and a Jack Russell.

This canine has a proportionate body and a muscular build. He’s got a mustache-like for a muzzle hair and a short tail, which he gets from a Patterdale’s stand-out features.

8. Jackapoo: Jack Russell + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@billyboy_thejackapoo

Next up, we have the Jackapoo – a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Poodle. This teddy bear-esque pooch is every ounce a headturner – soft, curly hair, miniature body size, and white and tan coat color.

But more than its good looks, the Jackapoo is a sweet pup. This little fellow is obedient and intelligent, so every owner should have an easy time training this adorable pooch.

7. Wire Foxy Russell: Wire Fox Terrier + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@weathernerdphoto

The Wire Foxy Russell is a Terrier in every single way – after all, both parents are from the same class! With a short wiry coat, a button nose, and a teeny tiny tail, this cutie is more Wire Fox Terrier-looking than a JRT.

As with any Terrier, this doggo is quite an energetic creature. They need their daily exercise and playtime to shake off the boredom and stay at their best behavior. Early training is also a must for this pooch.

6. Toy Foxy Russell: Toy Fox Terrier + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@sophie_theadventurer

One of the smallest of all the Jack Russell Terrier mixes on this list, the Toy Foxy Russell is roughly around 12 pounds or under when fully grown. Picture a larger version of a Chihuahua in your head – slim body, short and smooth coat, and erect ears – and there’s your Toy Foxy Russell!

As both parents are small and muscular-bodied, so is this charming little pooch. Their coat colors can vary from fawn, white, red, and brown. It is also medium in length, which makes this pup relatively low-maintenance.

5. Jack Chi: Jack Russell + Chihuahua

Image from Instagram:@leoandnala_

Jack Chis inherit the strong genes of a Chihuahua, which explains the diminutive size, bulging round eyes, and erect ears. But even with a small frame, this pup is stocky and well-muscled, like a JRT. 

Considering a Chi’s colorful personality, you can expect this hybrid pooch to possess the same shining character. They are overprotective, fiercely loyal pups that are a fantastic family pet.

4. Jack Weiler: Jack Russell + Rottweiler

Image from Instagram:@terriphillips417

Another unlikely Jack Russell mix, the Jack Weiler is a medium-sized pooch that’s half-JRT and half-Rottie. They are compact and sturdy canines that can grow up to 22 inches in height. 

As what you could expect from a Rottie mix, this doggy is super loyal to his family. He lives to protect his loved ones, which are excellent features of a guard dog.

3. Jack Pie: Jack Russell + Kelpie

Image from Instagram:@cocktailsandfairytales

Jack Pies are hard working and highly active canines. This designer dog takes on a Jack Russell’s athletic and muscular physique and a Kelpie’s foxy-looking face. These doggos usually have a thick white coat with traces of black and tan all around.

Originally bred as a working dog, Jack Pies love activity more than anything. They need plenty of exercise and stimulation for both mind and body. Early socialization and training are necessary to raise a happy and well-behaved Jack Pie.

2. Border Jack: Border Collie + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@joeyjoejoejuniorshabidoo

This cutie is a perfect example of brain and brawn – they are intelligent canines that thrive on brain games and interactive play while at the same time ever-hungry for physical activity. A cross between a brainy Border Collie and a brawny Jack Russell, the Border Jack is a muscular pooch with long and wiry coat of white, black and brown.

The key to a happy Border Jack is stimulation. With mental and physical stimulation, any dog owner can ward off destructive behavior of this boredom-prone doggo.

1. Jack Bichon: Jack Russell + Bichon Frise

Image from Instagram:@gitta34

One of the fluffiest Jack Russell Terrier mixes, the Jack Bichon has a ton of hair to cover its muscular, stocky body. Typical of a Bichon Frise, this pooch has dense and voluminous wiry hair, which requires frequent grooming. 

Jack Bichons are generally calm and sweet canines. They do not require strenuous exercise, but they do get anxious when left alone for long periods of time. Lots of attention and cuddles are a way to this pup’s heart.

Related Questions

How Big Do Jack Russell Terrier Mixes Get? These canines are medium-sized dogs while others are more on the small side. Depending on either parent, Jack Russell Terrier mixes can grow between 11 to 22 inches in height and with an average weight of 8 to 80 pounds!

How Long Do Jack Russell Terrier Mixes Live? Typical with mixed breed dogs, Jack Russell Terrier mixes have a lifespan of 13 to 15 years. However, the number varies depending on several factors such as genetics, diet, and lifestyle.

Do Yorkie Russells Shed? Yorkie Russells shed but only minimally. They have a short, wiry coat, which requires regular bushing to keep it under control. This Jack Russell Terrier mix is perfect for folks who prefer a low-maintenance pooch that is easy to groom.

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