Labrador Australian Shepherd Mix – Your Complete Aussiedor Breed Guide

Are you a first-time dog owner looking for a friendly and exuberant dog that is great for families with children? If so, you should get the Aussiedor. So, what exactly is an Aussiedor?

Bred from a Labrador Retriever ranked 1st on AKC’s popularity list, and an Australian Shepherd ranked 13th on the same list, the resultant crossbreed from two very popular breeds is the Labrador Australian Shepherd Mix or Aussiedor. You will find some of the most interesting traits that you probably will never see in the parent breeds.

If you want to keep the Aussiedor as a pet, it is essential that you understand what you should expect with this exuberant designer breed, including how to care for them, their personality and behavior, common health problems that affect them, and so on. This article will cover all necessary information about the Aussiedor. Before we get into that, however, let’s take a look at the size of the Aussiedor.

How Big Will An Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Get?

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When people hear the term Australian Shepherd, two questions immediately pop into their head – what does an Aussiedor look like, and how big do Aussiedor dogs get?


Some Aussiedor puppies will take the looks of the Lab, and others will take the looks of the Aussie, while most will fall somewhere in between the two. Still, there are some physical traits that are common to most Aussiedors.

Most Aussiedors have broad shoulders, deep chests, and athletic bodies with strong legs. They will have a broad head that is closer to that of the Lab and floppy ears.


The Lab and the Aussie are both medium-sized dog breeds, so the same should be expected of the Aussie Lab Mix. An adult Aussiedor can get as tall as 24 inches and weigh as much as 70 lbs. The actual size of an Aussiedor will be largely dependent on the size of its parents.


The Aussie Lab Mix comes with a double coat like both its parents. The hair on your Aussiedor’s coat could either be straight like the Lab’s or wavy like the Aussie’s. Regardless of the coat that your Aussiedor inherits, one thing you can be certain of is that their coat will be waterproof.

The Lab has three main coat colors – black, yellow, and chocolate – while the Aussie could be red, black, tan, blue merle, or red merle. Your Aussiedor puppy will have a mixture of two or more of these colors, except merle, since Labs don’t have the merle gene.

How Long Do Australian Shepherd Lab Mixes Live?

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The Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, just like the Aussie Shepherd. With proper health and nutrition, it is possible for your four-legged buddy to live for one or two more years.

Due to their hybrid vigor, the Labrador Australian Shepherd Mix is less prone to health issues compared to its parents. Still, your pooch could be at risk of some illnesses that come from either the Lab or the Aussie side of the family. Here are some health conditions that could affect your Aussiedor.

Bone And Joint Problems

The Lab and the Aussie are very active dogs, which puts them at risk of joint and bone problems, such as hip and elbow dysplasia and arthritis. Before buying an Aussiedor puppy, you should have a vet check the pup’s bones and joints.

Feeding your pup on a diet that is rich in proteins can also help strengthen their bones and keep these problems at bay.


This condition affects medium to large-sized dogs, and the Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix is no exception. This condition is life-threatening for your furry buddy, so you should immediately get in touch with a vet if you see any signs of bloat.

Some common signs of bloat include restlessness, a swollen abdomen, panting, excessive drooling, and unsuccessful attempts at vomiting.

Other Common Health Problems

You should also watch out for health conditions like lymphoma, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, persistent pupillary membranehypothyroidism, and cancer.

How To Take Care Of Aussiedors?

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The Aussiedor is a large and active dog breed, so they have high energy requirements. You should provide your fido with food that is rich in calories and protein. For this, I recommend Pet Plate’s Beef Barkin’. This dog food is made with real beef and vegetables and will provide your pooch with all their energy needs.

Due to their high appetite, Aussiedors are at a high risk of obesity. To prevent this, do not overfeed your doggie, and don’t be too generous with treats either.

You should also invest in dental water additives to keep your doggie’s mouth fresh and clean and prevent bacterial infections and the buildup of tartar and plaque.


The Aussie Lab Mix is an active and high-energy dog breed, so they require lots of exercise. Taking your Aussiedor for a walk around the block will not provide them with adequate exercise.

They need to be able to run around and physically exert themselves. Ideally, you should give your four-legged buddy an hour session of exercise twice every day.

Due to the high risk of bone and joint problems, don’t give your dog too much exercise when they are a puppy since this could affect their skeletal development. In addition, don’t allow your Aussiedor puppy to run up and down stairs or jump out of cars.

Vet Visits

It is also important for you to visit the vet regularly for health checkups. This will allow any potential problems to be detected and dealt with right from the onset.

Are Aussiedors Good Off-Leash? Temperaments Of Australian Shepherd Lab Mixes

Aussiedors are certainly good and behave well when off-leash. However, their off-leash behavior can vary, depending on the individual dog and the level of training they have received.

These mixed-breed dogs are highly trainable and respond well to positive reinforcement training methods. A well-trained Aussiedor that has been socialized from an early age and has a strong bond with its owner will likely be well-behaved when its leash comes off.

If an Aussiedor has not received adequate training and socialization, it may exhibit behavioral issues such as running away or not responding to commands. It is crucial for the owner to properly train and socialize their Aussiedor in order to ensure that it can behave comfortably and safely off-leash.


Due to their Lab Retriever genes, Australian Shepherd Labrador Mixes are very friendly and easy-going. They are very gentle with kids and will enjoy playing and running around with them.

Aussiedors are also generally good with other pets. However, some Aussie Labs might have the tendency to want to herd small animals due to their Australian Shepherd instincts.

Aussiedors are also very affectionate and will form strong bonds with family members. This can lead to separation anxiety if you leave them alone for most of the day. When they feel lonely, they will start chewing and scratching at everything in sight.

High Energy Levels

The Lab and the Australian Shepherd are very active dogs, and they both pass on their high energy levels to the Aussie Lab Mix. Given the time and space for it, Aussiedors will play and run around for hours without getting tired.

Owing to their high energy levels, Aussiedors are best suited for homes with farms or large yards where they can play without any restrictions. They are most comfortable with families who have very active lifestyles.

They’ll enjoy hikes and long walks, and since they are not an aggressive breed, you can take them off the leash while on your hike.


Aussie Lab mixes are very loyal, something they get from the Australian Shepherd side of the family. Their protectiveness makes them good guard dogs because they will be wary about unknown people coming into what they consider to be their territory.

Do Aussiedors Shed? Grooming Tips For Australian Shepherd Lab Mixes


The Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix is a heavy shedder, which is no surprise considering that both of its parents are heavy shedders.

Due to the heavy shedding, you’ll need to brush these pooches frequently, about two to three times every week and once a day during shedding season.

During brushing, you need to use a good deshedding tool that will prevent your doggie’s coat hairs from tangling and matting together, like the FURminator Undercoat Tool. This tool is designed in such a way that it will remove loose hairs from the undercoat without causing any damage to the top coat.

When budgeting for the Aussie Lab Mix, you should factor in the cost of a good vacuum, which is essential if you don’t want furs all over the house. I recommend the iRobot Roomba i3+, mainly because this amazing will take the task of keeping your house clean off your hands since it is automatic.


Aussie Lab Mixes don’t need regular baths. Your pooch will be fine with a bath every three to four months. To keep your canine buddy smelling fresh and sweet and keep their coat moisturized, I recommend that you use the Pro Pet Works All Natural Organic 5 In 1 Oatmeal Pet Shampoo + Conditioner when giving them a bath.

This shampoo and conditioner is free of soap and other irritants and is good for dogs that have sensitive skin. It also helps eliminate the wet dog smell that most people hate so much.

Do Australian Shepherds Get Along With Labradors? Yes, Australian Shepherds will get along well with Labrador RetrieversWhen properly socialized and trained, Australian Shepherds will get along with other dogs, while Labs are generally friendly to other dogs and pets. In addition, both are almost similar in size and have almost similar energy levels. This means that these two will get along perfectly.

How Much Does An Aussiedor Cost? Being a highly demanded designer breed, Aussiedors do not come cheap and will cost you northwards of $1,000 from a reputable breeder. While you can get Aussiedor cheaper for less from some breeders, it is much better to pay more but get a dog whose health you are sure of.

How Long Does A Shepherd Mix Dog Live? Australian Shepherds will live for about 13 to 15 years, and therefore, you can expect Australian Shepherd Mix dogs to have a similar lifespan. When crossbred with breeds with a longer lifespan, it is possible for the life expectancy of a Shepherd Mix dog to exceed 15 years.

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