Most Dog-Friendly Stores In USA

Thinking of doing some shopping with dear Fido? Luckily, you can tag him along and sit him up in a shopping cart, stroller, or in the doggie bag. There are several dog-friendly stores in the USA that are more than happy to welcome both you and your pooch, which is great news for paw parents!

Home Depot is every DIY enthusiast’s paradise – plus their dogs! As long as you follow their policies, you can definitely shop with your four-legged pal. Same goes for Bath & Body Works and Barnes & Noble… And about 35 more dog-friendly shops in the country.

So get yourself and your pooch ready and hit these stores to get your shopping to-do list all checked off!

38. Home Depot

Image from Instagram:@officialsnowdog

What does the store sell: Home improvement

Shopping for home improvement products has never been more fun than when it’s a shared activity between you and your pup. This is something that Home Depot offers to its patrons, which makes it a pup shopper’s paradise.

Just one caveat before you head over to shop – they require dogs to be on a short leash. This way it’s a win-win for pups and shoppers. Your pooch can get his daily walks and folks can get on with their shopping in peace.

37. Bath & Body Works

Image from Instagram:@rjthepupper

What does the store sell: Bath products

If you are a huge fan of bath and spa essentials, Bath & Body Works is where it’s all at. You can find the best-smelling soaps and body products for your next “Pamper Me” day.

And speaking of pampering, you can also let your pup enjoy these pleasant smells at the shop by tagging him along. Some aisles can be narrow, though, which can be tough for larger canines.

36. Pottery Barn

Image from Instagram:@lennon_yorkie

What does the store sell: Home accessories

The place to be for your fancy home furnishing shopping needs, Pottery Barn is also one of the most dog friendly stores in the USA. Their laid-back policy for pets coming into the shop makes life much easier for fur parents shopping with their pooch.

But one thing to note before you bring your pooch over – make sure he is well-trained. The shop would not want pups jumping onto furniture to avoid accidents.

35. Gap

Image from Instagram:@little_miss_turtle

What does the store sell: Clothing

Another pup-friendly US store is Gap. Whether you need some retail therapy or in urgent need to update your wardrobe closet (and your dog’s), this shop caters to both requirements. 

They are fine with pooches shopping with their owners, although it is best to contact them ahead just to make sure your preferred retail location is OK with having your pet around.

34. Half Price Books

Image from Instagram:@frau.brrs

What does the store sell: Books

One of the most dog-friendly stores in the USA is Half Price Books, which is great news for fur mamas and papas. You can simply do your book shopping without having to leave your pooch all alone at home.

However, every store manager has a different pet policy. Some limits only a couple of dogs per store while others may be okay with more. Just make sure your pooch is leashed at all times and not running around the shop.

33. Saks Fifth Avenue

Image from Instagram:@style_reengineered

What does the store sell: Clothing and accessories

Itching for chic and trendy outfits? Saks Fifth Avenue is the place to be – for both you and your pup! They don’t only have fashionable clothes and accessories for humans but also for dogs.

Although the shop does not have a public pet policy, many shoppers confirm that Saks is most certainly dog-friendly. They welcome well-behaved pooches and preferably leashed to give everyone a great shopping experience.

32. Bed Bath & Beyond

Image from Instagram:@remy.the.shih.tzu

What does the store sell: Home accessories

From home accessories to bath essentials, Bed Bath & Beyond got you – and your pups – covered. Speaking of dogs, they even have their trademark “Canine Cart” program for your pooch. So, shopping is more fun and much easier even with Fido around.

No matter which retail location you go, it’s guaranteed to be pup-friendly. That’s a huge deal for folks who always want to bring their pets along.

31. Sephora

Image from Instagram:@iloveleoandcoco_

What does the store sell: Cosmetics and beauty products

Shop for all your beauty product needs with your fluff ball right next to you. This is exactly what you can expect from Sephora, a massive beauty and cosmetics retailer on the planet.

At the time of writing, the shop does not have a public pet policy in place yet, at least on their official website. However, Sephora shoppers vouch on the fact that this store welcomes dogs without any problem.

30. Foot Locker

Image from Instagram:@joemm

What does the store sell: Footwear

Foot Locker’s doors are open to humans and pups alike. So when you are in the market for a new pair of shoes, then you can have your pooch come along at this shop without any problem.

Is your pooch fond of grabbing and chewing shoes? No worries. Foot Lockers don’t have a lot of shoes that are within your pet’s reach as they’re mostly on the wall.

29. Anthropologie

Image from Instagram:@hazel_golden1

What does the store sell: Clothing and home accessories

If your pup is on-board with your fondness for shopping, then Anthropologie is the store for you both. They are fine with pups visiting the shop as long as they’re leashed and well-behaved.

And while you’re checking out something cool to splurge on for yourself, you can also add in some pup-themed merch for your four-legged BFF. Yep, Anthropologie got your trend-setter pooch covered, too!

28. Academy

Image from Instagram:@booandzero

What does the store sell: Sports equipment

Sporty paw parents will love what Academy’s got in store for them – and their pooches. This sports and outdoors shop has everything you need from exercise equipment to athletic supplies and so on.

And the best part of it all? They are dog-friendly, so you can shop with sweet Fido. This applies to all retail locations throughout the country!

27. Tractor Supply & Co

Image from Instagram:@kuma_and_kiko.hvl

What does the store sell: Home and garden supplies

Just for the record, this is not only for your tractor supply needs. This shop has everything you can think of – lawn and garden care, basic tools, and even clothing!

Known for being welcoming to dogs, this retailer is a shopping haven for fur moms and dads. Be watching for their adoption events, which add to the fun for dog lovers.

26. Abercrombie & Fitch

Image from Instagram:@hollywoodthegsd

What does the store sell: Clothing

They may be extra popular in the 90s but Abercrombie & Fitch style never goes out of vogue. So, if this happens to be one of your favorite shops, you can stop by and tag your pup along.

All A & F locations have their doors wide open for pups. Grab your four-legged shopping buddy and let him pick out the coolest outfit for you.

25. Free People

Image from Instagram:@squidlife

What does the store sell: Clothing

Free People is 100% open to pups, which is amazing news for shoppers who can’t leave their fur babies behind.

They are famous for their boho-chic and other trendy outfits to suit your fancy. And when you’re done filling your shopping basket up with your stuff, you can also grab some cute pet accessories for your pooch.

24. Macy’s

Image from Instagram:@magnificenttails

What does the store sell: Clothing and accessories

Most department stores in the US are dog-friendly, and that includes Macy’s. They may not have an official pet policy but you can see a few folks with their four-legged pals checking out the latest at the shop.

Sure, they are open to puppers but just make sure your pooch is fine with crowds. Busy is often an understatement at Macy’s, especially during the holidays and other major occasions.

23. Strand Bookstore

Image from Instagram:@sethyny

What does the store sell: Books

Shop for the coolest finds at Strand Bookstore with your paw partner in crime. It’s the perfect place to chill and check out books of various genres – from finance to philosophy to anything you can think of!

And it’s official – Strand’s website publicly mentions that dogs are allowed at their shop. So you can just drop by and read some books with your pup.

22. Urban Outfitters

Image from Instagram:@noriwhomin

What does the store sell: Clothing

Get the trendiest and hippest outfits your shopping basket can handle at Urban Outfitters – and you can even have your dog help you pick! This dog-friendly shop is also quite spacious, so crowd-anxious pooches won’t find it intimidating in here.

Just make sure you have dear Fido on a leash, keep him busy with his favorite toy, and shopping with your pooch would be easy-peasy.

21. TJ Maxx

Image from Instagram:@noahthechubbycorgi

What does the store sell: Clothing and apparel

TJ Maxx got everything from clothing for humans and accessories for pups. So, a trip to this shop will be a win-win for you and your beloved pooch.

Most retail locations welcome pups. But to be sure, you can give the shop a call before you visit to know more about their pet policy.

20. Bass Pro Shops

Image from Instagram:@thre3nagers

What does the store sell: Outdoor gear

If you love your four-legged hunting companion tag along with you in the great outdoors, you can also make it happen on your next visit to Bass Pro Shops. They welcome pups of all shapes and sizes with open arms!

This retailer loves dogs that they even host some pup-centric activities specifically for your canine. Expect these events to be loads of fun with some cool deals for you, as well!

19. Bloomingdale’s

Image from Instagram:@lil_bow_wowser

What does the store sell: High-end clothing and accessories

For folks who like anything fancy-schmancy, Bloomingdale’s is the place to visit. But they’re open not only to human shoppers; four-legged companions are welcome, too!

Just one thing to note, though. Bloomingdale’s on-site restaurants are not open to dogs. If it’s only shopping you have in mind, no need to leave your precious Fido behind.

18. Ann Taylor LOFT

Image from Instagram:@winniegirl360

What does the store sell: Clothing

Ann Taylor LOFT is every fashionista shopper’s haven. With a wide range of chic clothing, there’s plenty to find at this store.

In case shopping is an activity you like to share with your pooch, you can most certainly tag him along at this store. All locations are OK with having well-behaved pups visit them, so long as they are leashed and not running around.

17. LUSH Cosmetics

Image from Instagram:@xojinx3

What does the store sell: Cruelty-free cosmetics

Famous for their cruelty-free cosmetic collection and beauty products, LUSH is also very kind and welcoming to dogs with their human shoppers. You can shop till you drop while having your pooch right next to you.

Another cool perk at this store is that pups are showered with love. They get free treats and a drink plus loads of cuddles!

16. Lowe’s 

Image from Instagram:@mydogstink

What does the store sell: Home improvement

Home improvement folks will love having their fur babies in their shopping cart to help them pick out some tools and building supplies at Lowe’s. This dog-friendly store in the USA makes it a fun exercise for Fido when the weather outside is simply not great.

With the AC on full blast plus some awesome stuff for your pups at the pets section, it’s almost like Disneyland for your pooch!

15. Orvis

Image from Instagram:@melvinonthings

What does the store sell: Clothing and outdoor gear

Outbound hounds enjoy shopping with their fur parents at Orvis. This is a one-stop-shop for anything about adventure and outdoors. Plus, there are cool treats for the pups, too!

In fact, the retailer even gives out some free treats to your four-legged companion. Overall, it’s a fun place to be for you and your adventure pal.

14. Michaels

Image from Instagram:@cali_forniadoodle

What does the store sell: Crafts

If arts and crafts is your thing, then Michaels must be one of your favorite shops of all time. And it only gets better for dog owners because this store is also welcoming to canines.

Whenever you need to buy some card supplies, scrapbooking materials, and so on, there’s no need to leave your pooch at home. Just get the leash ready and head over to Michaels for the best finds.

13. Victoria Secret

Image from Instagram:@prince_the_charming_spitz

What does the store sell: Lingerie 

Not many people may know it but Victoria Secret is actually a pet-friendly shop. All retail locations are fine with having your pup around, just as long as they are either leashed or in a pet carrier.

Do take note that the lighting at VS stores are usually dim. So, it is best to use a glow in the dark leash to easily spot your pup (and to help other shoppers not bump into dear Fido, too!)

12. Restoration Hardware

Image from Instagram:@kylie_bianca_olivia

What does the store sell: Housewares

A paradise for houseware aficionados, Restoration Hardware is also a big deal for pup owners. With the retailer’s welcoming gesture towards shoppers with their dogs, RH is definitely one of the most dog-friendly stores in the USA.

For your sake, however, it is best to keep your pooch on a short leash when shopping here. After all, if you break it, you have to buy it. And their prices aren’t cheap.

11. Banana Republic

Image from Instagram:@pu_u0606

What does the store sell: Clothing

Whether you are shopping for office wear or casual clothes, Banana Republic has it all for you. It’s also known for being among the most friendly shops towards four-legged shopping buddies.

Aside from their liberal pet policy, the retailer goes above and beyond in showing that your pooch is welcome by handing him some free treats!

10. Ross

Image from Instagram:@m.r.five

What does the store sell: Clothing and home accessories

For Ross fans out there, you’re probably aware of the fact that this is the place to get the best deals. But more than that, it’s also a great shop to visit if you want to tag your pup along.

From shoes and clothing and even something cute and chic for your pooch, Ross has it all for you. All retail locations are also dog-friendly, so that’s awesome news for you.

9. Old Navy

Image from Instagram:@covey_lovey_dovey

What does the store sell: Clothing and accessories

Known as a family-friendly store, Old Navy is also dog-friendly. They’re got everything for the family, and your pup can join you and feel right at home.

As the shop is quite spacious, there’s ample room to roam around. Just keep your pooch leashed to make sure he doesn’t scamper off while you shop.

8. Bebe

Image from Instagram:@pepper_poo

What does the store sell: Clothing

Your precious “bebe” is definitely welcomed with open arms at this shop. Bebe lets you shop while having your pooch tag along.

It’s not specifically stated on their website that pets can enter the store. Yet, shoppers confirm with their photos and tweets that this shop is certainly dog-friendly.

7. Hobby Lobby

Image from Instagram:@starkthepap

What does the store sell: Arts and crafts

Crafts shoppers, here’s another place to go when you want to check out arts and crafts supplies with your pooch. Hobby Lobby has all things cute and awesome for all your scrapbooking, papercrafts and handmade activity needs.

They are dog-friendly, yet it is still best to call ahead just to make sure your pooch is okay to tag along. This way, you know what to expect before you visit.

6. The Apple Store

Image from Instagram:@honeythesfcavalier

What does the store sell: Gadgets

As you shop for trendy devices at The Apple Store, you can also have your pooch come with you. Just as long as you have dear Fido leashed, it should be fine having him enter the stop.

The store can get a little busy at times, though, especially during the holidays. So, unless it’s not crowded and overwhelming to take your pup with you, the choice is up to you.

5. Nordstrom

Image from Instagram:@lifeofwinniethemini

What does the store sell: Upscale clothing

With their worldwide reputation as an upscale retail shop, Nordstrom is also famous for being one of the most dog-friendly stores in the USA. You can catch the best deals and make sure your pooch doesn’t miss it, either.

Pups of all shapes and sizes can visit the store with their paw parents. Just make sure your fur baby is leashed and well-trained to avoid any untoward incidents at the store.

4. Tiffany & Co

Image from Instagram:@peter_parker_and_harry_osborn

What does the store sell: Jewelry

In the mood for a brand new diamond necklace? If anything that’s diamond tickles your fancy, Tiffany & Co got you covered.

Plus, they love dogs. At least, that’s what their VP says. So, you don’t have to leave poor Fido behind if this shop is where you’re heading at.

3. Barnes & Noble

Image from Instagram:@fowlerandberlin

What does the store sell: Books

Enjoy a good book and relax in a quiet nook with your pooch at Barnes & Noble. This is where you both can have a chill moment together.

But if you are looking to have some cuppa at their on-site cafe, you may have to leave your pup home. It’s currently not open to dogs, so that’s something worth knowing before you go.

2. Hallmark

Image from Instagram:@a.miracle.named.boone

What does the store sell: Greeting cards and stationery

When a loved one’s birthday is coming up, or perhaps it’s time to replenish your stationery collection, Hallmark is the place to be. They have the perfect greeting card for every occasion, not to mention cute ornaments, wrapping paper, and so on.

Dog moms and dads with their fur babies can easily go on a card-shopping trip at Hallmark anytime, too! Just be sure to keep your pooch leashed or tucked in his cozy stroller, and it should be perfectly fine.

1. Ganders Outdoors

Image from Instagram:@la_vie_en_bori

What does the store sell: Outdoor gear

If you fancy camping, fishing, and the like, you can easily flock to Ganders Outdoors with your adventure-loving pup. From fishfinders to binoculars and everything you need in the wild outdoors, you can easily find it in this shop.

Best of all, this outdoor gear shop’s pet policy is quite liberal and reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about having Fido come with you.

Can I Take My Dog Into Shops In A Bag? If the retailer welcomes canines to enter their shop, then it should be fine. A dog bag is also more ideal to smaller breeds, and it helps them to feel more secure and cozy.

Can You Bring A Service Dog Anywhere? Yes, this is according to the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act. All people with disabilities can bring their service dog anywhere, such as restaurantsstores, and public transportation, unless the animal is considered and deemed to be a safety concern for others.

Are Stores Allowed To Ask For Service Dog Papers? No, stores are not supposed to ask for service dogs papers. The ADA prohibits all businesses whether public or private from discrimination or treating people with disabilities in an unjust manner.

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