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American cartoonist, Jim Davis, once said, “Cats rule the world.” Well, they definitely rule the internet – YouTube, Instagram, you name it. Their popularity is apparent but have you ever wondered what is the most popular cat breed in the world?

When it comes to fame, the Persian Cat and Maine Coon are high up the ranks in catdom’s most renowned felines. Find out if your favorite kitty makes it in this list of the most popular cat breeds!

51. Peterbald

Image from Instagram

Part Oriental Shorthair, part Donskoy, the Peterbald gets the traits of these two cat breeds. It’s almost hairless like the Donskoy and has the same bat-like ears like the Oriental Shorthair. These felines are popular for their endearing nature and yes, their nearly hairless appearance.

Although Peterbalds have scanty hair, they do require some maintenance. They may not need daily brushing like your Persian and Maine Coon but they could use a weekly bath because of their very oily skin.

50. Nebelung

Image from Instagram

One look at the Nebulung, and you would think it looks almost like the Russian Blue. The only difference is the long hair, yet with the same silvery-blue shade. It is their gorgeous, shimmering coats that make them famous among folks who are particularly fond of this look.

As for their character, the Nebulung is a graceful and elegant cat. These felines are also rather aloof, which adds to their allure. When well-trained, they can be quite affectionate to their owners.

49. Lykoi

Image from Instagram

Fondly nicknamed as “Werewolf Cats”, Lykois are your half-hairless, mysterious-looking felines. They are famous for their hairless faces and bodies covered in dark hair… Like a werewolf! 

This cat breed has only entered the scene in 2011, so don’t be surprised if you see them quite rarely. But once you welcome the Lykoi in your home, you’ve got yourself a keeper. These are loving and affectionate kitties with a strong desire to bond with their favorite humans.

48. Thai cat

Image from Instagram

So, there is the Siamese Cat and there is the Thai cat. While both originated from the same country (Thailand), they differ in some ways. For instance, the key trademarks of the Thai cat are the apple-shaped head and the broad, high-set ears. 

Thai cats are popular for their colorpoint pattern. They have a light-colored body, yet the extremities are dark. Their unique coat colors add to their appeal, coupled with their adorable personalities.

47. Toyger

Image from Instagram

Toygers are a popular choice of pet among folks who adore tigers that come in a miniature package… Like this cat breed! Thus, their name fits them perfectly. These are outgoing cats with a fancy for playtime and exploration.

When it comes to maintenance, Toygers do not require much. They are short-haired felines that are easy to groom. After all, these are self-sufficient kitties that do the grooming themselves!

46. Snowshoe cat

Image from Instagram

What makes the Snowshoe cat popular is its extraordinary coat design. Imagine a cat wearing a white tuxedo (sometimes light cream or chocolate), white feet, and blue eyes. That’s exactly what Snowshoes look like. They are simply elegant kitties with pointed colors on the tail, head, and legs.

As for their build, these cats are muscular with a medium frame. They are quite agile despite the rather heavy appearance. When it comes to playtime, these felines are always game.

45. Colorpoint Shorthair

Image from Instagram

The Colorpoint Shorthair are famous for their extreme features. They have long noses, tall ears, and a triangular head with a dark mask on their faces. Everything about this feline makes it appear taller than it is because of the elongated body and slender legs.

Personality-wise, Colorpoints are intelligent kitties. They are easy to train and enjoy spending time with their fur parents. Be sure to give them ample time to play as these are active and energetic cats.

44. Burmilla

Image from Instagram

At first glance, everything about the Burmilla makes it bulky and stocky. This cat breed is heavy boned, muscular, and rounded. In fact, it is their roundedness that make them popular – a round head, round ear tips, and nearly round eyes.

Due to their tendency to gain weight fast, Burmillas need to watch their diet. They also require exercise to prevent overweight issues, which they are susceptible to.

43. Munchkin cat

Image from Instagram

Just as the name implies, Munchkin cats are long-bodied with stubby legs. They move like a ferret due to their short legs. But it is these very same features that make them popular among cat lovers who find these traits quite endearing.

Munchkins are sociable and entertaining creatures. When given proper training, they can play fetch and respond to voice commands. Do not be deceived by their short legs, though – these felines can run fast!

42. American Wirehair

Image from Instagram

American Wirehairs have a great amount of power in them. They have heavy bones and muscles with thick and strong legs. All body features are well-developed with a rounded appearance.

What makes Wirehairs famous is their coat. It is dense, thick, and crimped. Their coats are not your typical smooth and silky hair that long hairs have. Instead, this cat breed has rough and hard coats, which serve as a protective feature during colder months.

41. Selkirk Rex

Image from Instagram

Not to be confused with the other Rex class, the Selkirk Rex is stockier than the rather elfish Cornish Rex or Devon Rex. But what makes them quite popular is their plush hair. They have flowing, thick curls and wavy whiskers to complete the sheep-like look.

Selkirks are animated felines that adore their favorite humans. These cats enjoy snuggling up and following their owners without being demanding or overbearing.

40. Havana Brown

Image from Instagram

Havana Browns are your typical chocolate sweethearts. They are popular for their rich, brown coats and bright green eyes with an alert look in them. These are intelligent and sometimes mischievous kitties that no cat lover can ever resist.

Another endearing quality of the Havana Brown is their talkativeness. They meow a lot, especially when they want to have their way. But it is their coquettishness that is actually a part of their charm!

39. Savannah cat

Image from Instagram

When it comes to exotic looks, the Savannah Cat has plenty of bragging rights. These felines are descendants of the African Serval, which gives them the same spotty pattern in dark brown or black. They are long and graceful creatures that run fast – perfect for hunting purposes.

These cats are unlike your usual felines, though. In fact, they adore the water and love to play fetch. Want a buddy to walk with you? Savannah Cats can be leashed up just like a dog. These are just some of the many features that make these kitties popular.

38. LaPerm

Image from Instagram

The name aptly fits this cat breed because of the perfectly permed look of their coats. LaPerms have shorthair that turn into ringlets or waves as they get older. The curls continue down to their tail – a cool feature that adds to their popularity.

These felines thrive on activity. They love to play, explore, and seek your attention. But they will not say no to snuggle time. They are affectionate cats that are loyal to their owners.

37. Korat

Image from Instagram

Korats are a spitting image of the Russian Blue sans the double coat. These kitties are popular for their rounded bodies and mesmerizing, peridot green eyes. They have dark paw pads, lips, and noses to complement their blue-gray hair.

If you prefer a cat that does not meow a lot, Korats are your top choice. These felines are quiet and reserved. Yet once they have become comfortable with someone, they would always yearn for snuggle time with their favorite people.

36. Somali cat

Image from Instagram

Another popular cat breed is the Somali cat. They are particularly famous for their fluffy fox-like tail and fluffy ears with ample tufts of hair. These felines look a bit wild but they are quite easy to please and live with – only minimal training required.

The Somali Cat is a social kitty that enjoys the company of people. They can be lonesome when left alone, this is why it is best to have other cats in the house when it is inevitable to leave them for a good chunk of the day.

35. American Curl

Image from Instagram

The American Curl is famous for its ears that naturally curl backwards. These cats have large ears, which perfectly curve in a 90-degree arc to the back, giving them a unique look. There is also some fur in the ears that tend to stick out.

More than anything, these felines love to play. They are not exactly your usual lap cat because of their stocky bodies. But there is no doubt these kitties enjoy the company of their owners nonetheless.

34. Ocicat

Image from Instagram

One look at the Ocicat, and you would think it is a wildcat. The golden spots mixed with an ivory-colored coat give these kitties a unique look. They are also popular for their athleticism, and they enjoy walking on a leash and playing fetch.

Due to their social nature, Ocicats dislike being alone. They thrive in companionship, so it is best to give it your ample attention and the presence of other cats in the household.

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33. Turkish Van

Image from Instagram

For folks who adore fluffy cats, a popular choice of feline companion is the Turkish Van. This cat breed has a luxurious coat that is so soft like cashmere. But in spite of the dense hair, these cats only need minimal grooming as they are self-sufficient.

Another feature that Vans are known for is their ability to swim. They can stay in the water for hours and always come out nearly dry!

32. Singapura cat

Image from Instagram

These kitties are small, yet well-muscled. They usually come in a single color with some patterns on the chest, muzzle, and stomach. The ears are oversized and the eyes are huge like saucers. Their unique appearance makes them stand out from the rest. 

Singapura cats may be tiny, but they are full of character. These are spirited felines that enjoy exploration, adventure, and play time. This is why they are among the popular cat breeds for families and households with young kids.

31. American Bobtail

Image from Instagram

Popular for their ability to chirp and trill, American Bobtails are quite a character. These felines are fond of games that allow them to show off their hunting skills such as hide-and-go-seek and fetch. But for the most part, these are kitty clowns that love to entertain their owners.

While they may appear large and heavy boned, they are actually not too heavy. They enjoy bonding with their favorite humans and snuggle up. Bobtails are indeed affectionate feline friends.

30. Egyptian Mau

Image from Instagram

Long and heavily muscled, the Egyptian Mau is a strong and athletic cat breed. They are well-known for their gentle profile such as their almond-shaped eyes and a triangular head. All of their features are well-balanced and in perfect symmetry.

Maus are natural climbers and jumpers. This is why folks who plan on owning these felines should set up cat trees for them to perch on. Otherwise, do not be surprised if your kitty spends more time on top of the cupboard or the refrigerator!

29. Balinese cat

Image from Instagram

Slender and graceful, these are qualities that the Balinese cat is known for. This cat breed has a flowing and silky coat, yet considered as less allergenic than other long-haired cats. However, the dense hair also means it would require frequent grooming and maintenance. 

Just like the Siamese, Balinese cats are vocal felines. They always get the last word, although they also enjoy some quiet moment with their owners while being petted and groomed.

28. Ragamuffin cat

Image from Instagram

Because of their plush and thick coat, Ragamuffin cats seem bigger than they actually are. The face also appears larger because of the abundance of fur in that region. But it is the soft and thick coat that makes them popular and well-loved by feline lovers.

Ragamuffins are even-tempered kitties. They get along well with other cats and with humans. It is their placid temperament that makes them a suitable apartment pet.

27. Japanese Bobtail

Image from Instagram

Sweet and intelligent, Japanese Bobtails live to please their owners. They are a popular choice for a pet by Japan’s imperial family because of their gentle demeanor and naturally good looks.

Another feature of the Japanese Bobtails is their long legs. They have strong and well-developed leg muscles, which allow them to jump and explore great heights. But one thing that makes them very famous is their tail. They have a kinked tail that almost appears like a bunny tail.

26. Tonkinese cat

Image from Instagram

The Tonkinese cat is of an Oriental background. These felines have broad ears, large eyes, and a round head. But what makes them famous is their coat color. Although their extremities have a darker color than the rest of their body, the shades and patterns blend perfectly well. 

These are friendly and easy-to-please felines that get along with adults, kids, and other cats. It is a breeze to train them, which makes the Tonkinese cat suitable for first-time feline owners.

25. Chartreux

Image from Instagram

Everything about the Chartreux screams power and strength. They are heavy-boned and well-muscled cats with a broad chest and rounded appearance. As for the coat, it is dense and thick. These felines are popular for their coat that tends to get thicker and longer during the cold weather. 

Chartreux cats require regular brushing. Their thick coat is prone to knots when allowed to grow wild and left unbrushed for long periods.

24. Oriental Shorthair

Image from Instagram

The Oriental Shorthair cat breed is an elegant feline. They have an elongated body and even their extremities appear longer than many cats. They have long legs that allow them to chase their prey easily.

These cats are popular companions. Owners will love these kitties’ easy-going personalities, as well as their mild temperament.

23. Cornish Rex

Image from Instagram

Cornish Rex are popular for one thing – their unique coat design. It is soft and silky, yet it is wavy and almost resembles corn rows. Thus, the name “Cornish.”

Just like the other Rex class, the Cornish Rex is slender and dainty. However, do not mistake this feline as delicate as it is athletic and rugged as can be. They love to play games and walk on a leash, which makes them a fun companion.

22. Bombay cat

Image from Instagram

Compact and stocky, Bombay cats are heavier than they look. In fact, these felines appear to be round all over – their chin, head, ear tips… Even their feet. But what makes them popular is their unique way of walking. Their bodies sway gracefully just like how an Indian Black Leopard walks.

Despite their apparent heft, though, these kitties are very affectionate. They love to jump on their owner’s lap and cuddle up. As they mature, they become more of a loner and prefer to be by themselves and observe people around them.

21. Manx cat

Image from Instagram

Manx cats are famous for being tailless. However, there are actually some that have either stumps or long tails. But either way, they are the same round-bodied cats with a fancy for learning new tricks.

These are intelligent felines, which makes them easy to train. They can turn faucets on, open doors, and walk on a leash. Need a road trip buddy? Manx cats are your perfect choice because they love being in the car and going on adventures.

20. European shorthair

Image from Instagram

European shorthairs are adaptable cats. This is why they are a popular choice among apartment dwellers. These felines have no problem living in a small space or whether there are small children and other pets in the house. They are easy-going and mild tempered kitties.

Another interesting fact about European Shorthairs is the wide range of eye color this cat breed has. There are those with copper-colored eyes while others have blue, hazel, blue-green, yellow, and green eyes. But the most common for pedigreed ones is blue paired with amber.

19. Turkish Angora

Image from Instagram

Quite the opposite of the European Shorthair, the Turkish Angora does not respond very well to changes. These cats tend to become upset when abrupt shifts to their environment occur. Thus, routines and regularities are important for this cat breed.

These felines are famous for their slender bodies. Due to their delicate bones, it is important to prevent them from getting overweight. This is why a well-balanced diet and feeding time are essential to keep them healthy.

18. Himalayan cat

Image from Instagram

Himalayan cats appear larger than they are because of their heavy bones and dense coats. They are popular for their extreme physical appearance – short and thick body, small ears, and short tail. 

Because of their thick and long hair, it can be prone to tangles. Thus, regular brushing is very important. It is also essential to clean their face daily to prevent tear stain buildups.

17. Norwegian Forest cat

Image from Instagram

The most striking feature of the Norwegian Forest cat is their abundant, long coats. Their lush, flowing hair is their best characteristic, combined with their majestic build. This is why these felines are popular among folks who adore these qualities.

But in spite of their large size, Norwegian Forest cats are gentle creatures. They are mild-mannered, sweet, and affectionate. Their idea of a great time is spending quality time with their favorite humans either by learning new tricks or snuggling up.

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16. Siberian cat

Image from Instagram

Siberian cats are very social felines. They adore their humans, yet they can easily be with strangers. They are versatile animals that enjoy playtime and learning tricks to stimulate their minds.

A popular feature of the Siberian cat is their fascination with water. They love to swim and do not have any problem with being in the water for hours. A great swimming buddy, indeed!

15. Burmese cat

Image from Instagram

Burmese cats are famous for their rich, deep brown coats. Although there are some new coat colors that have been appearing over the years, the traditional sable coat is their distinct trait.

In terms of personality, Burmese cats are active and adaptable animals. However, older felines tend to be a bit more reserved. They would rather watch and observe than participate in activities.

14. Russian Blue

Image from Instagram

Russian Blues are popular among feline lovers who want a pet that does not shed as much. These cats produce a low level of allergen, which does not trigger allergic reactions. Combined with their affectionate personality, what’s not to love about these cats?

It is also interesting to note that Russian Blues have that distinctly natural “smile”. They are sweet felines that will readily greet you at the door and would enjoy hours of petting and cuddling.

13. Devon Rex

Image from Instagram

The Devon Rex are well-known for their unusual appearance. They have butterfly ears, large eyes, and a curly coat in certain areas while some parts have no fur at all. With these features, this cat breed closely resembles an elf or a pixie.

They may seem delicate, yet Devons are actually active felines. They are a bit of a clown and would never hesitate to provide entertainment to their owners. Their silly antics and tricks are part of their charm.

12. Bengal cat

Image from Instagram

Sleek and large, Bengal cats are reminiscent of a creature in the wild. They have their characteristic spotted coats that display a glitter effect, which make them popular. No other cat breed has this very same feature.

But do not mistake Bengals for being wild. They do possess high energy levels but they would not hesitate to spend some quiet time with their owners. After hours of playtime, they enjoy cuddling and getting pets.

11. Birman

Image from Instagram

Although they have long hair, Birmans are easy to groom. Their coat is silky and soft, which makes it less prone to matting and tangling. These felines are famous for their unusual markings and bright blue eyes.

They are private kitties that would rather spend time with their owners than socialize with strangers. It is also worth noting that Birmans are territorial but without an aggressive nature.

10. Scottish Fold

Image from Instagram

Scottish Folds are well-known for their folded, small ears, hence the name. Their ancestor, the Susie, is a barn cat with the same folded ears. These felines are affectionate creatures that dislike being left alone.

Because of their strong desire for companionship, it is best to never leave them home alone. Another cat or a sitter is a must to make sure they do not get lonely or anxious.

9. Exotic Shorthair

Image from Instagram

The Exotic Shorthair are stocky felines with short and thick legs. They also have bushy tails, which is another thing that makes them popular. As for their fur, it is thick and luxurious with a soft and abundant undercoat.

These felines are medium-sized with a rounded body. It is important to keep their weight in check due to their short legs. Ample exercise and a well-balanced diet should suffice to keep them in excellent condition.

8. Sphynx cat

Image from Instagram

It is never easy to miss a Sphynx cat – hairless body, bat-like ears, wide-set eyes, and wrinkled skin… These features make them famous as they are one of a kind indeed!

As you look closely at a Sphynx’s skin, you will notice some pigmentation with varied patterns and colors. These markings may come in tortoiseshell, tabby or solid patterns. Due to their lack of fur, it is best to keep them indoors, especially when it is too cold or too hot outside.

7. Abyssinian cat

Image from Instagram

Everything about the Abysinian cat spells elegance – a lithe body, slender legs, and short, silky coat. They are popular for their “ticked” appearance caused by the different bands of color on every hair strand. 

These quiet and curious felines thrive on human company. They also love to climb, so it is good to give them spaces to explore. While they are playful and active creatures, their mild temper makes them easy to deal with.

6. Siamese cat

Image from Instagram

Another elegant cat is the Siamese. Everything about them is long – their legs, tail, neck, and body. They are famous for possessing extreme features. Their head has a long triangular shape and their ears are tall and set on high. 

But Siamese cats are more than just good looks. They are brainy creatures, too. It is easy to train these felines to do tricks, as well as to walk on a leash like dogs.

5. American Shorthair

Image from Instagram

The American Shorthair is a strong and powerful cat. They are round-bodied and can be quite heavy. Their legs are strong and their chests are broad.

Overall, this cat is a pleasant companion for all types of people. It does not take much to keep them happy and content. In fact, they do well whether alone or with others. This is why they are popular pets for people who have day jobs and need to leave home for hours.

4. British Shorthair

Image from Instagram

British Shorthairs are affectionate felines that can thrive in companionship, yet do well by themselves, too. They are placid creatures, which make them popular among families with young kids.

Another part of the appeal of these cats is their coat. They have dense and thick coats that do not require much maintenance. Thus, they are easy to groom and care for – a plus point for folks with a busy schedule.

3. Ragdoll

Image from Instagram

If there is one cat breed that is highly devoted to their owners, it has to be a Ragdoll. In fact, they possess a dog-like loyalty to their humans. These felines are in tune to their owner’s emotional needs, making them popular feline companions. 

Ragdolls have a plush, silky coat that is smooth to the touch. It is important to groom them regularly to prevent their luxurious coat from being a ball of knots.

2. Persian Cat

Image from Instagram

A Persian Cat is always en vogue. And why wouldn’t they be? Their “Doll Face”, thick, plume-like tail, and dense ruff are exactly what makes them popular cats in the world. Their gorgeous coats come in different patterns and colors, which add to their appeal.

When one thinks of a lap cat, Persians fit the bill perfectly. They love to snuggle up with their favorite humans and maintain their serene nature. Who can ever resist this sweet temperament of such a beautiful feline?

1. Maine Coon

Image from Instagram

Maine Coons are adorable felines with a gentle temperament. They can be a bit rowdy during playtime but their soft meow gives you an idea of how sweet these cats naturally are. 

In addition to their pleasant demeanor, Maine Coons are popular for their luxurious coats. They have heavy and thick hair but it is silky to the touch. The shaggy coat also tends to drape longer on their belly and right behind their legs.

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What Is The Most Common Type Of Cat? Alley cats or domestic short-haired cats are the most common type of feline. In the US, about 90 percent of household cats belong to this type.

What Is The Most Popular Cat Breed 2020? It is a close tie between the Ragdoll and the Exotic Shorthair when it comes to popularity. These cats are known for their round bodies and plush coats, although the former has a more luxurious and longer hair than the latter.

What Is The Most Famous Cat In The World? Tardar Sauce, a.k.a. Grumpy Cat, is the most famous cat in the world. She has guest starred in several TV shows including Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, American Idol, and more. Several TV commercials, digital products, and internet memes have caught on her popularity.

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