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New Puppy Checklist And Everything You Need For A New Puppy!

New Puppy Checklist And Everything You Need For A New Puppy!


Are you getting a new puppy home?

Is your heart swelling with love and affection for the adorable bundle of joy that is coming your way?

In the midst of all that you have been preparing, having a checklist for the immediate needs of your brand new ball of fur will be of much help. This will let you tick the ones you are ready with and remember the ones that you might have missed out on.

It is always a wise idea to plan and have everything at hand a week or two before the puppy is to arrive in order to avoid last minute chaos and confusion. There is not much of a difference between preparing for a puppy and a newborn.

Here is a new puppy checklist we have collated for you.


Puppy Food

A puppy feeds frequently, just like a newborn human does. You might need to feed him around 3-4 times, depending upon its size, breed, weight etc. When they turn around 6 months old, they will drop their feeds to twice a day. The wisest thing to do would be to continue with the same food that they were being fed in their shelter house. This will not surprise their palette like it would if you introduced new food all of a sudden.

Once they settle in, you can mix new brands and flavors with their usual food and offer. They might not like it instantly but you can keep offering till they accept. Here's a recommended option from Purina, which has raving reviews from many new puppy owners.


Collar And Leash

These are two things that your new puppy needs to get used to as soon as possible. The earlier you introduce, the easier it is for them to accept. When it comes to a collar, the fit is of prime importance. A proper fit will ensure that your puppy is comfortable and secure. The best way to find out the right fit is to check whether you can effortlessly slip two fingers under the collar. Do not worry about it being too tight on your puppy's neck as long as the two finger rule fits in. If your puppy belongs to a breed that grows faster, then you might need to change the collar frequently. You can customize the collar as per your need and convenience. Adding a tag with your name and number is a good idea if your dog tends to slip out sometimes.

Leash for a puppy is available in two different variants. The first variant is a retractable leash and the second is a standard leash. If you want your puppy to adapt faster to a leash then the retractable one will come in handy. However, for better control and training purposes, the standard leash is a better idea. If your dog is brimming with energy, you might want to invest in a standard leash that has an additional loop.


Dog Toys And Treats

A Kong is a classic toy for a puppy and it can have endless hours of fun with it. To make playtime more interesting, you can fill it up with treats and engage your pup for hours. A company that deserves special mention is Bark-Box that is the reason behind many healthy woofs and happily wagging tails. It is a company that sells toys, treats and goodies packed in boxes and based on monthly themes. Such treat and toy boxes are a great way to keep your puppy occupied and offer him healthy treats that are also yummy at the same time. You can try offering dog puzzles to your puppies, depending upon their age and size. Puppies love stuffed animals and can spend all day chewing at them. While buying one, ensure that there are no sharp edges or detachable trinkets that could come off.

As far as treats are concerned, you can never have enough but do not make them a regular habit since dogs tend to put on weight very fast. For smaller puppies, offer treats that are easily chewable so that they do not choke on them.


Puppy Pad

If your puppy is not fully immunized yet and does not have permission to go outdoors then you might have to resort to a puppy pad. Till the time he is allowed to undergo toilet training outdoors, you can make use of the pad to help him relieve himself and place it in a particular spot that will let him identify it as a place for urination.

Here's the link to read what actual puppy pet parents have to say about having training pads.


Puppy Chew Toys

Puppies will chew whatever they lay their eyes on and if you wish to safeguard important things like your clothes, carpet, music systems and your couch, then you would rather buy them plenty of chew toys before bringing them home.

Several rounds of trial and error will lead to a point where your puppy will finally decide which one he likes the most.

It's a worthwhile investment to protect your furniture and clothing. There's an ongoing discount for a set of 12 durable chew toys for just $20.


Dog Bowl

The right dog bowl will be of a size that lets your puppy eat without having to put his mouth too deep inside. The right size will help your puppy feed properly.


Puppy Gate

A puppy that has not been trained indoors or outdoors will need a puppy gate to restrain him from going places he should not. You should be in complete control of where he goes and what lies in his reach.


Dog Nail Trimmer

A dog's foot health is significant in maintaining his overall personality. A dog nail trimmer is thus of paramount importance. You could either choose to get your dog groomed by a professional or have the right pair of trimmers at home to groom him or her whenever you wish to. A veterinarian will be able to help you choose the right dog nail trimmer.


Puppy Crate

Needless to say, a puppy crate is an expensive investment.

Your dog will grow in size and buy a new one every time he grows a couple of inches is wastage of money. Ideally, you should buy a crate that has dividers that can be used according to his age.

Place familiar objects like chew toys, pillows, soft bedding etc that will make him feel comfortable. Helping your dog settle in requires time but once that happens, a dog crate is the safest thing to have.

We recommend this no-frills puppy crate as your puppy will eventually grow out of it. So there isn't any reason to buy an expensive puppy crate.


Puppy Shampoo

Believe it not, human baby shampoos could actually be harmful to your puppy. Although a human baby shampoo has formulations for delicate skin, they are not suitable for your puppy's pH balance.

Buy shampoo that your vet recommends on the basis of your dog's skin condition, potential allergies and the type of breed it belongs to. If the vet has not recommended anything yet, buy puppy shampoo that is labeled as hypoallergenic.


Dog Camera/Monitor

As illogical as it sounds, a dog monitor could surprise you pleasantly if you happen to travel frequently. You could place the monitor at an angle from which you can keep a tab on your dog's activities while you are away.

Buying a dog monitor that has an alarm is also a good idea since it will go off as soon as there is something unusual in or around the crate. This is particularly helpful when the puppy is smaller and needs frequent attention.

We highly recommend the two-way puppy camera by PetChatz. It provides for an interactive and fun-filled experience for you and your puppy.


Dog Vacuum

The importance of a dog vacuum cannot be stressed enough upon. This is particularly true if you have a heavy shedder. Unless you want fur all over your upholstery and the floor, buy a high-quality vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to clean dog hair.

Vacuuming keeps your house clean for your pet and for yourself as well.


De-shedding Tool

If your home has dog fur everywhere and you seem to be losing your mind, then buying a de-shedding tool is the first thing that you need to do. Despite regular brushing and combing, some puppies tend to lose hair continuously.

For heavy shedders like those, you need tools such as metal combs, combs with wide teeth, pin brushes, bristle brushes and rubber brushes. If you have a dog with a dense coat then a slicker brush is your best bet. It will also get rid of tangled and matted hair that ends up falling off if left for some time.

The most versatile brush is a bristle brush that suits most coat types.


Dog Bed

Buying a dog bed could be tricky. You do not want anything that is too hard because a puppy might not be comfortable. You do not want anything too soft either because there is always a chance of sleeping hazards.

Measuring your puppy and buying a bed that is twice its size will help you to use it for a long time. You can cover the additional space with cushions and blankets to make the bed feel cozier and warmer.


Puppy Supplements

If you have a feeling that your puppy does not feed well and is lagging behind in terms of body weight then adding supplements to his diet might help with the cause. Some of the most important supplements that are usually given are essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, probiotics, Brewer's Yeast etc.

Essential fatty acids lead to great skin and coat. Probiotics are given for gut health. Brewer's Yeast is also added to make your dog's coat shine with health and vigor. Whichever supplement you choose to add to your dog's diet, always remember to offer the right dosage and never overdose.

Offering the supplements at a fixed time every day is the right way to go about it.

Final Thoughts – Getting Prepared Is Essential!

Bring your puppy home and cherish memorable memories while your new puppy checklist will never disappoint you as far as remembering essential items are concerned.