Setter Dog Breeds

Pointer dogs and setter dogs are both great hunting companions. But there are certain differences between the two. Pointing dogs find games and literally point toward the game using their muzzle. Setters, on the other hand, crouch upon finding their quarry game so hunters can cast their nets over it.

Irish Red and White Setters have brightly colored coats that help hunters find them easily, as well as that elusive game bird. Other equally amazing setter dog breeds that stand out easily from the landscape are the Gordon Setter and the Irish Setter. With their enormous stature and stunning coats, you can never miss them out.

If you are an avid hunter in search of a four-legged game-hunting pal, or you simply want a trainable family dog that will love you plenty, these setter dog breeds absolutely fit the bill. Learn more about these pups and why they rule the hunting scene.

4. Irish Red And White Setter

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The Irish Red and White Setter has been around the hunting scene since the 17th century, and their popularity for doing what they do simply never wanes. These canines are notable for their bright red and white coats, making them so easy to spot with game birds.

Sturdy and robust, Irish Red and White Setters can go hunting with you all day and all night. They are patient and determined fellows with a great desire to protect their families. So if you prefer a smart, mild-mannered, and devoted pooch, the IRWS won’t disappoint.

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3. Gordon Setter

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With their commanding posture complementing their enormous build, the Gordon Setter is a well-loved hunting companion. Among the hallmarks of this setter breed are the shiny, wavy coat in black and tan, and feathering on its limbs, chest, and ears.

One thing to note about the Gordon Setter – they are built for stamina and not much for speed. They can join you in hunting expeditions and tirelessly stand by you and set you up with your game bird once opportunity knocks. As a bonus, they’re fiercely loyal and protective, making them excellent family pets, too!

2. Irish Setter

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Lush, silky locks, feathering on the tail and chest, and a curious expression on their eyes… These are just some of the trademarks of an Irish Setter. These pups are known for their deep mahogany coat that simply helps them to be visible in plain view when out in the woods.

They may be massive in stature, but Irish Setters are mellow fellows. These canines are eager to please and can get along well with their housemates. With early training, socialization, and daily exercise, your gorgeous pooch is definitely a keeper.

1. English Setter

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Also known as Llewellin Setters, the athletic and agile English Setters are not only great game hunters but they are also outstanding companion dogs. Clad in long, flowing coats in shades of white, black and orange, these canines are a sight to behold.

But aside from their stunning good looks, English Setters are loyal pets. They are affectionate pups that long to develop a strong bond with their families. These pooches don’t do well when left alone and can suffer from separation anxiety.

Are English Setters Water Dogs? Yes, English Setters are excellent swimmers. They enjoy frolicking in the water as much as they love romping around on land. They are also capable of retrieving game birds and fowls that land in the water.

What Does Belton Mean In Dogs? Belton refers to a color pattern in dogs such as the English Setter. These are markings with individual spots or flecksTo be considered as a belton, the markings should be evenly ticked without solid patches.

Can An Irish Setter Live In An Apartment? No, Irish Setters will have a difficult time adjusting to living within small, confined spaces, such as an apartment, because of their high energy level and a great need for physical activity. This dog breed requires plenty of exercise each day to eliminate boredom and anxiety. If there is a large yard nearby, however, apartment living may just work for an Irish Setter. The same holds true if you plan on jogging or biking with your pooch each day.

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