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Shaved Poodle – Is It Okay To Shave A Poodle?

You may have, at one point or another, come across a Poodle sporting a funny looking haircut and wondered why and if it was okay for anyone to shave their pooch.

So, is it okay to shave a poodle? Shaving a Poodle, when done properly, is necessary to prevent the poodle’s hair from becoming excessively long and tangling, which typically results in a myriad of skin infections for the pooch. Also, shaving a Poodle is done to keep the pooch comfortable in warmer weather conditions.

In addition to all that has been listed above, shaving a Poodle’s hair makes daily maintenance of this pooch easier. But it is worth noting that shaving this adorable pooch’s hair goes beyond just whipping out a clipper and cutting off its hair; There are procedures to be followed when trimming a Poodle’s hair, which will be explained in this article. However, before we go into all that, let’s examine some of the reasons why Poodles get haircuts.

Why Are Poodles Shaved?

Poodle shaving is necessary to control the dog’s hair growth rate and to prevent matting and tangling of the pooch’s fur.

Additionally, shaving a Poodle may be nothing more than just a fashion trend!

Controlling Hair Growth Rate

Poodle hair grows at a significantly fast pace. And given that the Poodle is a non-shedding dog breed, leaving its hair unshaved can lead to a number of skin infections which are detrimental to the pooch’s health.

To Prevent Matting And Tangling Of Hair

Poodle hair, when left unshaved, becomes heavy and matted, thereby impairing the pooch’s ability to walk normally, and also causing great discomfort to the dog.


Fashion cuts for Poodles have witnessed an exponential increase in popularity in recent times. And nowadays, Poodle owners shave their pooches in different styles just to keep up with this fashion trend.

How Often Do You Have To Shave A Poodle?

Having established why shaving a Poodle is necessary, it is recommended that you shave your Poodle at intervals of 6 to 8 weeks.

Shaving your Poodle can be done by a professional groomer, but it is also quite possible to give your pooch a nice trim right at the comfort of your home.

If you intend to shave your Poodle frequently, you can consider doing it at home. Here are the steps to follow:

Choosing A Cut Style

Before proceeding to shave your Poodle, it is important to know that there is a wide variety of cut styles available to choose from.

That said, some of the most common Poodle trims include the Puppy Cut, Bikini Cut, Continental Cut and Kennel Cut, among others. And it may be helpful to contact a professional groomer on the appropriate choice of cut for your Poodle before you set about shaving its hair.

Acquire The Right Set Of Equipment

Tools that will come in handy when shaving a Poodle include:

  • A pair of good scissors for trimming areas that are difficult to access.
  • High-quality clippers with provisions in place against overheating when in use.
  • Quality bristle brushes.
  • Interchangeable clipper blades – it is recommended that you start out with the size 10 and 15 blades. But generally, the blade you choose should be picked by considering your pooch’s skin sensitivity, how experienced you are with a clipper and your reason for trimming.

Preparing Your Poodle For Shaving

Before shaving your Poodle, it is recommended that you take the pooch for a long walk or engage it in some other form of exercise; The idea behind exercising your Poodle before shaving is to reduce the pooch’s energy level, thereby making shaving its hair easier.

Also, for Poodles that haven’t been shaved before, introducing the pooch to the clipper by turning on the equipment around it, will make the shaving process much easier.

While we’ll recommend the use of a specially designed grooming table to shave your Poodle, you can make use of just about any flat, elevated surface. However, if you’ll be using regular table tops, it is advisable that you provide blankets to give your Poodle a better footing while shaving its hair.

Trimming Your Poodle’s Head Region

Most, if not all Poodle trims require leaving a topknot on the pooch’s head, and this can be achieved with the aid of your scissors.

Comb the hair on the Poodle’s head upwards, and forward over the pooch’s face, and with your scissors, trim uneven or overhanging hair. You should also trim your Poodle’s neck region, starting from the pooch’s chin and stopping when you reach the chest area.

Shaving a Poodle’s face is slightly more technical, and this will be elaborated in subsequent sections.

Trimming Your Poodle’s Body Fur

How you’ll go about shaving your Poodle’s body is dependent on the style you’re going for. But this process typically involves brushing the pooch’s hair uniformly and then trimming the hair to an acceptable level, either by using scissors or clippers.

Shaving Your Poodle’s Legs

To shave your Poodle’s legs, start by trimming the back of the pooch’s legs and then work your way down to hair located between the pooch’s footpads. You should also ensure that the Poodle’s ankle remains covered in longer fur.

For more information on how to shave your Poodle at home, you may refer to Wikihow’s elaborate article. And there you have it! Your Poodle should look visibly different, and perhaps a lot more relieved with its freshly trimmed coat.

Do You Shave A Poodle’s Face?

Yes, face shaving is an important aspect of grooming and maintaining a Poodle’s appearance and it is recommended you should regularly shave your Poodle’s face.

Without proper grooming, Poodle hair will continue to grow indefinitely, even on the pooch’s face; Hence, this is why frequent and proper face shaving is needed to prevent the hair on the Poodle’s face, and its body in general, from becoming matted.

Additionally, by shaving the hair on the poodle’s face, you’ll be ensuring that the pooch doesn’t retain water and food on its face; Thereby preventing your furry friend from making a mess around the house whenever it is fed.

Now that we’ve established that it’s okay to shave a Poodle’s face, here are the steps to take to shave this adorable pooch’s face:

Prepare The Equipment For Shaving

Key equipment that you’ll need to shave a Poodle’s face, and which you must get before you can proceed to shave a Poodle’s face include:

  • A high-quality brushing tool for straightening out your Poodle’s hair and eliminating tangles.
  • A special dog clipper with either size 10 or 15 blades for trimming the Poodle’s facial hair.
  • Steel scissors for trimming around especially sensitive areas.

Prepare The Poodle For Face Shaving

Before shaving your Poodle’s face, it is imperative that you gently brush the hair on the pooch’s face to make the process relatively easier for you and your furry friend.

It can also help to locate and remove any mats and tangles on the Poodle’s face, as this can considerably complicate the shaving process.

As the face is such a vital part of the Poodle’s body, you need to be extra careful when shaving the hair in this region. You also need to especially pay attention when shaving the hair around the Poodle’s eyes, mouth and ears to avoid hurting the pooch in any way.

You should also make sure that your Poodle becomes familiar and comfortable with the clipper and its characteristic buzzing sound before proceeding to shave its face. Let your Poodle sniff the clipper, and also turn on the clipper at a considerable distance from the pooch to determine its reaction to the clipper’s buzzing sound.

Shaving The Face

When shaving your Poodle’s face, it is advisable that you start with the hair around the pooch’s ears, and gently work your way towards the corner of the dog’s eyes. And once you’re at the pooch’s eyes, you should slowly trim the hair around its eyes – Do this for both of the doggie’s eyes.

Once you’re done trimming the hair around the pooch’s eyes, shave the pooch’s cheeks by moving from the outer corner of the eye towards the lower region of the nose.

Gently stretch out your Poodle’s lips to trim the hair around its mouth, move down to clear the pooch’s chin, and finish things up by clipping the region surrounding the pooch’s nose.

While you’re shaving your Poodle’s face, you should ensure that the pooch’s tongue remains in its mouth throughout the process to avoid mistakenly inflicting an injury on the tongue.

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Do Poodles Need To Be Shaved In The Summer?

Poodle shaving is typically done round the year, but summer cuts are necessary to ensure that Poodles are comfortable with the heat that usually accompanies the season.

However, considering the fact that Poodles have just a single-layered coat, you have to be careful with shaving this adorable pooch, especially during summer, to ensure that you don’t leave your furry friend’s skin overexposed to the harsh sun and heat.

Regardless, leaving your Poodle unshaved during summer isn’t ideal, as the hair will grow excessively long and tangle, causing a variety of problems for your pooch; Hence, it is recommended that you trim the Poodle’s coat to an acceptable level during this period.

Also, because Poodles don’t have an undercoat, they tend to get cold easily, and it is for this reason that you shouldn’t leave this pooch outside in cold weather. And if your Poodle’s coat is shaved in winter, then you will likely need clothes to keep the pooch warm.

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