Short Haired Dog Breeds

Do you wish you could own a dog but without all that furry mess? Don’t let your despise for fur stop you from welcoming a pup in your home. Thankfully, there are short-haired dog breeds out there – so you can put your vacuum cleaner away.

If you’re a self-confessed fur hater, then a Great Dane is your best friend. These noble giants have super short hair that does not shed much. The same goes with other short-haired canines such as the French Bulldog and Dalmatian. Not only are they easy to maintain but they’re highly trainable, smart pooches, too!

Forget about the hair-picking and time-consuming grooming and check out these short haired dog breeds. These are perfect for busy folks, allergy sufferers, and anyone who likes a low-maintenance, sweet pup!

27. Great Dane

Despite their massive sizes, Great Danes are still a great pooch to own especially for those who like short haired dog breeds. They have sheer and short coats that do not require daily grooming at all. Well, this is a good thing considering how there’s an entire 180-pounder body to brush!

As for their personality, they are a bit high-strung and merry canines. Great Danes may be overwhelming for young children and elderly folks. But for highly active people, these dogs are a dream come true.

26. French Bulldog

A muscular, compact pooch with those infamous bat ears, the French Bulldog ranks high up in our list of short haired dog breeds. They are relatively easy to groom since these dogs do not need much brushing or grooming.

Another plus point to Frenchies is that they are not barkers. They are peaceful and calm canines, so it should not be any issue having them in an apartment or condominium unit.

25. German Wirehaired Pointer

Image from Wolfgang

Compared with short-haired and long-haired Pointers, wire-haired ones shed much less. This is why the German Wirehaired Pointer is a good choice for folks who look for short haired dog breeds.

As these dogs are originally bred for hunting purposes, this makes their coats naturally stronger and less likely to shed. But don’t put that brush away. These pups still need a bi-weekly brushing to prevent a handful of hair on the couch.

24. Chihuahua

Image from Eusoh

They’re sassy and cheery and so easy to care for! Chihuahuas are not only short-bodied pooches but they are short-haired, too, making them a breeze to maintain. It is also one of the reasons why you need to dress them up – they don’t have much hair to keep themselves nice and cozy.

If you like a short haired dog breed in a tiny package, then a Chi is perfect for you. They are trainable cuties that should make your life much easier. As a bonus, they are comical fellows who never fail to put a smile on your face.

23. American Staffordshire Terrier

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Another short haired dog breed, the American Staffordshire Terrier is a suitable choice for allergy sufferers. These dogs adore humans, and they will do all they can to please you. As they are short-haired, grooming these pups should be quick, fun, and easy.

Amstaff pups are also intelligent creatures. They can easily pick up a trick and respond to your orders. So, if you want a low-maintenance pet that’s got an endearing personality, this breed is your best bet.

22. Basenji

Image from PetHonesty

A completely amicable short haired dog breed, the Basenji is a joy to be around with. They are a bundle of energy but never overbearing. Another thing that’s not overwhelming about this breed is their short coat. Brushing does not even need to be regular, so it’s a dream come true for most fur haters.

Do keep in mind that Basenjis are better suited in a household without smaller pets or young children. They are so energetic and playful, which may just be a bit too much for toddlers and babies.

21. Pug

Image from PetHonesty

Aside from their compact sizes, there’s another thing that makes Pugs so easy to care for – their ultra short, low-shedding coat. These small dogs barely shed, and they don’t need regular brushing at all. So, if you work 9 to 5, and your idea of spending your weekend is to not groom your pooch, then a Pug is your best bud.

In addition to their portability and short hair, Pugs are versatile creatures, too. They can adapt easily to any environment whether you put them in the countryside or in the city.

20. Whippet

Image from Instagram:@whippetfamily

A downsized version of a Greyhound, a Whippet is just like its larger cousin – with the same short and sheer coat that hardly ever sheds. This is a low-maintenance pooch that only requires brushing on an odd occasion.

But with a super short hair comes a great requirement – they need to stay warm. Whippets cannot handle the cold weather, so be sure to give them thicker clothes or better yet, cuddle up with them more.

19. Beagle

Image from CBD Dog Health

Beagles do have double coats that are quite dense, but thankfully, these are short. Their smooth and short hair does not shed as much, except on certain times of the year. For instance, Spring is the time to bring out the vacuum and get the hair under control.

But no worries – when Beagles shed, expect it to be minimal. You can also make shedding season more bearable by brushing their hair more to get rid of loose hair that would otherwise land on your rug.

18. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Image from Barkbox

A highly active pooch, the Rhodesian Ridgeback makes every dog owner’s life much easier and simpler. These are short-haired dog breeds that only need occasional grooming and brushing.

With their high energy level and rather large build, these dogs love rough play. So, they may not be perfect for young kids but should do well with an active person who loves adventure and the outdoors.

17. Rottweiler

Image from Barkbox

Don’t let their mammoth build intimidate you. Rottweilers are actually one of the sweetest pups there are – and they are so easy to be with. Part of their low-maintenance nature is their short hair, which means grooming does not have to happen regularly.

These are strong-willed, yet intelligent dogs that can be trained easily. When you have a well-trained Rottie, you can count on them to be highly affectionate, loving, and such a darling 135-pounder of a pup!

16. Boxer

Image from Barkbox

Famous for their squashed faces, Boxers are your short-haired pups who love their family so much. They are suitable for busy people who have little to no time to groom their pet. With their manageable coat, it should be a breeze to have them around the house.

But it is important to note that Boxers are energetic big boys. They need regular exercise to ward off boredom and anxiety. So, be sure to take them for a spin at the park, and you’ve got a happy pup who’ll love you forever.

15. Weimaraner

Image from Barkbox

A great family pooch, the Weimaraner is a versatile and sweet fellow. They are great for families, singles, and couples who prefer a pet that is easy to care for and maintain. Their coats are so short and manageable, it barely takes much to keep these fellows looking great as ever.

Weimaraners are very active dogs, though. Early training and socialization are very important to keep them in line. Once well-trained, you can expect them to be a breeze to own and just nothing but pure joy to have.

14. Vizsla

Image from Barkbox

Another hunting breed, Vizslas are your sweet, short haired dogs. They require very minimal grooming, so that makes them low-maintenance and even cost-effective to own. 

If you are a first-time dog owner who likes an easy dog to care for, you can never go wrong with a Vizsla. They are intelligent, obedient, and eager to please. Thus, it is always a treat to have them as a pet.

13. Boston Terrier

Image from Barkbox

Boston Terriers are a fun and cheery companion no matter what the setting. Aside from their agreeable personality, these canines are also easy to own because of another thing – their low-maintenance short coats. Their fur barely needs to be brushed, so you can just give them a bath and they are good to go!

Despite their small build, Bostons are actually quite sturdy. They are generally healthy and can live as long as 15 years with a wholesome diet and ample exercise.

12. Neapolitan Mastiff

Image from Barkbox

These massive beasts may seem tricky to care for at first sight but you’ll be amazed at how they are indeed low-maintenance pups. With their short coat, these canines hardly ever need any grooming at all!

They are easy-going hulking dogs, which are great for the whole family. With kids or no kids, Neapolitan Mastiffs can get along perfectly well because of their versatile and adaptable nature.

11. English Mastiff

Image from Iconic Paw

Another gentle giant, the English Mastiff is one muscular – but super sweet – big boy. They have sheer and short coats, which come in various colors such as tan, black, and dark brown. Since these are basically tiny hairs, occasional brushing should suffice to keep them handsome.

With a low energy level, these pups are perfect cuddle bugs. They love to spend time with their favorite humans and will never say no to a snuggle. Plus, they work great for allergy-sufferers, too!

10. Labrador Retriever

Image from Bully Beds

These gorgeous short-haired pups in chocolate brown, black, or cream coats are such a darling. Labradors are famous for their outgoing and loving personality, which makes them a fantastic family pet. They are also suitable for folks with allergies as these dogs do not shed as much.

Labs are seasonal shedders. Otherwise, their soft, short coats stay on their bodies for most of the year. This also keeps grooming needs to a minimum, which is another plus point to owning this pooch.

9. Miniature Pinscher

Image from CBD Dog Health

Small and compact, the Miniature Pinscher is covered with a sheer and short coat in black or brown. They are low-maintenance dogs because of the minimal grooming requirements. However, they can be quite energetic, demanding daily exercise to keep them happy and balanced.

But if what you want is a great apartment pooch that does not shed as much, you can never go wrong with a Min-Pin.

8. Harrier

Image from Instagram:@fotoandersnilsson

Folks who have an aversion to grooming will easily fall in love with this cute and low-maintenance Harrier. They have short coats that are smooth to the touch and barely sheds. This is a clear choice for busy people who are always out and about.

A medium-sized pooch, Harriers are compact and portable. They do have high energy levels, so be sure to take them for walks each day to eliminate boredom in these fellows.

7. English Foxhound 

Image from Instagram:@saffyfoxhound

English Foxhounds have short coats that only beg to be groomed occasionally. Their hair is soft and lustrous, so it should not take too much work to keep them looking dandy.

As these dogs are independent with a stubborn streak, it can be challenging to train them. But once you succeed in doing so, they are actually one of the most agreeable and lovable dog breeds you would want to have.

6. German Pinscher

Image from Instagram:@luise_vuitton_

A playful and smart dog breed, the German Pinscher is a great family pet. They are excellent for busy people who don’t like to groom their dog much because of their short coats. So, if you prefer a pet that only needs a bath and not a lot of brushing, this pooch is for you.

As these are medium-sized dogs, they are perfect for apartment living. They do need regular exercise, so be sure to take them out for walks daily.

5. Dachshund

Well-known for their stubby legs and long bodies, Dachshunds are also famous for their short and smooth coats. They come in different colors including brown, black, and sometimes in bluish shades.

These dogs are spunky and energetic. They require some exercise but only minimal such as daily walks or a game of fetch.

4. Greyhound 

When it comes to minimal grooming requirements, a breed that often comes to mind is the Greyhound. This lovable pooch with a timid and sweet personality is such a darling. They are excellent companion dogs that demand minimal grooming.

Because of their delicate bodies, it is best to handle your Greyhound with care. This is why they are better off with singles or couples who have no young children.

3. Dalmatian

Image from Petmate

If the idea of having tons of fur in your couch does not appeal to you, then a short haired dog breed such as a Dalmatian should be a suitable option for you. They are low-maintenance canines that make your life easy, breezy, and stress-free.

However, Dalmatians are not quite great for first-timers because of their stubborn streak. This makes training a bit tough, this is why they are more well-suited for experienced dog owners.

2. Pointer

Image from Petmate

Pointers are moderate shedders, so you can take a breather and relax. These canines are double-coated, yet their fur is so short, they do not look anything like other double-coated, long-haired pups.

If they do shed, you will notice it more during late Fall or early Spring. The best way to keep the shedding under control is by brushing their hair regularly. Then, you can keep the hair on the brush and the trash and not on your furniture.

1. Bulldog

Image from MaxBone

Shedding should be the least of your worries when you have a Bulldog in your home. They do shed a bit but not anything crazy heavy. These adorable fellows have short, soft hair that adds to their cuddliness.

Just an FYI – Bulldogs tend to shed more in Spring as they let go of their short winter coat. But the good news is that it is barely noticeable in your couch, rugs, and so on.

Related Questions

Is There A Short Haired Dog That Doesn’t Shed? Short haired dog breeds may not require daily grooming and brushing. However, they still shed, just very minimally. For instance, the Basenji, Great Dane, and French Bulldog, even with their sheer coats, still shed. But it is not heavy at all, unlike long-haired canines.

What Is The Best Short Haired Family Dog? Basenjis are great short-haired family dogs because they are hypoallergenic canines that do not shed. This makes them low-maintenance pets as grooming and brushing do not need to be done regularly. While they may not do well with young kids, they should be good with older children who know how to handle dogs gently and carefully.

How Do You Stop A Short Haired Dog From Shedding? The best way to stop a short haired dog from shedding is to brush its hair regularly. Even if they do not have long and dense coats, it helps to run a brush along its coat regularly or even occasionally, especially during the so-called shedding season.

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