Siamese Cats – Bewildering Facts You Never Knew

Sleek, graceful, and elegant, there are so many things to love about Siamese cats. But beyond their charming looks and features, how well do you know these cream-coated felines? There’s more than what meets the eye and we’ll uncover them all today!

Siamese cats are one of the most sociable kitties on the planet, and they don’t do well when being alone. Known for their chiseled face shape, these felines from Siam once had round faces. But round or not, they’ve always been smart cats that once foiled a dangerous espionage plot in Russia!

Curious to discover more about these cuties? Dive into these bewildering facts you never knew about Siamese cats!

22. Siamese Cats Are Social Creatures

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Whether you need a cuddle buddy or a loyal kitty, Siamese cats won’t disappoint. They are highly social creatures that simply love to be around their owners.

But these social butterflies are not only fond of their favorite humans. They also seek the company of other people, even other felines. Thus, it is best to keep them in pairs or shower them with your love and affection to prevent them from feeling lonesome.

21. Original Siamese Cats Have A Rounder Face

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Original Siamese cats once had rounder, more plump faces. But today, this is no longer the case as cat fanciers found a triangular silhouette to be more appealing. Thus, these cats were bred with a leaner face.

However, there are still some Siamese cats with their traditional, round-shaped face roaming the planet. This look may not be as popular but it still remains, which does not exclude them from being authentic Siamese cats.

20. The 19th U.S. President Once Owned A Siamese Cat

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Former U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes once owned a Siamese cat named “Siam”. Gifted to the President by the U.S. Consul David Stickles, this exotic kitty came all the way from Bangkok where Stickles was a diplomat.

However, Siam did not last too long in the White House. The poor cat got sick and died in less than one year. But it’s still amazing how it made its way to the presidential abode coming from Thailand!

19. Siamese Cats Struggle To See In The Dark

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Felines are nocturnal creatures. So, it’s only expected that they see very clearly in the dark to catch their prey. But the same cannot be said about Siamese cats, unfortunately.

When night time falls, these blue-eyed cuties struggle to see clearly. They also don’t have an eye tissue that other cats have to see in the dark, which is called the Tapetum Lucidum. Oh well, we still adore their gorgeous baby blues!

18. A Siamese Cat Appeared In A U.S. Film

Image from Instagram:@thenorthsidecats

Syn, a Siamese Cat, made an appearance in the 1965 Hollywood movie called “That Darn Cat!” Although Patti Randal took much of the spotlight, the real star of the show was DC the Siamese cat played by Syn.

But his fame goes beyond that. Syn was the first cat in history to receive the PATSY Award, a distinction given by the American Humane Association in Hollywood to animal performers. This was only the start of this breed’s fame in the movies and was followed by a string of more films later on.

17. Siamese Cats Are An Old Breed

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Not many people know for certain when the Siamese cat breed started. It is all a mystery whether they were raised by Buddhist monks in Thailand in the early years or how they came to be.

But historians have discovered the “Tamra Maew”, a Thai manuscript composed of poems depicting these dark-pointed cats. This book came about in the 14th to 18th centuries but experts believe these cats existed even before then.

16. American Actor James Dean Owned A Siamese Cat

Image from Instagram:@dominicsilveira

Famous movie star, Elizabeth Taylor gave her co-star, James Dean, a Siamese kitten back in 1956. This adorable kitty was named Marcus, as Dean’s tribute to his beloved uncle.

But unlike what an average cat normally eats, Marcus had a different diet. He was fed with some strange liquid mixture developed by Taylor herself. Made of evaporated milk, distilled water, white Karo syrup, and an egg yolk, this was supposed to help Marcus grow and develop fast.

15. Siamese Cats Were Once Thought Of As Ugly

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Siamese cats are known for their unique and enchanting looks. But this was not always the case in history. In fact, they were considered as ugly kitties back in the 1870s.

A journalist described this breed as a “nightmare” cat after seeing this feline in London’s first cat show held in 1871. Today, Siamese cat aficionados have nothing but praise for these exotic beauties.

14. Siamese Cats Are Mischievous

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Well, all cats are mischievous at one point or another. But Siamese cats rule in terms of mischief! They are playful and intelligent, but did you know that these kitties can do impressive things such as open doors? Some also claimed these felines can break into containers!

As they learn quickly, it is best to keep them mentally stimulated. Give them puzzles and interactive cat toys, and they will put their smarts into good use.

13. In Thailand, Siamese Cats Have a Poetic Name

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In the the rest of the world, these felines are called “Siamese Cats.” But did you know that in their country of origin, they are called differently?

Known as “Wichien-Matt” or in “Moon Diamond” in the English language, these cats have a much more poetic name. Nobody knows why they are called as such but it’s still a beautiful name fitting to such a lovely cat nonetheless.

12. Siamese Cats Used To Be Rare

Image from Instagram:@siamesesclub

Up until the second World War, Siamese cats were not quite common and popular. There were only a few of these felines world wide but things have changed quickly in the late 1940s after the war.

By then, Siamese cats rose into popularity and ranked number one in feline breed registrations. Until now, there is no stopping the widespread fame of this breed.

11. Siamese Cats Live For Decades

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It is true that the average cat lives longer. But did you know that Siamese cats have a very long lifespan? This breed can surpass its second decade!

For instance, the world’s oldest cat according to the Guinness Book of World Records was a Siamese. His name was Scooter, and he celebrated his 30th birthday on March 26, 2016. Yet he died in the same year.

10. There Are Some Crossed Eyed Siamese Cats

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Little do most people know that many Siamese cats had crossed eyes. This physical quirk may be considered as undesirable by cat fanciers but it is still something unique and interesting about this breed.

Now, we don’t see a lot of cross-eyed Siamese. But if you do, it’s nothing that will make you change your mind about these felines’ adorable nature.

9. Siamese Cats’ Tips Have Varied Colors

Image from Instagram:@romethesiamese

The original known standard by cat fanciers when it comes to Siamese cats is the solid dark brown tip. This is otherwise called “Seal Points.”

But nowadays, they have extended the recognized range of colors for these whiskered cuties. Among the color points accepted are lilac, chocolate, and blue.

8. A Siamese Cat Was Once A Mom Of 19 Kittens

Image from Instagram:@siamesesclub

Who would have thought that an ordinary Siamese cat would become a mom of 19 adorable kitties! Normally, they can give birth to 4 to 6 kittens but not this one tough mama cat.

Recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest litter of felines, this Siamese cat from the United Kingdom was the proud mama of 19 kittens. Although 4 were stillborn, the other 15 were very much alive and kicking!

7. Siamese Cats Were Royalty Cats

Image from Instagram:@remi.and.luna

According to Thai beliefs, a Siamese cat receives the soul of a Royal family member who dies. This is why these cats were treated with so much respect and admiration.

So, what does that make this cat then? What else but to spend the rest of its life in luxury, eating only the finest foods and enjoying its stress-free days in temples being adored by everyone. Not bad at all.

6. Siamese Cats Have Temperature-Controlled Tips

Image from Instagram:@mimi_bear20

Siamese cats have unique colors and patterns because of one thing – their tips are temperature-controlled. What this means is that the warmer parts of their bodies have paler colors compared to the cooler areas such as their head and face.

Although Siamese kitties originally have all-white coats, this color pattern on their points develops as they get older.

5. Siamese Cats Have A Rich History

Image from Instagram:@life.withbruce

Originating in Thailand or Siam, Siamese cats have come a long way in history! This is why this breed is considered as one of the oldest breeds of domesticated felines on the planet.

They started out as royalty cats in Asia and later on set foot in the White House, living with the U.S. president in the 1800s. And today, it’s not uncommon to see this breed in homes in different parts of the world.

4. The World’s Fattest Cat In 2015 Was A Siamese Cat

Image from Instagram:@lindsey_marie623

In 2003, Katy the Siamese cat was declared as the fattest cat in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. This Russia-born feline weighed a whopping 50 lbs, which surpassed what an average Siamese cat weighs at only 15 lbs.

This kitty ballooned to such an enormous weight gain after being given hormones that prevented her from mating. With a massive appetite, what’s a cat got to do but munch all day!

3. An Espionage Plot In Russia Was Foiled… Thanks To Siamese Cats

Image from Instagram:@lokinwhisper

Siamese cats are known for their wits, so it’s not surprising that a Russian espionage plot got foiled by no other than these brilliant Siamese! They were peacefully asleep at the Dutch Embassy in Russia when suddenly something woke them up and began clawing at the walls.

Henri Helb, then-ambassador at the Embassy, was alerted by this strange performance of these cats, that he conducted an investigation on the wall. To everyone’s surprise, it revealed that there were 30 miniature microphones attached and concealed behind this wall… Thanks to the brilliance of these two Siamese cats who knew something just was not right.

2. Siamese Cats Are Chatty

Image from Instagram:@berry__1015

Talk about Chatty Cathys! Siamese cats don’t hold back when they want to say something. These talkative kitties are vocal creatures, so don’t be surprised if you often hear your pet meow a lot!

But it’s not your ordinary meow… It’s more of a low-pitched, enchanting cry that’s unique about Siamese cats. Also known as “Meezer”, they will definitely let you know if your attention is warranted.

1. Siamese Cats Starred In A Famous Cat Show In London

Image from Instagram:@mila.the.macka

The year was 1871, when Siamese cats were first featured at a famous cat show in London. This national competition was this breed’s gateway to fame in this part of Europe. Not many English folks knew about these cats until then.

Adoring fans were fascinated by their exotic looks that many cat fanciers decided to start breeding and owning these felines. They’ve certainly come a long way since their first appearance at the Crystal Palace!

What Is The Best Food For Siamese Cats? Siamese cats are obligate carnivores. So, they thrive the most when fed with good quality meats. When fed with vegetables and other greens, they lack the enzymes that prevent them from digesting and utilizing plant protein efficiently. This is why Siamese cats living on a plant-based diet may become deficient in protein, as well as certain nutrients.

How Often Should You Bathe A Siamese Cat? Siamese cats do not need to be bathed frequently as they are very good at grooming themselves. However, if you do want to bathe your kitty, long-haired ones should be fine with a bath every 4 weeks while short-haired varieties would need a bath every couple of months.

Do Siamese Cats Need Another Cat? Absolutely. Siamese cats are social creatures, which means they need a companion to prevent them from becoming depressed. Either adopt this breed in pairs or give them a companion cat to ensure their mental well-being.

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