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How Much Does A Beagle Cost?

Beagles cost around $200 to $800,ย relatively cheapย compared to other dog breeds. This is because they are a common dog breed. In addition, people don't want them as much because they can beย stubborn, love digging, and howl a lot. However, they only have aย monthly maintenance cost of around $50.

Beagle Mixes

Itโ€™s true that Beagle mixes have diverse personalities. Thereโ€™s your fun-loving Pomeagle (Beagle + Pomeranian), your gentle Beagador (Beagle + Labrador) and your somewhat fierce Bogle (Boxer + Beagle). Yet, overall, Beagle mixes are versatile, absolutely endearing and a joy to have in your home!

Black And White Beagle

Black And White Beagles are a rare color combination of the Beagle breed. Itโ€™s quite rare to find a black-and-white Beagle, but itโ€™s not impossible. Snoopy is a Beagle, after all. Many Beagles are also born this way and shed into a completely different color when theyโ€™re grown.

Pocket Beagle

Pocket Beagles are very similar to the Beagles, except for one aspect. As their name implies, they are a lot smaller in size thanย a typical Beagle dog. Pocket Beagles are very adorable, houndy, and playful, and they love being companions with people and their fellow dogs.

Jack Russell Beagle Mix โ€“ Your Complete Breed Guide To The Jackabee

The Jackabee also called the Beagle Jack or Jack-A-Bee is a first-generation cross between two hunting breeds โ€“ the Jack Russell Terrier and the Beagle. As a fairly new mix, there is no standard feature for this cross and the individual characteristics of each dog is based solely on which parent it got its genes from. One thing to learn though is that this designer dog is a great hunter and tracker with a keen sense of smell with an adorable soft side.

Blue Tick Beagle

A Blue Tick Beagle is a type of hound dog bred for hunting, tracking, and detecting scents. It is a determined small dog that is curious, protective, and confident. However, it is technically not a different breed of Beagle but a different color variant of the Beagle.

Beagle Lifespan

Now, what are the common health issues that Beagles face? Health issues that Beagles typically experience during their lifetimes include fatal cancer, infections, cataracts, cherry eye and allergies, among others. If left unattended, these health issues can greatly reduce a Beagleโ€™s life quality and considerably shorten the poochโ€™s lifespan.