Black And White Beagle

Beagles are adorable dogs that are popular for their friendliness and upbeat attitude. They were originally bred as hunting dogs for their strong scent instinct. The most common type of Beagle has three colors, brown, white, and a bit of black. But, what about black and white? Can a Beagle just be two colors instead of three?

Black And White Beagles are a rare color combination of the Beagle breed. It’s quite rare to find a black-and-white Beagle, but it’s not impossible. Snoopy is a Beagle, after all. Many Beagles are also born this way and shed into a completely different color when they’re grown.

There are over a hundred different color and pattern combinations that a Beagle could have. This is all determined by genetics, which can surprise you from time to time. Keep reading to learn all about the elusive Black And White Beagle.

Is There A Black And White Beagle?

Black And White Beagles do exist, but they are not common. Tri-Colored Beagles, on the other hand, are found to be the most common.

These colors are usually black, a shade of brown, red, and white. Your Beagle’s coloring will depend on the bloodlines, of course. However, there are known instances of a Beagle being born one color and by the time it turns one, it’s a completely different looking dog.

The Beagle Size Breed Standard

The breed standard records that there are two different sizes in the Beagle breed. The smaller Beagle, also called the Pocket Beagle, is only 13 inches tall at the most. The bigger standard Beagle can be 13 to 15 inches tall.

A Black And White Beagle doesn’t differ in size or physical appearance from any other Beagle, apart from coloring. They are really the same dog, just a different color pattern. There are Black And White Beagles found in both the pocket and standard Beagle size.

Are Black And White Beagles Rare?

Black And White Beagles are a rare coat color. However, it’s not common to see black on a Beagle, as it’s one of the 6 Beagle coat colors that can make over 150 combinations. The rarest Beagle coat color is a solid-colored Beagle.

The American Kennel Club does recognize the black and white color variant, but it is still so rare and probably too new that they have yet to be classified as a color standard for Beagles. It takes a special genetic blend to produce true Black And White Beagles. It’s actually caused by a mutation or lack of the “brown color gene”.

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How Long Do Black And White Beagles Live?

A Black And White Beagle lives for an average of 12 to 15 years, which is a pretty standard lifespan for a medium-sized dog. However, like other breeds, Beagles have their fair share of common health issues and genetic conditions.

What Affects A Beagles Lifespan?

Your Beagle’s lifespan is mostly affected by health. Through genetics, your Beagle is susceptible to certain genetic conditions. Some common health issues that Beagles are prone to include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye issues like cherry eye, cataracts, blindness

You can keep your Beagle healthy through diet, exercise, and regular vet visits. With a good diet, regular exercise, and a clean vet check, your Beagle can live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Preventing And Treating Genetic Conditions

Getting regular blood tests and vet exams is the only way to catch a genetic condition like epilepsy or hyperthyroidism before it gets too bad. Other things simply can’t be prevented, but they can be treated.

When you take your Black And White Beagle from your vet for the first time, make sure that you take any papers or information you have about your puppy’s bloodlines. This can help your vets test for the right things. If your Beagle does develop something, there are plenty of options to treat them.

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How To Take Care Of Your Black And White Beagle?

Beagles are a popular choice because of their low maintenance care needs. Of course, they need certain things to stay healthy, but when diet and exercise are consideredBeagles are easy to take care of.

Beyond that, another huge part of taking care of your Black And White Beagle really is training. Beagles are incredibly intelligent but completely scent-oriented. They are notorious for running away, which means it’s absolutely necessary to teach your Beagle the word “heal”.

Beagle Diet Recommendations

The recommended food serving for a Beagle is 1 cup of kibble per day. Make sure to choose a brand with a lesser amount of calories and carbohydrates. Feeding your Beagle with high-quality foods, like Pet Plate, can take the guesswork out of keeping your Beagle healthy.

Beagles are prone to weight gain, so you need to limit table scraps and treats to a bare minimum. Keeping a healthy weight will help to prevent arthritis or hip dysplasia. You can also use multivitamins to help a senior dog get the nutrients they need, as well as using dental water additives for oral health.

Beagle Exercise Requirements

Beagles need anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes of exercise every day, which should explain their low maintenance. Unlike some other breeds, Beagles don’t need heavy cardio exercise, but it’s good to get them moving and working every day.

Since they have a high energy level and a scent-bound attitude, they are prone to taking off in pursuit of… Well, anything. You will have to learn how to use this to your advantage when you engage their senses during training.

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Are Black And White Beagles Aggressive? Temperaments Of Black And White Beagles

Beagles are known to be very friendly dogs. You may think that because Beagles like to hunt and chase things, that they are aggressive, but that is not the case. In reality, they are really more bark than they are bites.

The Standard Temperament Of Beagles

Beagles are known to be easy-tempered and friendly towards children of all ages and other dogs, making them perfect for families. They’re smart, so your Beagle will need a lot of mental enrichment to avoid destructive behavior like chewing.

Black And White Beagles can be wary of strangers and are known to be vocal, but it’s only because of their strong family loyalty. In fact, their affectionate and loyal behavior makes them a great choice as a family pet or first-time dog owner.

Training Your Black And White Beagle

Training your Beagle may prove to be a difficult task. Like other Beagles, Black And White Beagles are prone to wandering. This is caused by their strong sense of smell and hunting instinct. Beagles aren’t typically easy to train unless you can manage this.

Not only does this prohibit focus, but this can also result in your dog taking off. This is why it’s always recommended that, if possible, you have a fenced-in yard or a leash handy until you can teach your dog to stay and heal. Professional training is usually recommended for off-leash training.

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Do Black And White Beagles Shed A Lot? Grooming Tips For Black And White Beagles

A Beagle’s coat isn’t that thick, but it does shed a lot of loose hair and dander throughout the year, which makes them pretty far from hypoallergenic. They have a double coat with longer hair that picks up a lot of dust, dirt, and dander.

Beagle Coat Colours

To put it lightly, no Beagle looks the same as the other, which makes predicting what puppies will look like impossible. There are 7 coat colors and over 20 combinations of those colors. Here are just a few common color combinations that a Beagle can have:

  • Red, White, and Black
  • Black, White and Brown
  • Lemon, White, and Black (also called fawn)

There are also many patterns, which adds more combinations into the mix. For example, a Beagle can have a black, tan, and blue tick.

Grooming Your Beagle

Grooming your Beagle will involve more than daily brushing and as needed bathing. You’ll also have to clean your puppy’s eyes, teeth, and ears, as well as clipping its toenails.

We recommend the Furminator Undercoat Tool for helping your pup to shed loose hair and dander. Its ergonomic handle helps improve your handling while brushing, making the task a lot easier to perform.

Your Beagle’s daily grooming should also include wiping the gunk out of your Beagle’s eyes, as well as regular brushing.

Black And White Beagles can have sensitive skin, when you have to give your pup a bubble bath, be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo like Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo for better skin health.

How Much Do Black And White Beagles Worth? Black And White Beagles can sell for up to $2,000, which is higher than the average price for a Beagle puppy. Since they’re so rare, they cost more money than the average tri-colored Beagle.

Can Black And White Beagles Swim? Black And White Beagles are great swimmers. They have a natural aptitude for it. However, it’s common for Beagles to be apprehensive of water at first. If that’s the case, your Beagle will need time to explore the water and invoke that natural talent.

Do A Black And White Beagle’s Eyes Change Color? A Black And White Beagle’s eyes will change color as they grow up. Beagle puppies have blue eyes when they’re born and their eyes will turn darker over time. You can actually see the change each week, as they grow up.

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