Beagle mixes are growing in popularity especially among apartment-dwelling folks. These are your compact, space-friendly pooches, which you can tag along in adventures. But are Beagle mixes really all that great, as what they seem to be?

It’s true that Beagle mixes have diverse personalities. There’s your fun-loving Pomeagle (Beagle + Pomeranian), your gentle Beagador (Beagle + Labrador) and your somewhat fierce Bogle (Boxer + Beagle). Yet, overall, Beagle mixes are versatile, absolutely endearing and a joy to have in your home!

So let’s get to know more about these Beagle mixes and find out which one’s an outstanding fit for you!

32. Beagador: Beagle + Labrador

And finally, we have the Beagador. They are adorable creatures that are indeed one of the most famous Beagle mixes because of their gentle and loving nature. They have a Beagle’s body build and a Labrador’s warm, soulful eyes. They can grow up to 24 inches tall.

Do keep in mind that Beagadors love a good swim. So, be sure to give them ample time to play in the water or even just a romp around the playground would suffice for their energetic character.

31. Bogle: Boxer + Beagle

Next up in our Beagle mixes list is the Bogle or often spelled as “Boggle”. They are big fellows that can weigh up to 60 lbs and stand as tall as 20 inches. They have a Boxer’s muscular build and a Beagle’s floppy ears and coat colors. Bogles have both parents’ short and smooth, low-shedding coat textures.

These dogs are perfect for families, as long as there are no small kiddies around. When they feel threatened, they can be a bit aggressive, so it is best to handle them gently. No rough-housing for these pooches, for sure!

30. Poogle: Beagle + Poodle

If your dream pup is one that has gorgeous curly hair, floppy ears, and an energy level that lasts for hours, then the Poogle is a great match for you. They have a Poodle’s infamous curls and a Beagle’s large, floppy ears. But what’s interesting about Poogles is that they only have a single coat, which makes them tolerable for folks with dog allergies.

Size-wise, they can grow as tall as 15 inches and weigh from 20 to 30 lbs. They are energetic fellows, so be sure to give them at least a couple of hours of exercise and playtime each day.

29. Beaskie: Beagle + Siberian Husky

A more compact version of the Siberian Husky, the Beaskie is an adorable pooch with those stunning baby blue eyes. They have a dark face mask like a Husky’s and a Beagle’s floppy, long ears. 

Beaskies are a little on the chatty side. They tend to howl and make those unique noises, thanks to their parents’ personalities. But they are sure to provide tons of entertainment, so there’s never a dull moment with these pooches!

28. Borkie: Beagle + Yorkshire Terrier

A charming little canine, the Borkie is a portable, handbag-friendly pooch. They weigh no heavier than 12 lbs and just about a foot tall (or smaller). They have long and fine hair like a Yorkie and with coat colors in white, brown, or black as a Beagle. 

These are active and agile pooches. However, they will never say no to some cuddle time, as they are always quite pleasant and affectionate to their favorite humans.

27. Beaglier: Beagle + King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Beagle lovers who prefer a less active pooch will adore the Beaglier – an excellent lap dog that wouldn’t mind hours of cuddles from their owners. This medium-sized canine has the wavy, long coat of a King Charles Spaniel and a Beagle’s white and brown patterns. 

Overall, this pup is a gentle-mannered creature that’s a perfect balance of calmness, elegance, and agility. An excellent treat for first-time and experienced owners alike.

26. Beagle Shepherd: Beagle + German Shepherd

Beagle Shepherds are – you guessed it – a cross between a Beagle and a German Shepherd. These pups are pretty tall, standing at 24 inches at the shoulder and can weigh up to 70 lbs. They have shaggy, dark brown coats as a GSD and floppy Beagle ears.

Personality-wise, these are alert, intelligent, and protective canines. Their sense of smell is impeccable and can detect an intruder from several feet away. Thus, they are amazing watch dogs.

25. Australian Beagle: Australian Shepherd + Beagle

A fun companion doggo, the Australian Beagle is a hybrid canine with the Australian Shepherd and Beagle genes. They have long, wavy coats in fawn, white, or lemon colors. Their eyes are generally brown and with a soulful expression typical of a Beagle’s peepers.

Australian Beagles are happy-go-lucky pooches. They are versatile creatures that can get along well with other pets and all household members.

24. Doxle: Dachshund + Beagle

Just like its parent, the Dachshund, the Doxle is a bit on the shorter side with a long torso. They are often short-haired as both parents – the Beagle and the Dachshund – have shorter coats. 

But don’t underestimate the shortness of their legs – these canines are great runners. They can chase their prey pretty quickly, so it is best to keep them leashed or secured in a fenced yard. 

23. Reagle: Rottweiler + Beagle

Featuring the build of a Beagle and the square face of a Rottweiler, the Reagle is a strong and muscular pooch. They are pretty large fellows that can weigh as much as 135 lbs. Beagle mixes such as the Reagle measure about 23 inches tall – so be sure to provide ample space for moving around.

Speaking of movement, they thrive with physical activity. Daily exercise will prevent them from getting bored and developing destructive behaviors.

22. Cheagle: Chihuahua + Beagle

Another handbag-friendly Beagle mix, the Cheagle can fit neatly in your tote bag or purse. They are about 8 inches tall and as light as 10 lbs. These pups have the same apple-shaped head as a Chihuahua and the floppy, long ears of a Beagle.

If you like lots of cuddles and attention from your pooch, then the Cheagle will be more than eager to shower you with these. They are clingy and protective canines that will do anything to please and defend their owners.

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21. Beagle Bull: Beagle + American Pitbull Terrier

A strong and powerful pooch, this hybrid dog has a Pitbull Terrier’s muscular build and a Beagle’s floppy ears and sweet grin. Their coats are smooth and short, varying from white, brown, and a combination of both colors.

These canines are average-sized. They are about 20 inches tall and weigh up to 40 lbs. Be sure to provide early socialization to keep their aggressive tendencies under control.

20. Raggle: Rat Terrier + Beagle

Small but robust, the Raggle is a bundle of energy. These apple-shaped pooches have the coat color and texture of a Rat Terrier and a Beagle’s signature floppy ears. They are loyal fellows who do well in a family home.

Due to their energetic nature, Raggles require early training. By doing so, they make an outstanding guard dog and companion pooch.

19. Beagle Point: Beagle + Pointer

A tenacious tall fellow, the Beagle Point is an active Beagle mix. They are leggy as a Pointer and short-haired with brown and white coats like a Beagle. These are cuddle bugs that love to give so much affection to their favorite humans. 

Beagle Pointers are natural hunters.These curious fellows make excellent hunting companions, as well as watch dogs because of their inherent protective personalities.

18. Beagleman: Beagle + Doberman

A cross between the Beagle and the Doberman, the Beagleman is a lovable canine. They inherit the dark coat of a Doberman and the floppy ears of a Beagle. These are agile and vigilant dogs, which makes them very protective of their owners.

The only important thing to note about Beaglemans is their need for mental and physical stimulation. When provided with these needs, they make versatile and adaptable pets.

17. Crested Beagle: Chinese Crested + Beagle

Not your average Beagle mix, the Crested Beagle is a rare-looking pooch. These canines have thin coats like a Chinese Crested and a Beagle’s color patterns. And yep, they’re floppy-eared pups, too!

One important thing to note about this pup, though. They are best suited for warmer climates. With their lack of fluff, they need to stay warm and cozy constantly. But other than that, Crested Beagles are low-maintenance, easy-going fellows.

16. Bagel Hound: Beagle + Basset Hound

A hunting breed that looks like a shorter version of the Beagle, this mixed breed has the mournful eyes of a Basset Hound and a Beagle’s floppy – but much longer – ears. Their coat colors come in a variety of hues such as brown, black, and white.

Thanks to their nose power, these dogs are outstanding hunting companions. They can take on the action whether in the countryside or the city. But after a hard day’s work, these dogs know how to relax and curl up for a nap.

15. Beacol: Beagle + Bearded Collie

What happens when you cross a Beagle and a Bearded Collie? A Beacol, that’s what! These dogs have the body size of a Beagle and a Bearded Collie’s wiry, medium-length coat. Their coat color varies from black to brown with some white markings.

A word of caution, however. Beacols are high-energy canines. They love activity, which means they are more suitable for experienced owners who know how to provide firm and constant training.

14. Meagle: Miniature Pinscher + Beagle

The Meagle is a hybrid dog whose parents are the Min Pin and the Beagle. They are robust pooches with black and brown short coats and floppy ears. As for their personality, they are energetic, fun-loving, and with a dash of mischievousness.

Additionally, Meagles are highly curious fellows. It’s also their curiosity that gets them in trouble, so it is best to train and socialize them at an early age to strengthen positive habits.

13. Shi- Beagle: Shiba Inu + Beagle

Shi-Beagles are fantastic hunting dogs. After all, their parents are made for tracking, thanks to their flawless smelling power and alertness. They have a stocky body as a Shiba Inu and long ears as a Beagle.

Whether you live in an apartment or the countryside, Shi-Beagles should fit right in perfectly. They are adaptable and can easily bond with their family members without any problem at all.

12. Beaglemation: Beagle + Dalmatian

Floppy ears and spots all over the body, the Beaglemation’s appearance reveals its parents’ genes – a Dalmatian’s and a Beagle’s, who else? They are medium-sized canines, although some can grow into a large pooch.

These dogs thrive on attention and physical activity. So, if you’re the kind of owner who likes to stay active and provides lots of cuddles to their pooch, then the Beaglemation is for you.

11. Malteagle: Maltese + Beagle

One look at a Malteagle, and it’s quite easy to tell where they get their cuteness – the Maltese’s silky, long coat and a Beagle’s long, floppy ears! They are average shedders that require regular grooming, which may be a bit too much for a newbie dog owner.

Malteagles are charming canines but with one slight concern – they can be a bit stubborn. Thus, they are well suited with owners who can provide firm training and patience to bring out the best in these pups.

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10. Puggle: Pug + Beagle

Cute and cuddly, the Puggle has the same flat face Pugs have and rounded, floppy ears of a Beagle. They are adorable, robust creatures that are fun-loving, playful, and versatile. With their short coat, shedding should be the least of your worries.

If you live in a small apartment, a Puggle is a great choice for you. They are compact and should fit right into a modest space without any problem.

9. Jackabee: Jack Russell + Beagle

A spunky little boy, the Jackabee is a compact and muscular tiny fellow. They often weigh up to 20 lbs and can grow as tall as 14 inches. Their coats are smooth and soft, often in brown and white, thanks to the signature colors of the Beagle. As for their appearance, they are stocky as a Jack Russell.

These creatures are energetic, busy-bees! They love to romp around, so be sure to give them plenty of exercise – both physical and mental stimulating activities are what they adore.

8. Beago: Beagle + Golden Retriever

Beagos have the golden – but shorter coat – of a Golden Retriever, which makes it easy for owners who are not quite fond of shedding pups. As for their appearance, they have those floppy Beagle ears. They are well-suited to kids and families, as well as households with other pets.

These pups are medium-sized. They can get as tall as 22 inches and weigh up to 55 lbs. Overall, they are lovely canine buddies that are always up for playtimes and cuddles.

7. Teagle: Boston Terrier + Beagle

A genuine cutie pie, the Teagle has the coat colors of a Boston Terrier in black and white and a Beagle’s squarish face. They are friendly pooches to people they know but rather fierce to intruders.

Teagles can be a bit stubborn at times. Thus, they need plenty of activities and firm training to shape them up into a well-behaved and gentle-mannered pet.

6. Baseagle: Basenji + Beagle

Part Basenji and part Beagle, the Baseagle is a unique mix. They have the brown and white coat colors of a Beagle and a Bsenji’s medium-length hair. They are generally calm and quiet pooches, thanks to Basenji’s milder demeanor.

If you need a hunting buddy that’s great at its job, then a Baseagle is a perfect match for you. They are alert and courageous, so these pups are always up for adventures.

5. Bea-Tzu: Beagle + Shih-Tzu

Bea-Tzus are fluffy little pooches that are devoted to their owners. They have the same long hair and underbites that Shih Tzus have and a Beagle’s warm, brown eyes. These pooches obviously inherit much of the Shih Tzu’s genes, appearance-wise. 

Clingy and affectionate, Bea-Tzus are absolutely loving canines. They are your compassionate four-legged friends whom you can count on for snuggles and companionship.

4. Beagi: Beagle + Corgi

Stocky and agile, the Beagi has a long torso as a Corgi and a Beagle’s coat colors. They are social creatures that can get along quite well with other pets in the house – and with young children, too!

However, they are a bit territorial and over protective. This is why early socialization and training are necessary to prevent negative behaviors.

3. Pomeagle: Beagle + Pomeranian

An outstanding companion pooch, the Pomeagle is a small dog, thanks to the Pom genes. However, they are sturdy and muscular as a Beagle. Pomeagles are excellent lap dogs, as they are portable and light.

These canines are a bit on the curious side. This is why they would require much patience from their owners during training sessions. But once well-trained, they are endearing and gentle-mannered creatures that you will love to have in your home.

2. Speagle: Cocker Spaniel + Beagle

The Speagle or a Bocker is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Beagle. They have a Spaniel’s long fur with spots and patches but mainly brown in color, thanks to the Beagle’s genes. These canines also have floppy ears, which they inherit from their Beagle parent. They can grow up to 15 inches tall and weigh under 30 lbs.

When you need a companion pooch or someone to take with you during hunting, then this agile fellow is perfect. They are merry creatures who are fiercely loyal to their owners and ready to protect them in times of danger.

1. Frengle: French Bulldog + Beagle

Imagine the flat face of a French Bulldog combined with the Beagle’s cheeky grin, and there’s your Frengle! They also have a squarish face that adds to their appeal. This hybrid dog is a charming and active little fellow that just loves to play and cuddle!

Do take note that Frengles are a little on the stubborn side. So, it will be a bit of a challenge to train these pups. But with firm training and consistency, you should be able get this pooch up to speed in the obedience department.

Related Questions

Are Beagle Mixes Good Dogs? Absolutely, beagle mixes do not inherit the ailments purebreds have, which in turn makes them healthier. Moreover, you get the best of both great features of both parents, too!

How Big Does A Beagle Mix Get? Their weight and height depend on the parents’ genes. But generally, Beagle mixes are not large dogs as they are compact and medium-sized.

Do Beagle Mixes Bark A Lot? Not all Beagle mixes bark a lot. Baseagles, for instance, bark less, as Basenjis are typically quiet dogs. The same holds true with Beagle mixes whose parents are not “chatty.”

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