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Boxer Mixes

Boxer mixes are cute heartwarming pooches and there are several notable mixes out there. But even then, the Boxador, a Labrador/Boxer mix is the cutest of them of all. There is also the charming Boxita, the Boxweiler, and a few other surprising entries. Well, in our post today, we will list down 22 adorable Boxer mixes that will melt your heart away. Here we go!

How Much Does A Boxer Cost?

Boxers cost around $300 to $2,500, depending on the health guarantee bundles that are offered with the purchase. This is common among breeders of Boxer dogs, as Boxers are known for their health issues like "Boxer cardiomyopathy" and related conditions due to brachycephaly. This also means that vet bills could be a concern as they get older. Monthly maintenance costs for a Boxer typically amount to around $120.

Boxer Breed โ€“ Your Complete Guide

A Boxer dog is a medium to large dog with a short-haired, smooth coat that lies tightly to its body. This pooch commonly comes in fawn or brindle colors but with white markings typically on its chest, and has adorable temperaments that make the Boxer dog breed a great family dog.