Boxer Mastiff Mix – Your Complete Breed Guide To The Boxmas Dog

You may not have been aware, but the Boxer Mastiff Mix takes a Boxer dog’s iconic looks and combines them with a Mastiff’s huge size to make one of the most sought-after dog breeds. The Mastiff dog here does not refer to its smaller counterpart, the Bullmastiff. From its size to its protective nature, you may find this Boxer Mastiff Mix one of the best breeds to own.

A Boxmas dog is a crossbreed between a Boxer and a Mastiff, and is ranked among the heavyweights of the dog family. This Boxmas dog also combines the Boxer’s innate work ethic, intelligence, and loyalty with the Mastiff’s friendliness and protectiveness to make a fantastic family friend.

Regarded to be a relatively new dog breed, this can explain why the American Kennel Club has not yet recognized the Boxer Mastiff Mix officially. If you are looking forward to getting this dog breed, you landed in the right place. Moreover, this amazing breed comes with a unique characteristic that you can rarely find in most dogs. Read through to the end to learn more about it, as well as owning and raising this wonderful hybrid.

How Much Should A Boxer Mastiff Mix Weigh?

The Boxer Mastiff Mix is known for its muscular and stocky body and can weigh between 70 and 100 lbs.

On the other hand, its height can get up to 30 inches. The males are often larger and heavier than the females. However, there is very little information on the numeric values of both the height and weight of male and female Boxmas dogs, since this breed is relatively new on the market.

If you prefer large dogs and have enough space, you may find the Boxmas your ideal canine companion. Below are some physical appearance traits you can expect to see.


The Boxmas dog is known for capturing the most identifiable characteristics from both of its parents. The appearance may vary depending on the dominantly inherited firm of either of the parents. In most cases, this dog breed is known to have the Boxer’s face with the Mastiff’s frame.

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Facial appearance may slightly differ from one Boxmas to the other. However, a typical Boxmas will take up the Boxer’s facial characteristic, having drooping skin folds in the cheek areas. You will also notice brown eyes, a black nose, and medium-length ears.


The body frame of a Boxmas may slightly differ depending on the dominant parent’s trait. You will mostly notice a muscular and strong body with long legs. The legs also come with longer paws. Another notorious trait of the Boxmas dog is the cropped tail.

Coat And Color Pattern

The Boxer Mastiff Mix usually has a short, dense, and water-resistant coat. Common color patterns will include brown, black, or brindle. You will also notice streaks of white all over this pooch’s body.

This Boxmas also has a straight coat texture. However, you may need to do thorough brushing regularly to keep the coat healthy and clean. Be sure to brush your pooch in an open and airy space so that your breathing is not affected by the loose hair.

How Long Does A Boxer Mastiff Mix Live?

The Boxer Mastiff Mix has a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. This breed is considered to have a fairly healthy life.

However, there are a few health complications that are prone to the Boxmas dog.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is commonly associated with large dog breeds. Given Boxmas’ massive weight, it has a higher risk of suffering from this condition.

This condition is characterized by an immense pain in your pooch’s hip sockets. If not fixed, the condition may elevate to painful arthritis and lameness of the joints.

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Your Boxmas may inherit this condition from the Boxer parent. Affected dogs usually have a more pushed in face. This condition typically results in breathing difficulties, heat and dental problems.

Gastric Torsion

This is another common health issue that may affect your Boxmas. The condition happens when your dog’s stomach flips or when the pooch eats too quickly.

As little as it may look, gastric torsion can be a life-threatening condition in your dog. Consider following good feeding practices like offering meals in small portions to avoid this condition.


Boxmas can inherit ectropion from the Mastiff parent. The condition causes the eyelids to hang drastically. This may expose your dear fido to potential infections. Whenever you see these symptoms, it is advisable to call your vet.

How To Take Care Of Your Boxmas?

You may need more food to satisfy Boxmas’s food requirements. Given its huge size, this may not take you by surprise. Regarding the Boxer Mastiff Mix’s massive appetite and body weight, you can expect to spend more for your furry friend’s feeding requirements.

Just like in humans, dogs are what they eat. Check out these tips below on how to take care of your Boxmas.

Choose High-Quality Dog Food

It is crucial to invest in high-quality food to keep your dear fido safe from health problems associated with poor feeding practices. Ensure that your pooch’s food contains good calcium content and low calories.

So, finding the right food diet option every day may be challenging. With this in mind, you may opt for the best food companies to do the job for you.

One of the most renowned food companies you can opt for is Pet Plate. With their offer of a fresh diet and human-grade ingredients, you can be sure to feed your dear fido the best food to keep it healthy through every stage of their life.

Feed The Boxmas Enough Food

It is recommended to offer Boxmas 4 cups of food daily. Overfeeding can quickly lead to obesity issues in your Boxmas. Also, do ensure your four-legged friend doesn’t eat quickly and large amounts at the same time, as this may cause gastric torsion.

Include Multivitamins In Their Diet

Multivitamins form a big and important part in the Boxmas’ diet and can contribute to your furry friend’s increased immunity and coat health. Remember to include these nutrients in your diet every time if you want your pooch to live a fuller and healthier life.

Don’t Forget About Dental Water Additives

After proper feeding, the last thing you should not forget is maintaining the oral health of your Boxmas and taking care of its dental hygiene. One way to do this is to rely on dental water additives. They not only keep your furry friend’s mouth fresh but also prevent bacterial growth.

Engage Your Boxmas In 60 Minutes Exercise Daily

Your Boxmas requires 60 minutes of exercise every day. Being an energetic breed, you will have to provide sufficient exercise to prevent boredom and keep it mentally stimulated. Otherwise, it may resort to destructive behaviors, such as incessant digging and chewing of furniture.

Are Boxer Mastiff Mixes Aggressive? Temperaments Of Boxer Mastiff Mixes

The Boxer Mastiff Mixes are not aggressive, despite having both Boxer and Mastiff dogs historically bred to be dogs for fighting and security purposes.

Bred from these aggressive parent dogs, the Boxmas dog ironically exhibits deep affection and love for their owners and children. This pooch can be caught having fun and endless entertainment for their owners and the whole family with great energy.

Here are other personality traits you can further expect from the Boxmas dog.


The Boxmas’ ancestors may be ruthless and prone to fighting but this pooch maintains a warm and affectionate approach. Its loving nature perhaps has won the hearts of most individuals looking for large-sized pets.

Do note that the Boxmas breed is prone to separation anxiety. If you intend to leave your pooch at home alone for long periods or beyond 6 hours, you should consider getting a professional sitter to care for your pooch while you are away.

Energetic And Cheerful

The Boxer Mastiff Mix is a dog breed full of energy and fun, especially during its puppy stages. You may find time to move fairly quickly while playing with this dog.


The Boxmas dog is said not to have any barking tendency. However, due to the pooch’s protective nature, you may hear occasional barking. When this happens, do pay attention as the pooch is possibly trying to alert you of strangers or possible dangers around your home.


You can notice the Boxmas’ intelligence during interactions or while training it with commands. Its assumed intelligence trait inherited from the Boxer parent is evident when you engage the pooch with mentally stimulating activities.

Do Boxer Mastiff Mixes Shed? Grooming Tips For Boxer Mastiff Mixes

Boxer Mastiff Mixes do shed a lot and are thus found not to be hypoallergenic.

As noted early, if you want to have this dog, prepare to have a vacuum to clean the hairs through the surfaces of your house. The pooch has short to medium hair.

The coat is also dense and straight, which should make it easy for you to maintain. Check out the grooming tips below for your Boxer Mastiff Mix.

Brush The Coat Regularly

Due to its high shedding level, the Boxmas is not a suitable pet dog for individuals with allergies. To maintain this breed’s coat health, daily brushing is essential.

Daily brushing will eliminate dead hairs, which will keep your four-legged friend’s coat healthy. It may also prevent loose hairs from accumulating all over your house.

You may want to try the best brushing tools for the best result like the Furminator Undercoat Tool. With its ergonomic handle, your daily brushing routine will be quicker and easier. The tool also features a button to release the fur easily when pressed, thereby improving your grooming experience with your canine friend.

Bath Your Boxmas Every 6 To 8 Weeks

Your Boxmas is a very active and playful dog, which may occasionally give off some odor. To eliminate this smell, bath your Boxmas every 6 to 8 weeks. Ensure you do not bath your dear fido frequently as its skin will be stripped of the essential oils for protection.

We recommend Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo for multipurpose and improved health of your furry friend’s skin.

Don’t Forget The Little Grooming Practices

Some grooming practices might seem smaller and of less significance but should never be avoided. These practices include wiping and cleaning the ears at least once every week, brushing teeth everyday to remove tartar, and trimming the nails every 2 to 3 weeks.

How Much Does A Boxer Mastiff Mix Cost? The Boxer Mastiff Mix can cost between $500 and $1,000 to purchase, and can go for around $800 to adopt. It is always crucial to check the health of both parents before adopting your Boxmas. Being a new breed, you may have to conduct thorough research in locating reputable breeders.

Are Boxers And Mastiffs Related? Both the Boxer and the Mastiff breeds are related to each other. The Boxer breed is a mix between the Old English Bulldog and the now-extinct Bullenbeisser, which is regarded to be of a Mastiff’s descent. Hence, this may explain the uncanny resemblances in some physical characteristics between the Boxer and the Mastiff.

Do Mastiffs Get Along With Boxers? Mastiffs can get along with Boxers, only if they both have been through socialization training. Both dog breeds have past breeding histories as fighting and guard dogs, so there will be some risk involved if both dogs are introduced to each other without any form of socialization training.

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