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How Much Does A Doberman Pinscher Cost

Doberman Pinschers cost around $800 to $3,000. Doberman Pinschers withย cropped ears will cost more than those with floppy ears. Loyal but attention-seeking dogs that love cuddling, Doberman Pinschers are popular choices as dog companions.ย Doberman Pinschers are low-maintenance dogs, averaging around $60 a month, but they have severe separation anxiety, so be prepared to spend time with them.

White Albino Doberman

A White Albino Doberman is a product of inbreeding, and it suffers from a genetic abnormality, albinism. They usually have blue eyes and a white coat, while the rest of their body and parts, such as paw pads, nose, skin, membranes, and mouth, remain pink.

Blue Doberman

So, nobody knows the exact breed combination involved in breeding the Doberman. But whatโ€™s known about the Blue Doberman is that its blue color variant is due to the presence of the dilution gene coupling with the black color gene.

Doberman Lifespan

So, what are the common health issues of a Doberman Pinscher? A Doberman Pinscher is predisposed to several health issues such as the deadly dilated cardiomyopathy, bloat and cancer. Other health issues typically found in Dobermans include Von Willebrand disease, wobblerโ€™s syndrome and hypothyroidism among others.

Red Doberman

The Red Doberman is an affectionate, highly intelligent, and fearless doggie that possess anย excess of Pheomelanin (reddish yellow pigments), giving them their reddish appearance.ย It excels in socializing with people, and is known to make greatย therapy dogs, on top of being excellent guard dogs.