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Why Do Puppies & Dogs Whine?

One of the main reasons why dogs and puppies whine is because they want your attention.ย They usually do this when they want to interact with you and seek your affection. Dogs and puppies also whine due to hunger or pain.

Do Dogs Bleed When In Heat? What Should I Do?

Just like in humans, female dogs bleed when they get their periods. This period is known as the heat or estrus cycle. The onset of the heat cycle in female dogs varies. Some female dogs may start their first period within their first year of life. The duration of the heat cycle also varies in dogs. Some canines have heat cycles extending up to four weeks.

Why Do Dogs Bark At Nothing? Hereโ€™s How You Stop It

As discussed below, there are many reasons why dogs bark at nothing including attention-seeking to get rewards like toys, frustration, greeting barking, illness, injury, etc. Some owners can quickly identify the reason why their dogs are barking by listening to the specific type of barking.ย