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Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads? Reasons For This Behavior

One of the most common reasons your dog tilts its head is to see better. Expert study analyzed how the snout of your furry friends can hinder depth perception which is why your four-legged furry friends tilt their heads. Your dog may also tilt its head as a sign of empathy or in order to hear better.

Why Do Dogs Like To Be Pet? How To Pet It Right?

Dogs like to be petted, all the time, because petting is a form of massage for dogs to feel good and comfortable. In addition, dogs prefer petting over verbal remarks as a form of praise. It is common to see our dogs wanting to be stroked behind their ears and on the belly if they want to be praised.

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Wounds? Does It Help?

Dogs tend to lick our wounds because they want to cure our pain that they can sense inflicted by our wounds. Dog licks do help in healing our wounds due to the curative enzymes their saliva contains. However, too much licking actually does more harm than good.