If you have a dog or puppy who whines too much, this behavior can quickly become annoying, especially if the whining mostly happens at night when you’re trying to catch some sleep. But why exactly do puppies and dogs whine?

One of the main reasons why dogs and puppies whine is because they want your attention. They usually do this when they want to interact with you and seek your affection. Dogs and puppies also whine due to hunger or pain.

Besides, there are many other reasons why dogs whine. Below, let’s check out 8 surprising facts about why dogs whine.

8. To Communicate Excitement

When your canine buddy is excited, they’ll often whine as a way of communicating their excitement. In such situations, the whining will be accompanied by other actions that show excitement, including wagging their tail, jumping up and down, wiggling their body, and running around.

Dogs will whine in excitement when you come back home after a long day at work, when they see something new, during playtime, or even when they see another dog.

7. To Communicate Boredom

Your dog will also whine when they are bored. Dogs need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. If it’s been a while since you last allowed your pooch to play, they will have a lot of pent up energy that they want to release. Whining is their way of letting you know that they need some playtime.

To stop boredom-related whining, simply play some games with your dog or take them out for a walk.

6. They Need Something

Since puppies and dogs don’t speak our language, they will often use whining to communicate to us when they need something. In most cases, this kind of whining will be accompanied by glances towards the object of their desire.

For instance, if your dog wants to go outside, they will whine while shifting glances between you and the door. If they want a treat, they’ll whine while looking at the drawer where you keep their treats.

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5. They Are Lonely

This is very common among puppies. When you adopt or buy a puppy, the separation from their mother and siblings can leave them feeling lonely. The puppy whines in an attempt to call out for their mother.

Fortunately, whining due to loneliness will usually stop after a few days. To make things easier for your pup, you can keep them near you. Your presence will be reassuring for a lonely puppy.

4. Stress And Anxiety

Dogs will also whine if they are fearful, stressed, or anxious. This is especially common in puppies going through their fear period, though it also happens in fully grown dogs.

Whining due to fear, stress, and anxiety will usually be accompanied by appeasement gestures, such as avoiding eye contact, having the tail tucked between the legs, ears held backwards and cowering. If your puppy is fearful or anxious in certain situations, remove them from the situation.

3. Hunger

When they are born, puppies whine to let their mothers know that they are hungry, and their mothers respond by feeding them. Even after being separated from their mothers, some puppies will use whining to communicate their hunger.

If the whining occurs in the hours leading up to feeding times, this shows that your puppy is whining out of hunger. In this case, try adjusting the feeding time so that your pup gets their meals earlier.

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2. They Are In Pain

Dogs will also whine to let you know that they are not feeling well, or that they are in pain. To confirm whether your dog is in pain or feeling unwell, check out for other signs and symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, loss of appetite, lethargy, dizziness, and so on.

If you notice any of these signs, book an appointment with the vet immediately and have the problem diagnosed.

1. They Want Your Attention And Seek Your Affection

Very often, your dog will whine simply because they need both attention and affection from you. If your pooch feels ignored, they will whine as a way of communicating that they want to spend time with you and seek your affection for them.

To prevent this whining, always have small interactions with your dog whenever you can. For instance, when you come home from work, greet and acknowledge your dog, even for a minute.

Related Questions

What Do You Do When Your Dog Cries At Night? If your dog cries at night, get up and check whether they need a potty break or are in pain. Don’t leave your puppy to cry at night. Ignoring them could lead to undesired consequences like a potty accident. Avoid giving cuddles and reassurance, since this will encourage your pooch to cry again the following night.

Can Dogs Die From Whining? No, dogs cannot die from whining. However, just because a puppy cannot die from crying, this does not mean you should ignore them. The crying could be caused by a serious health condition that could lead to death. If you cannot tell why your dog keeps on crying, just get them checked out by the vet.

How Do You Get A Puppy To Stop Whining? The best way to stop a puppy from whining is to ensure that their crate is comfortable, and that they get enough potty breaks so they don’t feel the urge to use the bathroom while in their crate. You should also place your puppy’s crate close to you so that your presence can comfort them.

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