Long-Haired Frenchie – Your Complete Breed Guide To Fluffy Frenchies

The long-haired Frenchie never fails to draw attention wherever it goes, and this guide contains everything you need to know about owning and raising one of these cuties. Now, what are long-haired Frenchies?

Long-haired (or fluffy) Frenchies are a variant of the popular French Bulldog that carry the extremely rare Lh long hair gene. And Fluffy Frenchies are typically produced when two French Bulldogs carrying this recessive long hair gene mate.

Interestingly, apart from the presence of longer hair, Fluffy Frenchies are exactly like French Bulldogs. And the Fluffy Frenchie retains the big-hearted nature of its shorthaired counterparts, as well as breed-specific health challenges. The Fluffy Frenchie is also relatively easy to take care of, and this article contains maintenance tips that will come in handy while raising this pooch. However, before we go into all this, let’s determine whether or not a long-haired Frenchie can be purebred, and take a look at the physical characteristics of this dog breed.

Are Long-Haired French Bulldogs Purebred?

Most, if not all, long-haired French Bulldogs you’ll come across are purebred, and they are typically produced by breeding two fluffy Frenchies carrying the recessive L4 gene for long hair.


The long-haired French Bulldog is characterized by a small physical build, with a strong, muscular body. Additionally, the fluffy Frenchie has a broad chest and narrow hip supported by thick, short legs.

While fluffy Frenchies typically have longer coats, compared with other French Bulldogs, you may be in for some disappointment, if you’ve pictured a doggie with fur sweeping the floor. And compared with other long haired dog breeds, fluffy Frenchies have a medium-length coat, at best.

The fluffy Frenchie has ears shaped like a bat’s, but it isn’t uncommon to come across those with rose-shaped ears. A pushed-in face, with a short snout and skin folds around the muzzle further contribute to the fluffy Frenchie’s unique appearance.


When fully grown, the long-haired Frenchie doesn’t differ much in size from its shorthaired counterparts.

An adult male fluffy Frenchie typically weighs between 20 to 28 lbs when fully grown, while the female long-haired Frenchies, with weights ranging from 16 to 24 lbs, are not far behind.

There’s not much difference between adult male and female fluffy frenchies when it comes to height, and both typically stand between 11 to 13 inches tall when fully grown.

Coat Colors

The fluffy Frenchie, just like its shorthaired counterpart, is generally available in, at least, sixteen different coat color combinations.

Of these sixteen, only eleven French bulldog colors are generally recognized and accepted by the American Kennel Club, and these include whiteblackbrindlefawn and cream.

Colors such as bluelilacblue merle and chocolate and tan are considered rare, and it isn’t everyday you’ll come across a fluffy frenchie sporting these colors.

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Are Fluffy Frenchies Healthy?

Barring any serious health conditions, fluffy frenchies typically live for between 11 to 14 years.

What Health Conditions Are Fluffy Frenchies Predisposed To?

While Fluffy Frenchies are generally healthy dogs, they are, just like the parent French Bulldog breed, susceptible to certain health conditions. And if you plan to own a long-haired frenchie, it is important that you get familiar with these diseases so you can make preparations to tackle them.

That said, some of these diseases and health conditions that you may need to treat as a fluffy frenchie owner include:

Patellar Luxation

A luxating patella refers to the dislocation or misalignment of the patella, most especially in small dogs, and the fluffy frenchie is particularly prone to suffering from this condition.

Apart from physical makeup and genes, patellar luxation in fluffy frenchies can also happen due to trauma and injury to the knee ligaments. And this typically results in limpingabnormal movement, and pain when your Frenchie attempts to move the affected leg.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Another medical condition that you may likely encounter while raising a fluffy frenchie is the Brachycephalic syndrome. And this is in no small part, due to the long-haired French bulldog’s facial anatomy.

The Brachycephalic syndrome refers to a set of airway abnormalities that cause breathing difficulties in fluffy frenchies, and it is characterized by coughingsevere panting after exercise, and snoring. If left unattended to, the brachycephalic syndrome will cause intense strain on the long-haired Frenchie’s heart, and this can be fatal.

Von Willebrand’s Disease

Von Willebrand’s disease in long-haired French bulldogs is an inherited bleeding disorder that is typically triggered by the lack of blood clotting protein.

Von Willebrand’s disorder in fluffy Frenchies is difficult to diagnose by a mere eye test, but pooches suffering from this medical condition may bleed uncontrollably from the nosevagina, or bladder, especially after trauma or surgery.

Other Health Conditions

Apart from those listed above, a long-haired French is also prone to suffering from diseases such as:

  • Elongation of the soft palate
  • Otitis externa
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Eye ulcers
  • Hip dysplasia

The good news is that most, if not all, of the conditions listed above can be prevented and managed by taking good care of your long-haired Frenchie. The steps to do this are outlined in the next section of this article.

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How To Take Care Of Long-Haired Frenchies?


Fluffy Frenchies have a low tolerance for exercise, hence feeding them one to two cups of high-qualitybreed-appropriate food, at most, two to three times a day, is important to prevent obesity.

Long-haired Frenchies thrive best on meals containing whole meatsplant-based protein, and healthy fats such as fish oil. And these are all contained in the quality Pet Plate meal plan for dogs. The Pet Plate product is made from food ingredients that fluffy Frenchies love eating. And you can also submit your pup’s physical attributes to get a customised diet plan.

Multivitamins and supplements can also help enhance your Frenchie’s immune system, and these should be added sparingly to your doggie’s meals, especially if they’re homemade. However, you should generally check with your vet before proceeding to feed your Frenchie multivitamins.

It is also important that you provide your fluffy Frenchie with easy access to clean, fresh water. And you can invest in dental water additives to keep your doggie’s mouth clean and fresh.

You should also know that fluffy Frenchies are notorious for eating too much, too fast; Hence, you should monitor your doggie’s feeding to prevent it from becoming overweight.

Exercise Requirements

Long-haired French Bulldogs tend to gain weight easily; Hence, frequent exercising is needed to keep your furry friend in shape. And as we’ve seen earlier, due to its facial anatomy, the fluffy Frenchie is prone to suffering breathing difficulties; Hence, it is important that you keep exercise for this breed at a moderate level.

That said, short 15-minute walks per day provide sufficient exercise for your fluffy Frenchie, and will help keep it from becoming overweight. To protect your Frenchie from overexposure to heat that results in respiratory issues, it is also recommended that you limit your dog’s exercising to early mornings and late evenings.

It is also worth noting that fluffy Frenchies can’t swim; hence, you should try as much as possible to keep your pooch away from water.


Fluffy Frenchies are quite intelligent and eager to please their favorite humans, therefore they generally react well to training methods.

However, you should know that long-haired French Bulldogs can be quite stubborn, hence you may need to try a series of training methods before you find the one that works best for your pooch.

Do Fluffy Frenchies Like To Cuddle? Temperaments Of Long-Haired Frenchies

Fluffy Frenchies constantly demand human attention and care, and shouldn’t be left alone for a significant period of time. The long-haired Frenchie makes for a great companion dog, and isn’t afraid to lavish its human with love, provided it receives the same treatment in return.

The fluffy Frenchie is a lapdog, and enjoys nothing more than cuddling in its human’s laps. Additionally, the long-haired Frenchie is quite playful, but it may as well spend the entire day lazily lounging on its favorite couch.

Small body size makes the fluffy Frenchie perfect for those living in small apartments and its gentleness means it’s great for first-time dog owners.

Fluffy Frenchies are also very friendly with kids, and are also quite tolerant of other pets.


The long-haired French Bulldog has an intelligence level that is slightly above average, when compared with other dog breeds. Regardless, the Frenchie can learn new commands with a great deal of repetition of training methods.

Additionally, the fluffy Frenchie has a reputation for being quite stubborn, with a mischievous streak. And with a tendency to get into trouble, owners need to always pay close attention to this pooch.


Long-haired French Bulldogs are generally very alert, and will make for good watchdogs. A fluffy Frenchie won’t also hesitate to bark, in a bid to ward off intruders and warn of impending danger. And despite its small size, a long-haired Frenchie will attempt to defend its home and territory from strangers.

Are Long-Haired Frenchies Hypoallergenic? Grooming Tips For Long-Haired Frenchies

No, the long-haired frenchie is not a hypoallergenic dog breed. The Fluffy Frenchie’s medium-sized coat means it can accumulate a significant amount of allergens. And to make matters worse, Fluffy Frenchies are heavy shedders, and the presence of pooch hair everywhere may not be ideal for those with dog allergies.


The long-haired French Bulldog requires frequent brushing to keep its coat uniform and polished. And with the FURminator Undercoat Tool, you can also reach beneath the fluffy Frenchie’s top coat to trim and remove loose hair and undercoat.

This tool has innovative skin guards that ensure your fluffy Frenchie doesn’t get hurt while getting a trim. And the blade’s curved edge conforms to the pooch’s shape to provide a straightforward and comfortable cutting experience.


Due to their relatively long hair, fluffy frenchies tend to accumulate dirt and debris more; Hence, a long-haired frenchie needs the occasional bath to keep its coat clean, and to prevent the development of unsavory odors.

When the time comes to bathe your long-haired frenchie, you should do so with a quality, dog-friendly shampoo. And one product I recommend you use, is the Mighty Petz 2-In-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner.

This shampoo and conditioner from Mighty Petz is 100% formulated from safe, natural ingredients, and apart from keeping your fluffy frenchie clean, will also leave your pooch with a pleasant lavender scent.

Additional Grooming Tips

Apart from regularly brushing and bathing your long-haired Frenchie, you should also:

  • Trim your fluffy Frenchie’s nails when it is significantly long, to prevent self-injury
  • Occasionally clean your Frenchie’s facial folds with a damp cloth
  • Frequently check your fluffy Frenchie’s ears for abnormal discharge or odor

It can also help to brush your Frenchie’s teeth, a few times a week, to help maintain great oral hygiene and to minimize the possibility of dental infections.

How Much Do Long-Haired French Bulldogs Cost? Due to its extreme rarity and corresponding high demand, it may cost you anywhere from between $5,000 and $10,000 to purchase and own a fluffy French Bulldog. And the amount you’ll ultimately spend to own a long-haired Frenchie is largely influenced by the doggie’s unique appearance and health status.

What Colors Do Long-Haired French Bulldogs Come In? Long-haired French Bulldogs are generally available in at least 16 different coat colors. Of these colors, the most common fluffy Frenchie colors include whitecreamfawnbrindle, and combinations of any two of these colors. Rarer French Bulldog coat colors include bluelilacchocolate and tan, and blue merle.

Is There Such A Thing As A Long-Haired Miniature French Bulldog? Yes, long-haired miniature French bulldogs do exist! These super rare cuties can be purebred as a result of two miniature French bulldogs mating. And in the same vein, long-haired miniature French Bulldogs can also be produced by unethical breeding practices such as intentionally cross-breeding the runts of a litter.

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