Why Do Dogs Bark Excessively

Dogs communicate in a variety of ways, with barking being one of them. However, dogs bark in a wide variety of situations, and as a dog owner, your dog’s barking can sometimes leave you confused as to the reason behind their barking. So, why do dogs bark?

The main reason why dogs bark is to alert you about something. Whenever dogs perceive something to be a threat, they’ll bark to let you know that something is amiss. Dogs also bark when they are demanding something from you, or when they are very excited. There are several other reasons why dogs bark, and we will look at them in this article.

13. Your Dog Has Nothing To Do And Is Feeling Bored

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Finally, you should know that not all barking is bad. From time to time, barking may be a good thing. For instance, the dog may have heard an intruder outside, or it may be an animal scurrying past.

Either way, you should take notice and it is best for you to check it out. Your dog may very well save your life under certain circumstances. Do not punish your dog for alerting you to the presence of an intruder.

12. Demanding Something From You

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Some pet parents definitely spoil their pets. This can create big problems in the long run. If you’re going to spoil your dog, you may as well go ahead and accept the fact that they’re going to bark a lot. When your dog has you in the palm of its paw (hand), you can guarantee that you’re going to spring into action when your dog barks.

This is how your dog will trick you into giving them what they want. Be cautious about this. Do not reward bad behavior, or it will get worse.

11. Your Pooch Is Suffering From Canine Dementia

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Sometimes, your dog’s barking can also be a sign that your dog is suffering from canine cognitive dysfunction. This is usually common among senior dogs. In most cases, the barking will happen without any apparent trigger and will stop in the same manner.

If you suspect that your senior four-legged buddy is suffering from canine dementia, take them to the vet and get advice on how to keep your pooch comfortable.

10. Seeking Attention From You And People Nearby

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Many dogs absolutely love being the center of attention. Well, this is another reason for the barking. They may feel like they’re being ignored. The barking will get your attention, and that is exactly what your dog is after.

If your dog is barking and looking in your direction almost all day long, there is a good chance that you need to give them more attention. Play with your dog a little more, and they might just stop.

9. Scared Of Something

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Dogs are very similar to humans. Dogs and humans share many of the same emotions. One of the emotions that you share with your dog is fear.

Unfortunately, some dogs have phobias that can make their fear irrational and more intense. You need to find out what the fear-induced triggers are, and you need to address them immediately.

You may be able to give your dog more comfort and security with a vest as well. If the dog has severe anxiety issues, you may want to take him or her to the vet.

8. Your Pooch Wants To Play

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Dogs are very intelligent. They get accustomed to operating on a schedule. If you feed your dog every morning, there is a good chance that you’ll find them sitting around their bowl when you get up. They know that you’re going to feed them at this time.

Playtime is the same. If you play with your dog every day when you get off of work, your dog is going to remember this. Then, they’ll bark when they want to play. Give your dog a little more playtime, and you might solve this problem.

7. Protecting Their Territory

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When your dog feels like someone is invading their territory, they’ll bark to let the intruder know that they are not welcome and to warn them of impending aggression if they continue intruding on your dog’s territory.

You can tell that your dog’s barking is protective if the barking happens when there are strangers in or around your compound, or when the barking is accompanied by signs of aggression.

6. Pain Barking

It is not unusual for some dogs to bark when they are in pain. Dogs do this to communicate to you or to their pack that they are in distress.

When your dog’s barking is caused by pain, you’ll notice other signs of pain in dogs, such as more aggressive behavior, hiding, increased heart rate, and decreased desire for physical activities. If you suspect that your doggo is in pain, have them checked out by the vet.

5. Surprise Barking

If something happens suddenly and catches your dog by surprise, they will sometimes bark to communicate their surprise. In most cases of surprise barking, the bark is usually of a higher-than-normal pitch.

Examples of situations where your dog can bark out of surprise include when you sneak up on your dog when they weren’t paying attention, or when they see some quick movement in the grass, but they don’t know what caused the movement.

4. A Form Of Greeting

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Have you ever come home, and as soon as your dog hears your car pulling up the driveway, they move to the door and start barking excitedly? Does the same happen when the mailman, who’s very friendly to your dog, comes around?

Dogs will sometimes bark as a form of greeting to people they are excited to see. It is your dog’s way of saying they’re happy to see you again.

3. Your Dog Is Excited

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Dogs also bark as a way to express their happiness and excitement. For instance, when you pick up your dog’s throw balls, they know that it’s time for a game of fetch and bark to show their excitement for the upcoming activity. Similarly, when preparing for a walk, your dog will bark to show they’re excited about the walk.

Excitement barking is accompanied by other signs of happiness, such as running in circles and wagging their tail.

2. Suffering From Separation Anxiety

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It is very common for humans to get too close to their dogs. There is nothing wrong with this, but it can indeed create problems. If you never leave your dog’s side, you can pretty much guarantee that they’re going to go haywire when they’re alone.

 They’ll experience separation anxiety, and this will cause them to yelp out. Your pooch is barking with the hope that you’ll return. You may need to separate yourself from your dog a little more to get them accustomed to being alone.

1. Alerting You About Something

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When dogs are bored, they’re going to look for something to do right away. Some will chew. Others will bark. If your dog is barking nonstop, there is a good chance that they have too much energy built up. You can address this by ensuring your dog gets more exercise.

If the barking continues, you may need to take additional action. Some trainers, such as Cesar Millan, actually use bark collars for this purpose. This solution might not be right for everyone, but it is still worth considering.

Can A Dog Bark Itself To Death? No, your dog cannot bark themselves to death. However, excessive barking, such as in cases of extreme separation anxiety, can cause problems like a swollen throat, which can cause respiratory problems for your pooch. If you think that your dog’s barking is excessive, it is best to take them to the vet.

How Long Can A Dog Bark Legally? Dogs are allowed to bark legally for 10 minutes during the day and 5 minutes at night before being considered to be a nuisance. You can sue a neighbor over a barking dog if the barking is happening excessively (for more than the stipulated minutes). Suing will make the neighbors liable to fines and court summons.

How Do You Get A Dog To Shut Up? The best way to get a dog to shut up is to train them on the “quiet” command, and then use it on them whenever they are barking excessively. You can also get your dog to shut up by eliminating barking triggers. For instance, if your dog is barking because of anxiety, find ways to eliminate your dog’s anxiety.

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