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Best Bark Collars For Dogs

The best bark collar for dogs is Dogtra YS-300 Bark Collar.

It’s quite natural for dogs to bark but when they do it incessantly and become disruptive, then it’s time to stop the bothersome behavior using a dog bark collar.

When used correctly, the collar is a safe and effective way of correcting this annoying behavior. However, finding the right bark collar is not an easy task.

There are way too many types and brands of dog bark collars to choose from. In our article, we will review 8 of the best bark collars and provide you with a detailed buying guide to help you make an informed buying choice. 

Budget Conscious Pick

DogRook Dog Bark Collar

Our Top Pick

Dogtra YS-300 Bark Collar


TBI Pro Dog Bark Collar

01 Dogtra YS-300 Bark Collar

The Dogtra YS-500 is a dog bark collar for effective control over excessive dog barks. It is suitable for both large and medium-sized dogs. Its receiver comes in an ergonomic design that’s comfortable for your pooch.

This anti-bark control collar has a persistent bark indicator that automatically turns on when your canine companion barks incessantly. It uses a non-stimulating vibration mode pager to control barking.

You’ll also like the fact that the Dogtra YS-500 Bark Collar comes with Enhanced Contact Points and 7 changeable Precise Static Stimulation levels to suit your pooch’s responses. I

It has a long-lasting Lithium Polymer battery that only takes two hours to fully charge. The rechargeable battery is also replaceable. To save power, the collar automatically goes into sleep mode if your furry friend doesn’t bark for 30 seconds and only activates again when the dog starts barking persistently.

It’s a waterproof bark control collar that can withstand exposure to moisture from rain, sprinkler, or even a dip in the pool.

  • If you are looking for a high performance and comfortable canine bark collar, then you wouldn’t go wrong with the Dogtra YS-500 Bark Collar. It has a more reasonable price than the latest YS-600 model but still comes with all the key features of the higher priced version. You also get a one-year full warranty from the manufacturer for parts, labor, and accessories. The Dogtra YS-500 bark control collar works great for both medium and large sized dogs.

02 DogRook Dog Bark Collar

If the idea of shocking your dog or using citronella spray bark collars doesn’t appeal to you, then you may consider getting the DogRook Bark Collar.

This is a vibration only shock-free collar that serves as a more humane alternative to bark collars that rely on the static correction. The bark control collar comes with 7 levels of sound and vibration suitable for both small timid and large dogs.

The newly upgraded DogRook humane bark training collar has a high-quality nylon design featuring reflective stripes to give you maximum visibility. It’s also 100% water resistant and can be adjusted to comfortably fit dogs with varying weights of 11 to 110 pounds.

It has two probe sets that come in varying sizes to fit your pooch. The DogRook rechargeable collar is powered by a long-lasting 6-volt battery that’s included in the purchase. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly humane bark control canine collar for dogs of all breeds and sizes, then the DogRook Bark Collar is the best option for excessive barking.

  • This is a budget-conscious option for dog owners looking for an efficient bark control canine collar. It has everything you’d want in a humane bark collar, from 7 adjustable and comfortable vibration settings, water-resistance, and high-quality reflective nylon stripes. It is an affordable bark collar for dogs of all sizes.

03 TBI Pro Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

This is one of the most humanely designed static bark control device collars. It comes with three training modes namely beep, vibration, and shock. Shock is only used as a last resort.

Another great thing about the TBI Pro shock collar is its long-lasting battery. The battery can go for up to 14 days without charging which most users find quite a convenience.

The TBI Pro comes with upgraded smart detection features. It uses a Qualcomm Microprocessor technology for enhanced bark detection. The collar has 5 levels of adjustable sensitivity to suit your pooch. It’s a safe and gentle shock training collar for your furry friend's excessive barking. 

  • This is an affordable static shock collar with three modes; beep, vibration, and shock. It has an extremely long-lasting battery, comes with the latest detection technology, and comfortably fits dogs of all sizes.

04 PetSafe Basic Dog Bark Control Collar

The PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar is an easy to use static shock bark collar that’s quite effective in controlling your pooch’s annoying barks. It comes with six levels of static correction.

When your canine companion barks without stopping, the collar’s static correction system automatically increases to the next static level until the dog stops barking. The bark collar uses a vibration sensor to detect barking movements in the dog’s vocal cords.

It also comes with an automatic safety shut off, a waterproof design submersible up to a depth of 5 feet, and a PetSafe RFA-67 battery. It’s an adjustable collar designed to fit dogs with any neck size up to 28 inches. It also fits dogs over 8 pounds.

  • Available at almost half the price of dog bark collars with 10 static correction levels, the PetSafe Basic Bark control collar is a perfect choice for the budget conscious user. It’s a 6-level static correction with a waterproof design and an adjustable design that can fit any dog with a neck size of up to 28 inches.

05 Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe Dog Training Collar

Garmin BarkLimiter comes with Tri-Tronics technology, an intuitive electronic bark correction system. It can differentiate barking and other dog vocalization thanks to its accelerometer bark identification technology. This is a compact lightweight canine training collar that comes with a replaceable CR2 battery that can last up to 10 months.

The BarkLimiter has integrated stainless steel contact points and is quite easy to use. It doesn’t require any set up as it comes ready to go out of the box. Its Autorise feature begins bark correction at the lowest level and automatically adjusts to stop the annoying barking. The BarkLimiter has both vibration and stimulation bark correction settings.

  • If you’re looking for an effective technology-backed bark control dog collar, then you may need to look at the Garmin BarkLimiter. It’s the perfect solution for correcting obsessive and annoying barking while ignoring the usual completely ‘normal’ barking.

06 PetSafe Spray Bark Dog Collar

The PetSafe Spray Bark Dog Collar is designed to ensure that you don’t have to suffer endless dog barks from your pooch. It’s a safe anti-bark collar that gently conditions your canine companion to stop unnecessary barking using a burst of harmless citronella spray.

The anti-bark collar has a small microphone that detects your dog’s barks to trigger the burst of gentle spray. The harmless spray redirects the dog’s attention to stop it from barking.

This citronella bark collar gives 20 to 30 sprays per refill and can be adjusted to fit dogs of any size. It’s water resistant and includes a 6-volt alkaline battery.

  • The PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar is a good solution for dogs with constant barking problems. It releases a burst of harmless citronella spray whenever the dog barks unnecessarily. It’s designed to fit dogs of all sizes and weights.

07 SportDOG No Bark Collar 10R

The NoBark rechargeable collar from the SportDOG brand is a static shock bark collar that’s great for filtering out false barks and corrections.

The collar uses Silent Partner technology to differentiate your dog’s barks from other noises. It doesn’t react to other non-barking noises. It has 3 training modes and 10 static stimulation levels to give you complete control over your dog’s training.

One thing you’ll like about the SportDOG bark collar is its long-lasting battery that gives you 200 hours from a single charge. It’s also waterproof and submersible to a 25-feet depth. It’s a perfect choice if you don’t have a problem with the shock aspect of the dog trainer.

  • This is a high-quality static shock collar for anyone who is comfortable with the shock aspect of a canine training collar. However, its price range is a bit high for the average user.

08 Ruff N Ruffus Rechargeable Dog Bark Control Collar

This is a perfect dual-mode anti-bark collar designed to stop your pooch or large dog from barking and growling all the time.

You can easily set it to stop your dog’s barking using beep and vibration mode or beep, vibration, and humane mode for dogs that need a higher level of stimulation to respond. The anti-bark training collar comes with the latest Qualcomm microprocessor that ensures the collar is only activated when your pet pooch barks.

You don’t have to worry about false triggers. It has a rugged construction and waterproof rating of IPX7. It comes with a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 14 days.

  • Comes with an assortment of useful features including a smart detection chip, 3 training modes, high capacity battery, reflective stitching for better visibility, and soft nylon construction that feels comfortable around your dog’s neck.

Buyers Guide

Dog Bark Collar Buyer’s Guide

Every dog owner loves their dog but when the dogs sometimes become a problem when they won’t just stop barking at everything they see. Constant unnecessary barking is annoying not only to the dog owner but to the neighbors too.

So how do you train your pooch not to bark all the time? Well, the best solution is to use an anti-bark canine collar.

What Is A Bark Control Dog Collar?

In simple terms, a dog bark collar is a device that can detect your dog’s barking sounds and stop the behavior by delivering a negative experience such as vibration, beep, static shock, or unpleasant spray.

The canine collar goes off as soon as your dog starts barking. Modern dog bark collars are more advanced and come with sophisticated features and sensors that can differentiate sounds made by your dog from other sounds in the environment to prevent false triggers.

How The Dog Bark Collars Work

Most canine bark collars work by delivering a negative stimulant when the dog starts barking. The stimulant could be in the form of a small harmless electric shock or vibration just strong enough to remind the dog that it has done something wrong.

It can also be delivered as a warning beep that’s only audible to the dog when it starts barking. Some models use the smell deterrent method that releases a citronella spray when the dog starts barking. The unpleasant but harmless spray attracts the dog’s attention and stops the barking instantly.

Are Barking Collars Cruel To The Animal?

There are diverse opinions on whether static shock dog bark collars are safe or cruel dog training methods. For example, Michigan State University researchers have published a study that opposes the use of electric shock treatment in dog training in preference of other positive training methods.

However, if you look at these bark collars closely, you’ll realize that they are completely safe and harmless to the dogs besides providing an effective way of stopping your canine companion from unnecessary and often annoying barking.

The bark collars only use the shock remainder as a last resort after sending a beep or vibrating alert as soon as the barking is detected. They use a form of positive punishment to stop the dog from barking without necessarily hurting the animal.

Most modern bark collars even allow you to set the level of stimulation you feel is comfortable for your dog. The shock delivered is usually mild and completely harmless. It’s the kind of static shock that two humans feel when they come into close contact with each other.

Types Of Dog Bark Collars

There are many types of canine bark collars out there but the most popular versions include the following:

Electric Bark Collars

These electric versions work by delivering a small static electric shock to the dog when it starts barking. There are many types of electric shock dog barking collars with diverse features such as additional beep and vibration modes, intensity level settings, and much more. Most have a low shock level that can be increased when it’s not effective on your dog.

Citronella Spray Bark Collars

This type of anti-bark canine collar works by delivering a gentle spray of citronella as soon as your pooch starts barking. Dogs hate the smell of citronella and will stop barking as soon as they catch a whiff of the spray.

Spray bark collars are perfect for those who want to train their dogs without exposing the poor animal to electric shock or vibration. There are studies that show dogs respond better to citronella spray bark collars than an electric shock.

Ultrasonic Bark Collars

Ultrasonic bark control collars use high pitched sounds as an annoying weapon to stop the dog from barking. As soon as the dog starts barking, the collar emits a high-pitched noise that the dog associates with barking and stops the behavior completely. The sound is inaudible to humans and won’t hurt your pet pooch in any way.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Bark Collar

Here are a few things to consider when looking for the best bark collar for your dog:

The Weight & Neck Circumference Of Your Dog

The good news is that most dog bark collars outline the dog’s weight on the product description which means you won’t have a problem getting the right one for your dog’s weight.

Remember, puppies under 8 pounds shouldn’t use a bark collar.

Measure the circumference of your pooch’s neck and find a suitable collar that fits comfortably. The best option is to get a collar with an adjustable length to fit different dog breeds and sizes.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Get a bark collar with adjustable sensitivity. This ensures that your canine companion doesn’t get punished for sounds made by other dogs in the vicinity. Look for a device with multiple sensitivity settings for the best results.

Materials The Collar Is Made Of

The type of materials used in the construction plays a critical role in how comfortable the device feels to your pooch. Choose a bark collar made of soft comfortable materials such as leather, cotton, and nylon. Leather is a good material for dogs with sensitive skin because it doesn’t cause allergies.

Your Personal Budget For The Bark Collar

Dog bark collars come in a wide range of styles with different features and functionalities. Just like everything else in life, you get what you pay for but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should overspend on an expensive bark collar with features you’ll never need or use.

There are many affordable options out there such as the DogRook Bark Collar that we reviewed above.


There are many important factors to consider when shopping for the best canine bark collar such as materials, your dog’s size, type of collar, and the technology used.

Based on these factors, our clear winner is the Dogtra YS-300 Bark Collar discussed at the beginning of this article. It's the best bark collar for dogs that you can buy. 

Not only does it comes with all the key features of other high-end models, but it has a reasonable price tag too. It also comes with a full one-year warranty. It works great for both medium and large sized dogs.

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