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Why Do Dogs Get Stuck When They Mate?

Dogs get stuck because of a process known as a copulatory tie which occurs when a studโ€™s reproductive organ engorges inside a femaleโ€™s swollen and excited genitalia, making withdrawal impossible for a given period. The main reason why knotting occurs in dogs is to ensure the maleโ€™s seminal fluid stays long enough in the female to cause fertilization.

Why Do Dogs Eat Sticks?

Dogs eat sticks primarily because they are suffering from pica, an eating disorder that dogs do to seek comfort. In addition, sticks, when fractured, can cause splinters that may harm dogs in unexpected ways; hence, as a responsible dog owner, you should be fully aware of the reasons behind your dogโ€™s erratic behavior towards sticks.

Why Do Dogs Whimper?

Dogs whimper to communicate their emotional and physical needs to their parents. Depending on how intimate you are with your pup, you can always decode the most probable reason for this unusual behavior. Your dog may be excited, in pain, anxious, afraid, or need more food. Itโ€™s going to be your puzzle to unravel.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Dogs bite mainly out of the instinctive drive. Whether the instinct is to protect themselves or guide you as their flock, the habit is as much subconscious as it is intentional.

Dog Growls At Me

You have come to the right place to finally understand all, if not most, of the messages your pooch may be trying to convey through growling. Contrary to popular beliefs, growling is not always associated with negative emotions in your dog.