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Can Dogs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Despite how unusual it may seem, it is sometimes normal for dogs to sleep with their eyes open. More often than not, their eyes are only partially open and remain in this state for a few minutes before dogs fully close them. The most common reason why they may be left open while sleeping is the REM cycle of sleep.

Why Do Dogs Shake Their Fur?

For most dogs, the act of shaking their fur is done in response to some form of discomfort? It is usually physical discomfort triggered by something likeย skin irritationย but could also be due to psychological distress.

Why Do Dogs Shake Off?

The most common reason dogs shake off is to get something off their coat, whether the thing is dust or water. In addition to the numerous innocent reasons why your dog shakes off, there are a few worrying ones that you need to be aware of. One such reason is due to skin allergies.

Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds?

Regardless of age, size, and breed, all dogs scratch their beds before sleeping, be it in the morning, noon, or night. This behavior is an instinct that stems from their ancestors in the wild that is passed on to our domesticated dogs. Our dogs scratch their beds for comfort, warmth, and safety.

Why Do Dogs Put Their Paw On You?

When your dog puts its paw on you, it is trying to communicate its affection or its needs to you. We often use our hands to show our love to our furry pets by petting or giving them a good head scratch, and they learn from these gestures and use them for their benefit.