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Why Do Dogs Eat Rocks?

Dogs eat rocks for various reasons, and these reasons can be behavioral, medical, nutritional, and psychological. Some of the reasons dogs eat rocks are serious, and they may need immediate medical attention, while others you can work on. To stop your dog from eating rocks, you will need to know why your dog is eating rocks.

Can Dogs Cry Tears? Hereโ€™s Why They Can

Yes, dogs cry tears, but not in the way we humans cry when we are feeling overly emotional. Dogs have a watery discharge or tears probably because of an underlying condition in their tear ducts like an eye infection, allergies, or simply clearing out the dirt blocking their vision.ย 

Why Do Dogs Have Tails? Insights To Understanding Dog Anatomy

Tails play an important role in our dogsโ€™ anatomy and physiology, serving dogs in three ways: balance, movement, and communication. Some tails can be short, like a Pugโ€™s and a French Bulldogโ€™s, while others can be as long as that of a Golden Retriever. Some also come in straight forms or curled-up. Whatever the breed, a tail plays an important role in their daily lives.

Why Do Dogs Hate Baths?

Baths are uncomfortable for dogs because it is not the same as swimming, where they have more freedom. Yet, it is important that you bathe your dog. Therefore, you have to learn how to make your dog love to bathe. By avoiding some wrong practices and incorporating healthy ones, you can achieve them.

Can Dogs Sleepwalk?

Yes, dogs can sleepwalk, although it is not as complex as those found in humans. Some pet owners and experts think it is due to dreaming, seizures, or even a trance and not sleepwalking. But one thing we know for sure is that either sleepwalking, dreaming, or trance, it involves some neural actions that affect our furry friends while asleep.