Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs? Here’s A Trick To Make It Better!

Are you playing with your dog, and you notice them lying on their back? They must be demanding some belly rubs. Have you ever asked yourself why dogs like belly rubs and how to give them properly? We have the answer!

Dogs love belly rubs because they enjoy rubs thoroughly. The moving of hair follicles, induced by petting, scratching, and rubbing, reminds dogs of social grooming. This phenomenon sets off a reaction in their brain that is pleasurable. Among the different types of rubs, long straight rubbing motion is what dogs would definitely enjoy.

Remember, not all dogs like tummy rubs, and some might show it as a sign of submission. When showing you its belly, your dog isn’t just showing playfulness but trust in you as well. That’s why we can’t say no to some petting. This article will look at why dogs like belly rubs, how to do it right, and other linked behaviors. Stay tuned to learn more about how to rub your dog’s tummy correctly.

Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs?

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Dogs love belly rubs, most probably because of how they feel about them. Tummy scratches feel good to pooches. Since we can’t ask our pets, it’s hard to say the real reason behind the belly rub love. Belly rubs are most often a way of comforting your four-legged friend.

Since many dogs like to roll around on grass or carpet and have their fur scratched, it is probably the same with belly rubs. This means they like their hair stroked. This action is linked to social grooming and good hygiene practices wolves had before the common dog evolved.

Just imagine how you feel when someone scratches your back or other areas that are hard to reach. This feels good, just as your dog feels good when you give them tummy rubs. It’s hard for them to reach their back and belly because their necks are shorter.

Most veterinarians believe dogs like belly rubs because it’s a way of bonding for you and your dog. It gives comfort to your dog, builds trust in you, and deepens your relationship.

Therefore, regardless of whether your furry friend feels a reaction in their brains, it is key that you spend time with them and link yourself to positive emotions in your pooch’s brain.

Should You Rub Your Dog’s Belly?

If your dog shows enthusiasm during the belly rub, you definitely should rub their belly. If not, you should never force a tummy rub. Most dogs tend to enjoy their rubs, but a small number of dogs do not. If your pooch does not like scratching, you should not force affection on them. 

Here are some of the signs your dog is enjoying their belly rubs: 

  • Enthusiasm
  • Tail-wagging
  • Loose posture
  • Open eyes or half-closed
  • Open mouth
  • Silence or panting

Also, here are the signs your dog doesn’t like their belly rubbed and is showing submissive or appeasing behavior. Remember that showing their tummy doesn’t just mean they want to play.

  • Intense tail wagging or stillness
  • Tense posture
  • Closed mouth 
  • Whining
  • Wide-open eyes staring into the distance

Remember that a wagging tail is not a sign of happiness. It can also be a sign of submissive or appeasing behavior or even fear. Petting dogs that show signs like these can make them even more nervous. They can lash out at you since you want to touch their tummy or neck, the most sensitive parts of their bodies.

Therefore, learn the signs of submission, and try to see if your dog likes their petting at all. If not, don’t push them and force belly rubs. If that is the case, accept that your dog doesn’t like belly rubs, and learn other ways to show affection to them.

How To Rub Dog’s Belly Right?

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The right way to rub your dog’s belly is to choose an ideal time and place to do so. The best time is when they ask for it, roll on their backs, or during the mornings when they are most relaxed.

You can also choose a special day or playtime to rub their tummy regularly. When talking about where to do it, watch your dog’s reaction as you move around their stomach and scratch where they like it the most.

Here are additional steps on how to make the perfect belly rub for your dog:

  • Wait for your dog to ask for a belly rub.
  • Kneel next to your lying dog to easily access the belly.
  • Give belly rubs by patting, palms only, with fingernails, circular or straight rubs.
  • Stop after a few seconds and see what your dog does.
  • If they walk away, playtime is over.
  • If they stay there and demand more, proceed with the rubbing.

Remember that petting a dog is a thing of their preference regardless of dog size and age. Do not force them if they do not want to be petted or receive belly rubs.

What Is The Best Way To Rub A Dog’s Belly?

The best way to give belly rubs is to spot what your dog enjoys. First of all, you need to make sure that your dog is happy to receive belly rubs.

Do not force belly rubs on your dog, and don’t confuse submissive behavior with a wish for affection. After that, make sure you rub your dog’s belly the right way.

Scratch gently and make sure you are using the right rubbing technique, which includes: 

  • Scratching with fingernails
  • Open palm
  • Side of palm
  • Petting
  • Patting
  • Circular motions
  • Moving in a line 
  • Long motions
  • Short motions

Regardless of technique, you should only scratch your dog’s belly the way they like it. Watch for changes in behavior to know if your dog wants to end the belly rubs.

Also, if you want to know the best way to rub your dog’s belly, try different technique combinations and choose the one your dog enjoys most.

Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs Or Scratches?

Depending on your dog’s preferences, they will like either rubs or scratches on the tummy. There is no definitive answer to either rubs or scratches.

Do monitor your dog’s responses towards each action closely. From there, learn what your dog prefers to give them the best belly rub or scratch. It depends on the dog’s stomach, hair and skin, and petting preferences.

It Bad To Rub My Dog’s Belly?

No, rubbing your dog’s belly is not considered bad behavior if your dog is asking for belly rubs. If they flip over on their back with enthusiasm and a wagging tail, you should definitely rub your dog’s belly. But if they are showing signs of submissive or appeasing behavior, it is bad to pet your dog’s belly.

Remember, dogs don’t only roll over to ask for petting, but because of submission as well. In this case, if you proceed to rub their belly, it will make them even more nervous, and they can proceed to bite you. On the other hand, if your pooch wishes to be petted, there is no reason why you should not do it.

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Why Does My Dog Smile When I Rub His Belly?

Your dog has learned to smile because you have encouraged this behavior in the past. When your dog smiles, they might get extra long belly rubs. Therefore, they have learned this trick to get something out of you.

In this case, when they smile, they get belly rubs. When this behavior is done more often, you can tie this doggy smile to a real smile, since your dog is happy to get what they asked for. 

Remember that smiling is only considered positive if they do not show fangs. If the smile shows fangs or an aggressive expression, they tell you to back off. Therefore, watch what type of smile your dog is giving you.

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