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Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After A Bath?

Yes, many dogs are not fond of getting a good scrub. Once itโ€™s finished, thereโ€™s nothing in this world that can make them happier than running around and getting crazy. Itโ€™s like shouting for joy, except that our dogs do it differently, and running around like crazy is pretty normal for them.

Why Do Dogs Shake Their Bodies?

Dogs shake their bodies as a way to help them dry off. Shaking helps dogs get rid of the water on their fur in a matter of seconds. Dogs shaking after coming from the pool can do away with as much as 70% of the water in just four seconds.

Why Do Dogs Chase Cats?

Dogs chase after cats either because their natural prey drive has been triggered, as an aggressive response to stress triggers, an attempt to play with the cat, or due to the cat encroaching on the dogโ€™s perceived territory.