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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

There are several reasons why dogs eat grass. For some, eating grass is a way of making up for nutritional deficiencies. For others, eating grass allows them to ease stomach discomforts. This is especially true when your dog eats grass and poops.ย 

Why Do Dogs Run Away?

Dogs run away for various reasons, and some of these include boredom, fear, the innate desire to chase down small prey, the search for a mating partner, or simply because they just love to run and play around!

Why Do Dogs Chase Cars?

If you notice that your dog is chasing cars around the neighborhood, you can rest assured that it is a completely normal habit that many dogs have. The most common reason why dogs do this is out of pure instinct.

How To Get Dogs Unstuck Especially After Mating

Sticking together after mating is an entirely natural process, yet one of the most embarrassing moments dog owners can have. It is recommended that you avoid forcefully separating the dogs to prevent injuring your pooch. With time, both pooches will relax their genital muscles, and they can subsequently get unstuck without incident.

Can Dogs Get Sleep Apnea?

Just like humans, dogs can have sleep apnea. It is a pretty dangerous condition as it results from a partial or complete obstruction of your canine buddyโ€™s airways. In severe cases, death could even occur.