Free Online Dog Training Courses – Learn From The Experts!

Anyone who loves dogs knows that training them is essential, not only for the dog’s own well-being but for the safety of those around them. But training a dog can be expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why so many dog lovers are turning to free online courses to train their dogs.

There are dozens of free courses available, covering a wide range of subjects from basic obedience commands to more advanced topics like how to deal with aggression or separation anxiety.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the 12 best online dog training courses, along with our review of each course.

12. Potty Training By Petco

Housebreaking is super important, especially for dogs that will be spending any amount of time indoors. The last thing you want is to have to deal with potty accidents and the inevitable dog stench that is inevitably left lingering in your home.

Petco offers a very informative guide with all the details and demonstrations needed to get your pup on board. They also offer tips and tricks to make the training run smoother and yield better results including training time suggestions and tools you could use to make life easier for you.

11. Impulse Control Training By Zak George

When it comes to training your dog, there is probably nothing more important than teaching them to listen to you and do as you say. This is especially difficult when they are overstimulated or excited. In such cases, even the best-behaved dogs may disappoint in their behavior by ignoring their owners.

With Zak’s impulse control training, you will learn how to calm your dog down and get them to do as you do, especially when they are super excited.

10. Agility Training By The Agility Dog

Agility training is a fantastic way to keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated while simultaneously boosting their confidence. In this particular session from The Agility Dog, you will learn how to train your dog on pole weaving.

This is one of the most important parts of dog agility obstacle courses. And whether you are doing it professionally or for fun, the tips provided will definitely come in handy.

9. Track Training By Dog Facts

Dogs have very heightened senses from their vision to their sense of taste. However, nothing compares to the strength of their smelling senses which can make for some pretty fun times with your dog.

This simple training session will teach you how to harness this natural gift to make your dog more confident and better aware of its surroundings.

It could be very useful especially if you want your dog to go hunting with you.

8. Retrieve And Release Training By Training Positive

Dogs have a very hard time letting go of things once they bite down on them with the exception of a few retriever breeds. Retrieve and release training is therefore very important for a number of reasons. First off, it will make basic games like fetch, catch, and frisbee a lot easier.

It also makes it easier for you to reprimand your dog and regain control when they get naughty and start to chew on things in your home.

7. How To Stop Biting By McCann Dog Training

Biting can be a very annoying habit for a dog to have. This is common with retrievers and herding dog breeds and it only gets worse and more destructive as they get older. It is therefore very important to start training on how to stop this behavior as early as possible.

In this training course, you will learn not only how to stop the behavior but also how to punish your dog for doing it without traumatizing them and making things worse.

6. Bark Control Training By Rover Achiever

It is all fun and games owning a dog until you have to deal with angry neighbors or interrupted sleep because your dog just will not stop yapping. However, it is one of the easiest issues to deal with as a dog owner as you will see from this Rover Achiever training video.

For this, you will have to establish other basic commands including sit and stay. Clicker training and rewards could also make things easier for you.

5. Leash Training By Kristin Crestejo

Dogs are very easily overstimulated by new environments and can get very distracted and difficult to handle on simple walks. This includes issues like running around and leash tugging which can be very frustrating to deal with as the dog owner.

In this training video, you will learn how to keep your dog focused on the walk while also getting them to avoid pulling on the leash when they get excited.

4. Basic Obedience Training By Dog Training By Dr. Ian Dunbar

Basic commands are the foundation upon which all successful dog training is built. This establishes obedience in the dogs and makes it easier to control them when teaching more complex skills.

Dr. Dunbar has a very unique and effective approach to this with training on commands like sit and down. That way, you have a fantastic place to start training an obedient dog.

3. Crate Training By How To Train A Dream Dog

Dogs often have mixed reactions to crates. Some love the sense of security in these confined spaces. Others cannot stand the lack of freedom that comes with the spaces. It is therefore very important to train your dog so as to establish a healthy relationship with the tools that strike a balance between love and hate.

This online course teaches not only how to get your dog on board with the crate but also how to make it more comfortable and appealing for them.

2. Socialization Training By Cesar Millan

Most, if not all, dog breeds require early socialization. This is meant to help them get over anxiety from meeting new people or being in unfamiliar places. It also comes in handy when teaching dogs to get along with other pets and will definitely prevent a lot of drama down the line.

This excerpt from the legendary Cesar’s socialization DVD shows one of the most unique perspectives and effective ways to socialize a dog with aggression issues towards other dogs.

1. Attack Training By Dog Training By K9 1.Com

If you want your dog to serve the sole purpose of being a guard dog, then this is a training session that will come in handy. The trainers demonstrate how to trigger reactions from the dog so that they know how to identify dangerous individuals and act as needed.

However, this is a potentially dangerous exertion and is best left for professionals. If you must do it, start as early as possible when the dogs are smaller and therefore easier to handle.

Do You Need a Certification To Be A Dog Trainer? 

Dog training certificates are available upon completing certain vocational courses but they are not legal requirements to have as a trainer. However, some breeders, training kennels and shelters require this certification for individuals interested in training dogs on a professional level. However, some businesses just require experience and a love for the furry little babies.

What Is The Best Dog Training Certification? 

The best dog training certification comes from the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). The internationally recognized accolade requires experience training at least 100 dogs as well as 288 hours of private training sessions to qualify. It is a popular certificate among professional dog trainers in the show dog community.

What Is The First Thing You Should Train Your Puppy? 

The first thing you should teach your dog is basic commands. These include “sit”, “heal”, “come here”, and “don’t do that”. These help establish you as the alpha and make your pooch more obedient. It also lays the groundwork for other more complex skills and tricks you may want to teach them.

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