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Can Dogs Tell Time?

Yes, dogs can tell time. Much evidence has shown that dogs can tell time! It is an incredible discovery, as it opens up a new world of communication and understanding between humans and their furry friends.

Can Dogs Be Ticklish?

Yes, dogs are ticklish. Back twitches or sudden ear flicks are signs that a dog feels tickled. However, most dogs enjoy the tickling sensation, and the belly is among their favorite tickle spots.

Dog Groomers Based In El Paso, Texas

El Paso has the perfect climate for you and your pooch, with sunny days all year. It is always a good practice to groom and keep your dogโ€™s coat clean and free of mats and dirt if you intend to take it on regular adventures. A dogโ€™s coat is essential to its health because it keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. What better way to groom your dog on your own than to visit the cityโ€™s professional groomers for a session?

What Causes Ear Mites In Dogs?

The common causes of ear mites include poor hygiene, close contact with an infected animal, or exposure to contaminated bedding or other objects. In addition, some pets may be more prone to ear mites due to their genetics.

Dog Groomers Based In El Monte, California

El Monte has 37.7 days per year when the high temperature exceeds 90 ยฐF, which is approximately average compared to other parts of California. While dog grooming is not cheap, it is often worthwhile, especially during the winter and summer months in the city. Grooming your dog regularly will help its coat regulate its body temperature during the winter and summer seasons.

Dog Groomers Based In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you are looking for a dog-friendly city, Oklahoma will not disappoint you. Many establishments, including hotels and restaurants, welcome dogs, with some having special menus for pooches. Of course, you want your fur baby to look and smell at its best while enjoying the outdoors. You can achieve this by availing of the services of professional dog groomers.

Dog Groomers Based In Sandy Springs, Georgia

If you own a dog, you already know that days are happier with your pup by your side. You can always bring your dog to Sandy Springs because there are many dog-friendly places and activities. You can also take advantage of the numerous dog grooming services provided by the dog grooming salons in the city to make your dog look and feel good.

Affenpinscher VS Brussels Griffon

The Affenpinscher has its roots in Germany while the Brussels Griffon originated from Belgium. Drooling-wise, Affenpinschers are not much of a drooler, unlike the Brussels Griffon. And if you are looking for a homebody kind of a pup, Affenpinschers are your best bet since they donโ€™t have a strong wanderlust potential like what the Brussels Griffons have.