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Designer Dog Names

Exotic names such as Arcona, Fjallraven, and Ippolita are great options for your unique pup. Speaking of designer names, fashion-forward labels such as Armani, Burberry, Chanel, and Coach are just as perfect for your adorable furbaby.

Herding Dog Breeds

If what you like is a smart and highly trainable herding dog, then the Border Collie is your best bet. Theyโ€™re brainy and brawny with a lot of love to give! The German Shepherd is another sweet pal โ€“ always ready for corralling livestock. Aussie Shepherds are not far behind our top picks as theyโ€™re just as adorable as can be.

31 Calm Dog Breeds For Zen Living

Some of the most popular calm dog breeds include the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These dogs are not only gentle and loving, but they're also great with children and other pets.

24 Simple Ways To Fatten Up A Dog โ€“ Healthy Weight Gain Tips

There are many different ways to help your dog gain weight. One simple method is to add more high-calorie foods to his diet, such as fatty meats, cheese, or full-fat dairy products like whole milk and yogurt. You can also try feeding him more frequently throughout the day so that he gets a chance to eat more calories each mealtime.

Big Dog Names

When it comes to massive pups, famous characters known for their enormous build come to mind, such as Beowulf, Bigfoot, Atlas, and Chewbacca. And of course, who can ever mistake names such as Galaxy, Hulk, and Jabba for miniature creatures!

Corgi Mixes That Will Make You Go Awww

A Corgi Mix is technically a cross of between a Corgi and another dog breed, so its possibilities are endless. However, there is no denying the fact that some are cuter than others. Here are 52 of the most popular mixed breeds that includeย Pembrokeย orย Cardiganย Corgis. We will look at what makes each mix special and what you can expect for our top 3 mixes: the Dorgi, Horgi, and Corgi Inu.

Natural Laxatives For A Constipated Dog

Constipation in dogs usually manifests as irregular and infrequent passing of stool and pain while doing so. The reasons for the problem range from dietary deficiencies like insufficient water and fiber to digestive tract diseases like volvulus. Whatever the case, it is highly uncomfortable for the dog and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Best Chew-Proof (Indestructible) Dog Collars

When it comes to choosing the right collar, among the many factors influencing the decision, the material used and the safety factor are two major ones to consider. Firstly, a regular nylon or leather collar can easily be destroyed by an aggressive or determined chewer, but a double-layer nylon/polyester will fare better. Secondly, every collar should have safety features by design such that when pulled, it does not choke a dog yet secures the dog well.