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Best Chew Proof (Indestructible) Dog Collars

The best chew proof indestructible dog collar is Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar.

Is your dog one of those that love chewing collars? If yes, you’ve probably replaced collars once or several times. But you don’t need to keep spending unnecessarily on dog collars. The best chew-proof (indestructible) dog collars can save you the trouble.

Even though they will not last for eternity, chew-proof collars last longer than the ordinary brands that dog chew with ease. In this article, we present 7 chew-proof dog collars that stand the test of canine teeth.

Budget Conscious Pick

Mile High Life Water Proof Dog Collar

Our Top Pick

Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar

Readers Pick

Metal Plates Martingale Dog Collar

01 Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar

The Yunlep collar is one of the best options on the market. It is made of high quality military 1000D nylon derived from ballistic nylon, which was originally developed as protective fiber for Second World War soldiers. 

The collar’s durability is augmented by the heavy-duty and hard-to-break metal buckle. The metal hook on which you attach the leash is sturdy and can withstand your dog’s pulling. The control handle comes in handy during training or when handling your dog from close.

To enhance your dog’s comfort, Yunlep collar has a soft-padded lining in the inside. This avoids any form of irritation and makes the collar perfect for dogs with less fur. The Magic sticker on the back of the collar can hold name tags, badges, and other identity tags. All 3 available sizes (M, L, XL) are adjustable. 

  • A dog collar made from high-quality military nylon will make your dog think twice before planting his teeth into the fiber to try and chew his way out of the collar. This is even more difficult when the buckle and hook are made of heavy-duty metal impossible to break by pulling.

02 Mile High Life Water Proof Dog Collar

The Mile High Life is an easy to buckle collar and quick to put on your dog’s neck. It is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), often considered the bridge between rubber and plastic. TPU is flexible, sturdy, waterproof, and chew-proof. Its smooth texture gives your dog a soft-leather feel on the neck. 

The buckle, D-ring and the belt are lab-tested for strength and flexibility and determined to resist up to a pull force between 400 lbs to 600 lbs. Besides, the belt’s flexibility is maintained even at lower temperatures (up to -13°F). The reflective 3m band helps you keep track of your dog in the dark. 

You get this awesome collar for less than 10 bucks. You can choose from the 3 available colors and go for a fitting size for your pal (XS, S, M, L).

  • Besides being affordable, the Mile High Life collar has all you could ask for in a dog’s belt: durable TPU material, sturdy buckles and D-rings, a reflective band and a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

03 Metal Plates Martingale Dog Collar

Metal dog collars can seem uncomfortable at first sight. But if you are looking for a chew-proof option, this is it! The collar is made of high-quality chrome-plated steel, ensuring durability and giving an anti-rust finish that is healthy and feels comfortable on your dog’s skin.

The decorated metal plates are connected with 3mm link chrome hooks, adding extra resistance and durability.

It is important to measure your dog’s size when buying to ensure it fits right on the neck when closed and passes easily through the head when open. You can choose from 6 available sizes that range between 13"-15" for small and 21"-24" for x-large.

  • The chrome coated metal plates and links that make the Metal Plates Martingale dog collar are extremely chew-proof. Your dog will try to chew through but without success.

04 FDC Dog Tactical Collars

The nine-color variety of collars are made from high-quality military-grade polyamide webbing that is 1.5" wide. A double layer is sewn together to ensure the utmost sturdiness. The connecting buckles are from ITW (Illinois Tool Works), a company that makes most military equipment, giving surety of strength and durability.

The adjoining buckle and triangular metal ring can easily withstand a 350-pound pull force. The comfort handle is an added advantage when it comes to holding your dog from close. You can easily hang name tags on the rivet hole next to the FDG quality sign.

  • The FDC dog collar gives you the surety that the military-grade polyamide and the ITW connecting buckles are strong for any pull by your dog. Your dog will try in vain to chew through the material.

05 Mighty Paw Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

This dog collar is not just tough and durable but also weather-resistant. It is built with sturdy material to resist the pull of sportive dogs. The neoprene padding cushions your pet’s neck from the pressure of high-energy activities like running, swimming, and the ‘catch’ game.

Being weather-resistant also means that your active dog does not have to put up with sweat that is absorbed in the collar. The triple-reflective line allows you to keep track of your dog in the dark.

You can choose from a wide range of colors and sizes (small, medium, large, and x-large) depending on your dog’s size. 

  • The Mighty Paw is a sturdy material dog collar that is Neoprene padded in the inside, making it a suitable choice for high-activity dogs. Besides, the weatherproof feature keeps your dog from the discomfort of its sweat.

06 Pitbull Dog Collar

This is a comprehensive dog collar that takes care of the smallest and the largest dogs. Sizes will range from x-small to xxx-large. The collar is made of heavy-duty nylon and specially designed for additional sturdiness. 

The hardware is equally strong and made of healthy and non-rust stainless steel. You have a range of rivet holes into which you can adjust the width around the neck. The collar is extra wide, ranging between 1.2", 1.5", and 2.0".

  • This is the collar to go for if you do not want to risk buying a non-fitting one. It targets larger breeds and has several rivet holes where you can adjust the collar according to your dog’s neck size.

07 The Black Rhino Dog Collar

The Black Rhino comfort collar is made from tough and durable material to ensure resistance from your dog’s pulling and chewing. Each collar has a Neoprene padding in the inside that is made with a contrasting color from the one in the outside, giving it an appealing design.

The collar’s hardware is strong and can resist the strain of your dog’s pulling or vibrant activity. Two reflective lines are placed along the length of the collar on each side, helping you easily track your dog. You have a couple of rivet holes on which to adjust the size. The collar sizes range from small (11"-15") to x-large (22"-26").

  • The Black Rhino combines durability, appeal, and comfort to give your dog a collar that is strong for its pull but at the same time comfortable on his/her neck.

Buyers Guide

Best Chew Proof (Indestructible) Dog Collars Buyer’s Guide

Collars can feel uncomfortable on your dog’s neck. But they are a necessity. They serve several functions including restraining, offering protection, attaching identification info or simply for fashion. Whatever function we attach to dog collars, it is important that they are comfortable. Uncomfortable colors can make your dog want to chew his/her way out of it. Sometimes, dogs will even give a hand to fellow canines by chewing each other’s collar.

While discomfort is a major reason dogs chew collars, anxiety, boredom, and lack of attention can also lead your canine to want out of a collar. In these or other cases, chew-proof or indestructible collars become a necessity. 

Qualifying a dog collar as chew-proof or indestructible does not necessarily mean your dog will never manage to chew it. It means that these collars will give your dog a harder time and take him/her longer to destroy it. The collar is more resistible to chewing and lasts longer compared too other easily chewable collars.

For your shopping guide, comfort should be a primary quality when choosing a chew-proof collar. But this feature should be coupled with durability. Read on to understand the details of these two indispensable characteristics of chew-proof dog collars.

Image from Embark Vet


When it comes to dog collars, comfort encompasses two key characteristics: be the right fit and right material.

Right Fit

This means that your dog’s collar should not feel too tight or too loose on his/her neck. Tight collars can block your dog’s breathing and blood flow and threaten his/her life. 

Loose collars will keep moving on the neck and can cause injuries from the edge, especially when your dog pulls consistently. 

Most manufacturers will offer you a variety of sizes from which to choose. It’s always advisable to measure your dog’s neck size before making an order. Avoid standard collars since they can be a problem with dogs who have smaller heads than their necks like the Whippet and the Greyhound. Manufacturers also enhance the comfort of dog collars by making them adjustable. See as an example the Pitbull Dog Collar with its multiple rivet holes. 

Right Material

The core factor when it comes to material and comfort is how the collar feels on your dog’s neck. This can mean using material that feels soft on your pal’s neck as in the case of Mile High Life (our budget pick) or including a soft-padded lining as in the case of Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar (our top pick).

Right material may also imply the density of a double-layer collar to prevent it from digging into the dog’s skin (see the FDC Dog Tactical Collars). A 2019 study found that double-layer nylon/polyester collars reduced the mean pressure exacted on dogs’ neck when compared to single-layer collars.

Image from Embark Vet

Safe Design

Your dog’s collar design should provide safety. A collar that is not adjustable may be risky for your dog. It might become too tight on his/her neck when pulled, which may be life-threatening. Adjustable collars will allow you to make the right fit on your dog’s neck. The recommended allowance is usually space where two of your fingers can fit with ease. 

Some collars also adjust automatically. A good example is the martingale collars. These are made with a larger loop that fits the head and a smaller one that fits the neck. When your dog pulls, the larger loop tightens to prevent your dog from getting out of the collar but not so much as to choke him/her. The AKC considers Martingale collars to be safe on all dog breeds and sizes but recommends consistent supervision while your dog is wearing it. See the earlier reviewed Metal Plates Martingale Dog Collar as an example.


Durability is ensured using study material and hardware. High-quality military nylon, leather, and Thermoplastic Polyurethane are examples of sturdy dog collar material. Metal collars are also sturdy and chew-proof, even though some dog owners may be wary about using them. 

But metal is the recommended material for collar hardware. Buckles and rings made from chrome-plated steel do not only last longer than plastic but are hard to chew and withstand your dog’s pulling. An often recommended metal for dog collar hardware is from ITW since it is endowed with the strength of military equipment.


Dog collars should feel comfortable on your dog’s neck. This means that they have to be the right fit, be made of a material that feels soft and be of a design that can be easily adjusted to prevent your dog from choking or slipping out the collar.

To be indestructible and chew-proof, the collar should be made from sturdy material that could be military-grade nylon, leather, or Thermoplastic Polyurethane. Strong metal hardware reinforces the durability of your dog’s collar. 

Our top pick passes the durability test since it is made of high quality military 1000D nylon and hard-to-break metal buckles. The soft-padded lining leaves any dog feeling extremely comfortable while donning the collar.

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