Are You Looking For Child-Friendly Dog Breeds? Find The Top 23 Listed Here!

Did you know that there are around 1 million dog bites that occur in USA each year?

You will be even more surprised (and worried) when 65% to 70% of these dog bites are to young children.

The majority of these incidents (61%) take place at home or at a familiar location. It does sound scary at first, but all of these accidents can be prevented with proper research on the breed of dog which you are getting.

Dogs and humans have always shared a special bond and when there is a child in the family, this bond takes on a new meaning. It is seen in several circumstances how a dog becomes more caring and protective about the baby or the child than the family members.

Listed below are 23 breeds of dog that are absolutely tailor-made for the children in your house.

23. Beagle

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Although Beagles were originally bred to be hunters, they are undoubtedly the best breed that your child could have as company. Beagles are not too fond of smaller pets at home but are a charm with children around. This breed needs regular exercise to prevent obesity and what better way to do that than having them running behind ever enthusiastic toddlers all day!

Beagles don’t drool much and don’t shed much hair either. This makes them safer to be around children. It is, by nature, a gentle, sweet and loving breed and will care for your child unconditionally. With regular walks, exercise, routine and a predetermined diet pattern, a beagle can easily become your child’s best friend.

22. Bulldog

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Despite its fearsome appearance, a bulldog is highly affectionate and can become a family favorite in no time. As puppies, this breed is full of energy and is perfect for your children to run about and play as long as they want to. As they grow older, they become calmer and slower. This helps to gradually calm your highly active child into a more alert and attentive school-goers.

Bulldogs are average shedders and wiping them once a day can keep them clean and free from parasites and infections. This makes them low-maintenance and easier to handle. Did you know that bulldogs make great guard dogs? They acquire strong leadership skills quite easily and that makes them perfect for children to feel safe and secure when their pet is around.

21. Newfoundland

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What is better than a large, lovable dog that welcomes you eagerly when you come back home? Although Newfoundland is an essentially gigantic breed, it has a sweet disposition and could be a great companion for your child. It needs to be brushed with a hard brush, once daily and it could shed more during spring and fall.

However, this breed can be easily trained and since they are highly compatible with humans, the training process itself becomes quite enjoyable. A patient and loving breed, Newfoundland can bring immense joy to your child’s life.

20. Bull Terrier

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Both the name and the appearance of a bull terrier could be fear-inducing for your child but dog owners would unanimously agree that it is one of the best dog breeds for a house full of children. Despite being muscular, it is a gentle breed and does not injure itself while at rough play with children.

A bull terrier is a friendly, obedient, agile and fun-loving breed, thus making it your child’s potential best friend because what else could you expect from your best buddy to do? You can also involve your children in the training process to help make their pets learn calm leadership. They can do with easy and low-maintenance grooming and do not require much space to thrive.

19. Bichon Frise

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Vivacious and full of energy, a Bichon Frise is bound to make you smile with its snowy white coat and sweet nature. Although its coat would require regular grooming, this breed does not shed at all. That makes it ideal for children since they enjoy the best of both worlds.

Since it is a small breed, older children should definitely be a part of their training process to understand how it needs regular exercise and outings. They are a very playful breed and could easily become the center of attention in the family. They are also quite sensitive by nature.

18. Collie

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A smart and loving dog, a Collie is known to be ever faithful to its owners. This fluffy dog is very friendly by nature and love children. Their behavior is predictable that makes it easier to care for.

Collies are also quite loyal and sensitive. If you get a Collie home, you will highly recommend it for the easy training process. Despite the fact that they are heavy shedders, they keep themselves quite clean. They could also watch over your children since they almost always bark and protect when they get alarming signals around.

17. Vizsla

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This intelligent breed is often overlooked when it comes to choosing it as a dog for yourfamily. However, its mental capacity makes it easily trainable and thus perfect to be adopted as a pet for your child. Since this breed needs regular mental stimulation to keep up its spirits, having it around children will be its best form of mental and physical exercise.

They are also highly energetic, making them apt for your child who is always on the run. Since they were originally bred to be hunting companions, their active lifestyle will keep your child occupied and engaged for hours.

16. American Boxer

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A powerful and alert breed; this is your ultimate solution for a guardian angel. The American Boxer loves and adores humans and cares for children unconditionally.

These are high energy dogs and will require regular exercise which means more fun times with your child that gets bored easily. It is also a highly sociable which means it will need regular outings and exposure. If you have watched the movie, Homeward Bound, you would know exactly what we are talking about.

15. Irish Setter

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An Irish Setter is a picture of calmness, with its beautiful red coat, long ears and a sweet expression on its face. However, it is a very energetic dog that is also easy to train at the same time. A smart and active house pet; it is loved by children and soon becomes a family favorite.

It loves cleanliness, is intelligent and will keep your children on the go. Although it could be stubborn at times, it is mostly quite eager to please and is independent in nature.

14. Poodle

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This breed of fun-loving dogs is not only easy to maintain but also extremely cute in appearance that makes them an absolute favorite among children. They are also smart, unlike the image that we generally have of Poodles.

This small breed dog requires a good deal of exercise and a lot of socialization since they are active in nature. This is the perfect formula for children who need to stay active to keep boredom away.

13. Labrador Retriever

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TA smart, loving and easily trainable dog, Labrador Retrievers are absolute family favorites. Since Labradors thrive on activities that require insane amounts of energy, your children are bound to have a ball while playing with them. Their eagerness to please and their friendly nature will have your kids hugging them all the time. Attention should be given to their mental as well as physical development.

12. Golden Retriever

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The very sight of a Golden Retriever pup is enough to make your child squeal with delight. With a beautiful golden coat and an amiable nature, this breed loves its human companion. They are excellent at playing fetch and bringing back objects. They also obey commands and pick up new behavioral trends quite fast.

The best part about a golden retriever is the fact that they are as calm indoors as they are playful outdoors. They will keep your kids active but you need not come home to upturned furniture etc. They are easily trainable and you can actually make them learn a whole lot of activities.

11. Pit Bull Terrier

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Although they look like a monster breed, a Pit Bull Terrier is a very friendly family dog. It is a wonderful and affectionate breed and could easily be your child’s best companion. They are definitely not prone to attacking people as their reputation suggests.

What’s more, they have a high pain tolerance and that makes them easy to play with children who like it rough. The best part about having this breed at home is not requiring too much of exercise or activities. Pit Bulls are in reality human-loving, affectionate, intelligent and a mild-shedder breed.

10. Labradoodle

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Golden-Doodles or Labradoodles are a cross-breed of Labradors and Poodles. They display the best characteristics of both the breeds and are thus excellent playmates for children. The fact that they are light shedders makes them compatible for households with children.

Labradoodles can be easily groomed and is a low-maintenance breed. They are not only highly intelligent but also quite friendly at the same time. While being extremely affectionate towards children, this breed of dogs is easy to train, thus reducing your work by half.

9. Pug

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Who doesn’t fall in love with a pug? The moment you look at those eyes and that cute little face, all that you feel is a surge of love towards this velvety dollop of sweetness. Your children are bound to love this as a gift and they will do all that it requires to keep it happy and safe. They are a source of endless fun and joy for the little ones in the house.

Pugs are known to be quite affectionate towards children and they will follow your kids wherever they go. Not to mention, they require very little space to exercise and thus are perfect for families that have restricted space. They are also quite easy to groom and maintain.

8. German Shepherd

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A German Shepherd is an incredible dog and your child, as well as the entire family, will hugely benefit from having it at home. They are an extremely intelligent species and are easy to train, which is why they become family favorites right away. They pick and learn things very fast and you can actually teach them how to be around children. These traits are probably why the 46th POTUS has not one but two German shepherds.

Your children can indulge in all sorts of activities with this breed and never run out of ideas to have fun because a German Shepherd loves learning new things. What’s more, you will never have to worry about your child’s security.

7. Mastiff

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Mastiff is one of the oldest breeds of dog. Their tendency to make quick connections with humans makes them easy to adopt as pets for children. Their affectionate nature is clearly evident from their cuddly appearance and you can almost fall in love at the first sight.

As powerful as they seem, they love spending time indoors as well. This is great for places where the weather is not always quite favorable and you would rather have your children playing at home.

They are quiet, dignified and can handle even the most mischievous children.

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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The French royalty favored this breed back in their time but they are as favored now among the commoners as they were back then. Their love for kids is well-known and their adorable face speaks volumes of their highly affectionate nature.

This breed never gets enough of petting and if your children love dogs that stick to them like glue, then this is a perfect choice. They will enjoy playing games with your little ones and will also be quite easy to train.

5. Bernese Mountain Dog

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If you have a backyard large enough for a dog to play, then you could opt for a Bernese Mountain Dog that is very gentle and affectionate by nature. They are extremely fond of children and do not seem to mind the most mischievous ones too.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are also quite easy to train and groom at the same time. If you have other pet dogs at home, they will get along with them quite easily.

4. Basset Hound

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A goofy-looking dog; a basset hound can fit in with any kind of family. They are not as active as other hunting dogs and would love to curl up with your child on a lazy winter evening. This breed believes in belonging to a pack and your child will become a part of its pack.

3. Havanese

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This cute-looking breed of dog is gaining its popularity back as children’s favorite after a dry spell of a decade or so. Being highly intelligent and easy to groom, this breed will never disappoint you when it comes to keeping your children occupied.

2. Maltese

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Maltese is a breed that is apt for companionship with children. They have an energetic nature that makes children very fond of them in no time. If groomed properly, they can keep your child occupied for a long time without making your house messy. They are gentle, cute and affectionate lap dogs.

1. Mutts

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When you choose a mutt or a mixed breed from a shelter home, you are teaching your child the act of kindness. You are also, in a way, teaching them about the social responsibility that helps a good deal in the longer run.

As a general rule of thumb, always get the mid-size and the larger dogs. These are usually great for family and kids. Avoid smaller dogs, such as Chihuahuas, or anything that you can carry up with one hand.

Since adopting a rescue dog is a lifelong decision, it might be better to get a DIY dog DNA test kit to test for its exact breed composition.

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