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Dog Birthday Party Ideas

No pooch birthday will ever be complete without a cake! Bake it yourself or pick something up at a dog bakery to surprise your precious fur baby. You can also have him don the most adorable costume, so heโ€™ll look picture-perfect for his birthday photoshoot.

Fastest Dog Breeds

When it comes to running, both the Greyhound and Saluki are hard to beat. Their light and aerodynamic build gives them an impressive top speed of 45 mph to zoom past the other dogs with minimal effort. Catching up close to these speedsters is the German Shorthaired Pointer with an average speed of 43 mph.

Polydactyl Cat 101: Ultimate Guide + FAQs

What exactly is a polydactyl cat? Polydactyl cats are cats born with a congenital physical anomaly that results in these cats having more toes on their paws than normal cats. Whereas ordinary cats are born with 18 toes, polydactyl cats are born with as many as 28 toes.

Small Dog Breeds That Donโ€™t Shed

If what you want is a pooch that hardly ever sheds, the Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican hairless dog) does not disappoint. Itโ€™s pretty much the same situation with a Chinese Crested, with the exception of a few tufts of hair on the head. Or how about a low-shedding fur ball such as a Bichon Frise?

Most Obedient Dog Breeds

Golden Retrievers make dog training relatively easy-peasy because of their inherent smarts, obedience, and lovable nature. Likewise, German Shepherds and Border Collies are great for newbies because they are always eager to please their owners. And the list of these obedient and trainable dogs goes on!

Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Your cat licks you as a way of showing their affection to you. Licking is an affectionate gesture in cats, and if they love you, theyโ€™ll do the same to you. Cats also lick you as a way of bonding and socializing, as well as to groom you, but these are not the only reasons.ย 

Dog Breeds With The Shortest Lifespan

The Irish Wolfhound and the Bernese Mountain Dog are two dog breeds that possess the shortest lifespan. Following them, the Bullmastiff and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog are two other dog breeds that also possess very short lifespans.