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DIY Dog House Plans

From modern dog house plans such as a canine castle to a simple, yet cozy pallet house, we got you covered! These dog house plans are suitable for woodworking aficionados of all kinds โ€“ just read the details included to know the perfect build for you.

Heaviest Dog Breeds

The mighty Saint Bernard is one of the heaviest dog breeds on the face of the earth with a whopping 350 lbs. Not too far behind is the Newfoundland at a back-breaking weight of 260 lbs followed closely by the Bully Kutta or Pakistani Mastiff at 250 lbs.

Cat Pokemon

Mighty Solgaleo prouds himself as among the most powerful Pokemons with a close connection to the sun. Then, we have fireball-spitting Litten and โ€œLightning Pokemonโ€ Jolteon who are just as tough and fierce in their own rights.