Tabby Cat Breeds

Tabby cat breeds have beautifully patterned furs with strips, whorls, or spot markings all over their bodies. Other than their elegant looks, tabby cats often have an “M” like marking on their heads. Besides being famous for how they look, pet owners go for tabby cats because they’re known for being intelligent and affectionate. They love to cuddle with their owners and harbor strong love for them.

If you’re looking forward to adopting a tabby cat breed, we have compiled this awesome list of 34 fabulous tabby cat breeds to help you make a choice. Among all of these diverse tabby cat breeds, Maine Coon is our favorite, followed by American Shorthair and Bengal Cat breeds.

34. Maine Coon

Image from Instagram:@veenie_gram

The Maine Coon is a noticeably bigger tabby cat. This cat has a gentle temperament and can adapt to diverse environments and lifestyles.

You should expect a Maine Coon to weigh between 9 and 18 lbs, while its average height stays between 10 to 16 inches.

Main Coon features a smooth, shaggy coat that can withstand drastic weather conditions. Other than black, red, and white, there’s a diverse range of colors that can be retained by a Maine Coon. Tabby and bicolor patterns are most prevalent in Maine Coon cats.

33. American Shorthair

Image from Instagram:@ameoameoameo

The American Shorthair cat is a very affectionate, family-loving cat that’ll put you above everything else.

The weight of American Shorthair cats stays between 8 and 12 lbs. Their average life expectancy is around 15 years.

Featuring a thick and dense coat, American Shorthair fur can retain colors such as white, blue, black, cream, etc., with patterns like tortoiseshell, tabby, smoke, solid colors, etc.

32. Oriental Longhair

Image from Instagram:@dk_awesomecats

You might figure out that Oriental Longhair cat breed shows resemblance with Siamese cat breed, but they’re not connected. This breed of cats exhibits cats that “Meow” a lot. They’re good-natured and affectionate.

The Oriental Longhair cats possess long, slender bodies, covered by medium-to-long sized silky, smooth coats.

At most, an adult Oriental Longhair cat grows between 8 and 12 lbs in weight. Their life expectancy is 12 to 15 years.

31. Classic Persian Cat

Image from Instagram:@popemalone_thepersiancat

The Classic Persian tabby cat breed is believed to have originated from Oriental Persian Cat breed in the 19th century. These cats are extroverts when it comes to their personalities.

You can recognise Classic Persian cats from their long, silky hair, with red-colored tabby patches. They’re also seen in classic and mackerel patterns.

Although they’re medium-sized cats, they look large due to their voluminous furs. You can expect them to live for 10 to 15 years.

30. Cyprus Cat

Image from Instagram:@kiyotakaiwai

The Cyprus cat is a purebred cat breed that is known for being sociable, fun-loving, and active. 

The weight of a Cyprus cat measures between 8 and 16 lbs, thus regarded as a medium-sized cat.

Brushing their tabby patterned, vivid coats once a week should do the job.Cyprus cats are recommended for households with kids.

29. Dragon Li

Image from Instagram:@hectorthebear

An ancient, purebred cat breed, the Dragon Li, is also known as Li Hua, and sometimes referred to as Chinese Fox Flower.

The height of an adult Dragon Li cat ranges between 12 and 14 inches, and their weight stays between 9 and 12 lbs.

A wide range of tabby patterned colors are displayed by Dragon Li cats. They typically exhibit golden-brown colored coats with dark colored extremities and light colored abdomen.

28. Malayan Cat

Image from Instagram:@thetriomeowplus

The Malayan Cat, also nicknamed the Asian Cat, is similar to Burmese cat breed, but here you’ll find a much wider range of colors and coat patterns.Their long-haired variants are named as Tiffanies.

The weight of an adult Malayan Cat ranges between 8 and 13 lbs, and their expected lifespan is 12 to 18 years.

You’ll find them in long-to-short length coats with silky, smooth texture and exhibiting tabby color patterns.

27. Thai Cat

Image from Instagram:@tobiko.neko

Thai cats are purebred cats that were previously known as Wichienmaat or Old-Style Siamese cats. These cats are known for being playful, affectionate, and talkative.

The average weight of a Thai Cat ranges from 8 to 15 lbs, and their life expectancy is 12 to 16 years.

The coats of Thai cats are seen in several point colors namely tortie point, tortie point, and tabby point. After early socialization, they mingle well with children as well as adults.

26. Van Cat

Image from Instagram:@roadtowilderness

The Van Cat is of Turkish origin. They’re attractive looking, highly energetic, and athletic pets.

The average weight of Turkish Van Cat stays between 10 and 12 lbs. It’s life expectancy is estimated to be 13 to 17 years.

About its fur coloration, the medium length of a Van cat may come in white color with dark coloring on head and tail and occasionally on the back of its neck. It is typically referred to as the “Van pattern.”

25. European Shorthair

Image from Instagram:@balou.und.crew

The European Shorthair is regarded as the original house cat breed with its origin dating back to thousand of years ago. They’re ideal pets for novice pet owners because they can easily adapt to new environments.

The weight of an adult European Shorthair cat stays above 15 lbs, and exhibits a longevity range of 15 to 20 years.

European Shorthair displays short, straight haired fur that showcases tabby, tortoise, and solid patterns.

24. Australian Mist

Image from Instagram:@la_casa_di_aurora

The Australian Mist is a well-recognized cat breed of Australia characterized by a medium-sized body with large eyes and ears.

The weight of Australian Mist stays between 9 and 15 lbs. Their life expectancy is quite reasonable, generally living up to late teens.

The short, resilient coat of Australian Mist cats can take colors namely brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold or peach. Spotted and marbled color patterns are dominant.

23. Karelian Bobtail

Image from Instagram:@kurilian.bobtail

The Karelian Bobtail is a German-origin cat breed that’s characterized as a lively, outgoing, and muscular cat breed.

Featuring a short tail and semi-long fur, Karelian Bobtail cat can be seen in diverse solid colors as well as tabby and tortoiseshell patterns.

A Karelian Bobtail cat reaches its peak growth stage at the age of 5 years. Its coat is resilient enough to withstand regular wear and tear, but weekly grooming is still advisable.

22. LaPerm

Image from Instagram:@fauntasticworld

The LaPerm cat is known for its elegant coat colors and texture. You can describe it as a cat with a sense of humor.

An adult LaPerm cat grows between 5 to 8 lbs in weight. You can expect this cat to live for 10 to 15 years.

The bouncy, loose curled coat of the LaPerm cat breed makes it a heartthrob among pet owners. Their fur can either be of short or long, acquiring color patterns such as tabby, tortoiseshell and red color.

21. Sokoke

Image from Instagram:@dora_la_exploradora_cat

Sokoke is a relatively newer breed of cats that are known for possessing lively personalities. They’re meant to be cuddle buddies, and will demand their playtime whenever deprived of it.

The weight of an adult Sokoke cat weighs between 9 to 11 lbs, with an average lifespan of 15 years.

The Sokoke’s fur is short, thin, and flaunts brown tabby patterns. There’s little to no undercoat, and grooming is easy.

20. Pixie-Bob

Image from Instagram:@pwdandpixies

Although wildish in appearance, Pixie-Bobs are gentle-hearted cats who’ll love to become a part of your family, especially if you have kids.

On an average, Pixie-Bob measures 20 to 24 inches in height and their weight stays between 8 to 17 lbs.

The thick double coats of Pixie-Bobs make them heavy shedders. Their short-to-long sized fur has a wooly texture and comes in both tabby and mackerel patterns with diverse colors such as tawny, light gray, red, etc.

19. Javanese Cat

Image from Instagram:@miss_moneypenny_javanese_cat

The Javanese Cat is all about fun. They are all into having fun outdoors, loving the owners, and are agile as well. 

About their body size, Javanese cats are medium-size weighing between 5 and 10 lbs. You should expect the life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

You’ll find the medium-length fur of Javanese cats displaying diverse point colors such as seal-lynx point and seal-tortie point. Solid colors such as red, cream, etc. are seen coloring the face, ear, paw, and tail.

18. Toyger

Image from Instagram:@halo.briar.toygers

The Toyger is one of the newest cat breeds. It’s tiger-like appearance is the only thing that’s tigerish in this cat breed. It’s a purely domesticated cat breed.

The average weight of a Toyger cat ranges between 7 and 15 lbs, and its height can reach up to 18 inches.

The short, plush, and soft coat of the Toyger comes in a brown mackerel tabby pattern with white underside and dark markings on bright orange colored fur.

17. Cymric

Image from Instagram:@mikkydaub

Ever heard of a tailless cat? Well, now you have. The Cymric cats have no tails. The heavily boned, stocky bodies of this cat breed are medium-sized. 

The body weight of Cymric cats ranges between 8 and 12 lbs. Their longevity range is 8 to 12 lbs.

The Cymric cat has a long-haired, double coat fur. It’s seen in solid colors namely white, blue, black, red, cream, silver, tortoiseshell, bluecream, and brown as well as patterned colorings such as tortoiseshell, bicolor, tricolor/calico, tabby, ticking, smoke, and shaded.

16. American Wirehair

Image from Instagram:@richard.kate.rhh

The American Wirehair is a fun-loving, muscular, and an agile cat. This medium-sized cat is bulkier than usual.

The weight of an adult American Wirehair averages between 8 and 12 lbs, and life expectancy is 7 to 12 years.

The characteristic extra-smooth hair of American Wirehair is medium-to-short in length. The typical coat colors are white, blue, cream, red, platinum, fawn, chestnut, chinchilla, seal, silver, golden, brown, cameo, bluecream, and Tortoiseshell, seen in diverse patterns namely tortoiseshell, solid color, bicolor, tricolor, tabby, and smoke.

15. Colorpoint Shorthair

Image from Instagram:@cecil.the.little.lion

The Colorpoint Shorthair is a beautiful and intelligent tabby cat breed. Although the body is medium-sized, the tail, neck, and legs are long.

The weight of Colorpoint Shorthair ranges between 8 and 12 lbs, and their average lifespan is 8 to 12 years. 

The typical coat colors are red, cream, seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, bluecream, and lilac cream, showcasing varied patterns namely tabby and point.

14. Singapura Cat

Image from Instagram:@mofumofu_singa

The Singapura Cat is a cat breed that’s small in size but big on personality. In fact, this is the smallest of all the domestic cat breeds.

The body weight of Singapura Cat stays between 6 and 8 lbs. Its life expectancy is 11 to 15 years.

The silky, smooth coat of Singapura Cat is of short length and exhibits sepia-toned color patterns. They’re low-shedders and minor brushing once a month should suffice.

13. Somali Cat

Image from Instagram:@komakotakoyukotekoha

The Somali cats are people-loving, sociable, active, and playful. They’re medium-sized with chiseled musculature.

The body weight of the Somali cat ranges between 8 and 12 lbs, and exhibits the longevity range of 9 to 13 years.

The fur colors typically showcased by Somali cats include red, ruddy, blue, fawn, and sorrel. They possess a ticking coloration pattern. Long-sized fur of theirs has high grooming needs, otherwise they shed a lot.

12. Norwegian Forest Cat

Image from Instagram:@tackphoto

The Norwegian Forest cat breed is known for their gentle, family-loving, and affectionate temperament.

Being large-sized cats, the Norwegian Forest cats weigh 13 to 22 lbs or more. They have 12 to 16 years of lifespan.

It’s gigantic body size is complemented by long, thick, and elegant-looking body fur. Norwegian forest cat’s fur exhibits all existing colors and patterns except for chocolate, lavender, lilac, or a pointed pattern as seen in the Siamese.

11. American Curl

Image from Instagram:@mikenya0814

With its ears shaped like no other, American Curl is a gentle, people-loving, and a family friendly cat.

The American curl weights between 5 and 10 lbs. They’ve a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years.

Flaunting a long or short silky coat that can retain any color, including the exotic ones such as chocolate tortoiseshell smoke, silver patched tabby and lilac lynx point. The long-haired variety of American curl has an elegant-looking plumed tail.

10. American Bobtail

Image from Instagram:@gunner_bobtail_kitty

The American Bobtail is a cat with a golden heart. These cats love to have fun with their owners, but their energy levels usually have no parallel.

American Bobtail weighs between 8 and 13 lbs with a life expectancy of 11 to 15 years.

With a power-packed physique, tufted ears, and a short tail, the American Bobtail looks quite unique. The short-haired or long-haired double coats of this cat breed show diverse colors and patterns such as a lynx point or a sliver.

9. Oriental Shorthair

Image from Instagram:@annagor22

The Oriental Shorthair is a member of the Siamese family of cat breeds. This cat is well-known for being vocal, athletic, and intelligent.

On an average 8 to 10 lbs, is the weight of an Oriental Shorthair. It measures 18 inches in length, and has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

The Oriental Shorthand can retain diverse color combinations and patterns. There is a possibility of beyond 300 color combos.

8. Manx Cat

Image from Instagram:@juju.manx

The Manx is a happy-go-lucky cat that will cherish your companionship and bestow you with immense affection.

The body weight of a Manx cat ranges between 8 and 12 lbs, and they live for 9 to 13 years at most.

A Manx cat can either retain long-haired or short-haired fur. The fur comes with diverse colors such as white, blue, black, red, cream, silver, tortoiseshell, bluecream, brown, etc. The fur patterns typically exhibited are solid color, tortoiseshell, bicolor, tricolor, tabby, ticking, smoke, and shaded.

7. Scottish Fold

Image from Instagram:@british_shorthair_loverss

The Scottish Fold is a charming and attractive cat breed possessing a medium-sized body and a delicate tail.

An adult Scottish fold cat weighs between 8 and 12 lbs. These cats can live for 9 to 12 years of age.

About the fur texture and pattern, Scottish Fold flaunts medium, short, or long fur that retains white, blue, cream, red, sliver, cameo, etc. colors in different patterns like tabby, ticking, smoke, spots, etc.

6. Ocicat

Image from Instagram:@stormiandgigi

The Ocicat give you those wild, exotic looks, but it’s a completely domestic cat breed known for being playful and sociable.

An adult Ocicat weighs between 6 and 15 lbs. These cats can have a longevity range of 10 to 15 years.

The short-size coat of Ocicats showcases a diverse variety of tabby patterns, such as blue-spotted, lavender-spotted, cinnamon-spotted, fawn-spotted, chocolate-spotted, silver-spotted, and brown-spotted.

5. Egyptian Mau

Image from Instagram:@ellipse_mau

The Egyptian Mau is a physically fit, active and playful cat. This cat has a gentle temperament, and requires regular exercise.

An adult Egyptian Mau weighs between 8 and 12 lbs. The life expectancy of Egyptian Mau cats is 9 to 13 years.

The fur texture of Egyptian Mau is silky smooth. Its short-size fur retains silver, bronze, and smoke colors flaunting spotted and smoke patterns. They’re moderate shedders and brushing once a week should keep the shedding under control.

4. Abyssinian

Image from Instagram:@chocolat__noah

The Abyssian is one of the most popular domestic cat breeds throughout the world. These cats are easy-going and share great affection for their owners.

The weight of Abyssinian cats ranges between 8 and 12 lbs, and these cats have life expectancy of 9 to 13 years.

Abyssian cat features a short or medium sized coat which is silky in texture. The colors exhibited are rudy, red, blue, fawn, and cinnamon. Most commonly ticking pattern of coloration is seen.

3. Bengal Cat

Image from Instagram:@snickersbengalcat

The Bengal cat breed is very athletic, fun loving, and graceful. These cats give a wild appearance and have a strong musculature, making them look like jungle cats.

The height of a Bengal cat varies between 17 and 22 inches. Its weight stays between 8 and 17 lbs. Its average life expectancy is 10 to 16 years.

A soft, silky short-haired coat is seen in Bengal cats. The colors and patterns exhibited by these cats include brown tabby, seal mink tabby, black silver tabby, and seal silver lynx point.

2. Kanaani

Image from Instagram:@lokalmatadorin

The elegant-looking tabby cats of the Kanaani cat breed are very agile, playful, and smart. Given their love for athletics, this cat breed is suitable for owners with plenty of space to play around.

The long, tapering tail of Kanaani cats, with slender, muscular bodies gives them a characteristic look.

When it comes fur length and texture, they’re short-haired cats, their furs typically exhibiting pale beige and light beige colorations with horizontally or diagonally placed spots.

1. Kurilian Bobtail

Image from Instagram:@leschamans

The Kurilian Bobtail is a Russian-origin tabby cat breed. It possesses wild looks but the temperament of this cat breed is pleasant.

Kurilian Bobtail possess a short tail, and its fur length is short-to-medium throughout the body. This cat breed possesses solid as well as tabby colorations, with or without white markings.

The fur of Kurilian Bobtail tabby cats is soft, silky which doesn’t tangle easily. That’s why weekly brushing of their fur is enough.

Do All Tabby Cats Have An M? Yes, all tabby cats have a characteristic “M” on their foreheads. An ancient story relates the letter “M” with “Mau”, which means cat in ancient Egyptian, thereby denoting as the “The Mark of Mary.” Tabby cats are also known for having black stripes and different striped patterns all over the body.


Classic Tabby:

What Is The Difference Between A Mackerel Tabby And A Classic Tabby? The color pattern that tabby cats have is made up of dark stripes on a lighter backdrop. The darker sections of the “mackerel tabby” pattern are of thinner stripes rather than of thicker swirls of the “classic tabby” pattern. Besides mackerel tabby, spotted tabby is another tabby pattern to look out for.

How Much Does A Tabby Cat Cost? The cost of tabby cats varies a lot. Random tabby cat breeds can cost you as low as $100, but purebred tabbies will cost you from $700 to $1,500. Although there’s no hard and fast rule to determining the cost, the pricing of tabby cats varies drastically in different geographical regions.

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