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Best Wireless Dog Fence Systems

Best Wireless Dog Fence Systems


While having a dog at home is a wonderful thing to cherish, it is equally important to ensure that your pet is always safe, secure and happy.

Dogs are playful and active in nature – that's what makes them so lovable.

There is no denying the fact that most dogs tend to be very playful in nature and even if they do not intend to not pay heed to your orders, they often land up in trouble while playing outside, if left unsupervised for some time.

A word of caution:

Going beyond your property's boundaries is something that they absolutely love doing. However, this can invite troubles like getting attacked by other unfamiliar dogs outside, injuries or accidents from vehicles on the streets and a lot more.

You cannot possibly keep your dog indoors all the time when you are tied up with work. A dog needs to play outdoors as frequently as possible.

The solution?

You need a wireless dog fence. It is a safe and simple form of pet containment for your canine companion. The wireless dog fence keeps your dog contained within a particular area while letting him/her enjoy the freedom of being out in the open.

Simply set the boundaries and your pooch will be given a warning beep whenever it approaches these boundaries!

Comparison Table of Wireless Dog Fence Systems

BrandsPriceArea CoveredType


Up to 0.5 acres




Up to 0.3 acres




Up to 1.2 acres




Up to 0.6 acres



Our Top Pick

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is our top-rated pick and deserves its spot as the best wireless dog fence.


Let's take a closer look.

It scores a perfect 10/10 for the ease of which it can be deployed, and that is what we really liked about it.

Most wireless dog fence systems require you to manually setup the containment area.

This means that you would have to walk around your property and bury the cords underground. While this makes for a great weekend project with the kids, it might not be that feasible for time constrained pet owners.

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System does not require any of this manual work. All that this system involves is a small unit inside your home and a signal sent to your dog's collar if it tends to stray away from the specified area.

That's right. No digging or burying of the cords.

Just imagine a 90 feet invisible dome forming in all directions around your property. Your dog will be safely contained within this ‘invisible dome'.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

It is portable, does not require setting up of wires and can be easily deployed in a short span of 1-2 hours.

The system covers an impressive area of half an acre and is adequate enough for your dog to play about and stay safe at the same time. Enjoy a wireless operation as the PIF-300 makes use of radio frequency to prevent your dog from straying.


PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System


It was not an easy task finding out the best wireless dog fence because there were quite a few that were very close competitors.

Read on to find out our top-rated pick.

However, when it comes to safety, security and convenience, we were completely bowled over by the features that the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System had to offer.

It not only claims to help keep your pets happier but also lets you be rest assured of the fact that your pet is safely contained in a secure environment.

Quite simply:

All that this system involves is a small unit inside your home and a signal sent to your dog's collar if it tends to stray away from the specified area. Whether you have a puppy that is still learning to adjust to new surroundings or a fully-grown adult dog that has a number of mischievous tricks up its sleeve, this system will remind them with a tone or with static correction to stay in bounds.

You might be wondering, is it safe though?

It is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive initially but this is absolutely safe. Within a few days, your pet will get accustomed to the system and will never stray away.

Ideally, this system should be used with that are six months old or more because for this to work, they need to understand and obey simple commands like ‘sit' and ‘stay'. The system includes and operating and training guide that you can use to your full advantage. If your pet happens to stay into the warning zone, the receiver collar will send out a warning tone. If they continue to go past the specified area, the contact points are used to deliver static correction so that they come back to the safety of their environment.

Key Features

  • The system covers a wide and adjustable circular range of up to 180 feet in diameter.
  • It is a completely wireless method of containing your pet.
  • The installation is simple and easy that involves a plugging in of the transmitter and starting the training procedure.
  • Highly portable that makes it easy to carry for camping and vacation homes.
  • The system offers 5 adjustable levels of correction along with a tone-only mode.
  • The receiver is waterproof and can be used in all climates.
  • The receiver collar has a low battery indicator that will alert you beforehand.
  • The receiver sends out a warning tone that is audible enough as the pet sets foot on the boundary zone.
  • This system is recommended for pets that are above 8 pounds in weight.
  • We recommend this because it is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for all your wireless pet containment needs and makes your pet happier than you could ever imagine.

What We Like
  • Since it is wireless, there is no need to bury the wires in your yard.
  • It is portable.
  • Waterproof.
What We Didn't Like
  • Some users have reported that the boundaries tend to be inconsistent.

Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence


Coming in at the 2nd spot is the Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence.


It gives you exact control over where your wireless boundaries will be located. Simply lay the cords over the perimeter which you do not want your dog to go over, and the Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence} will do the rest.

Since safety is the number 1 concern of this brand, they have also ensured that the collars are 100% waterproof and have 5 levels of correction.

What's more:

If you have more than one dog, you can easily purchase more collars that can contain more pets in a single area.

The transmitter is designed in a way so as to create an invisible radiowave fence wirelessly. There are step-by-step instructions included in the Quick Start Guide along with the provision of 24x7 customer support system. If you have any question or need assistance, then the representatives are more than happy to help.

You will no longer have to worry about transmitter holes because the in-ground cord ensures that you get 10 times the benefits of a wireless and cordless system. The transmitter size is reduced by 1/3rd or more to give you more radius than normal wireless solutions can offer.

Oh, did we mention unlimited coverage too?

The cord can cover an area of 1/3rd of an acre and is expandable for up to 5 acres. Since additional wires and transmitters are sold separately, you can easily set up more transmitters per containment. This will help make your containment area unlimited too.

The best part?

It has a 100% refund policy if you happen to be unsatisfied with it, whether it is after 2 days of purchase or 2 years of purchase.

We recommend this because it magnifies the benefits of a wireless dog fence system by 10 times with its scope of unlimited coverage and unlimited containment area.

What We Like
  • Generous refund policy.
  • Potentially unlimited coverage, suitable for bigger estates.
What We Didn't Like
  • The battery life could be better.

Hidden Dog Fence By Sit Boo Boo



The Hidden Dog Fence By Sit Boo Boo is built with a correctional alarm that suits both big as well as small dogs. The signals can be adjusted to 5 levels and as soon as your pet steps out the safe zone, it will be warned to go back.

Did you know?

It comes along with a lifetime money back guarantee that is enough to prove its performing capability.

The dog collar is completely waterproof and this will allow your dog to play and have fun even when it is raining outside.

What's more, you do not need to worry about its durability.

The fence gives you coverage of 5 acres with 4000 feet of fence cords and if that does not cater to your needs, you can always get extra flags for added security. Unlike most wireless systems, the transmitter does not have holes so you can only expect best-in-class performance from this system.

Thanks to the wireless in-ground fence transmitter, it can be easily installed without any hassle. If you feel confused about the installation, the installation guide will help you all along. The customer support system is also available 24x7 to help you with all your queries.

We recommend this because it is designed to offer maximum protection along with all the features that will suit a regular pet at home


What We Like
  • Lifetime warranty to get free repairs.
  • Coverage is expandable and reliable.
  • Easy installation with a stepwise guide.
What We Didn't Like
  • There is no indicator for low battery.
  • The receiver is huge and works only for big pets.

PetsN'all Electronic Pet Barrier System


There is something about an invisible dog fence that enhances your dog's safety in multiple ways. It not only keeps your dog safe and secure but also allows you to contain multiple dogs in a single fence with the help of more collars.

The PetsN'all Electronic Pet Barrier System does all of that – with mixed results.

If budget permits, we would really recommend the 1st, 2nd or the 3rd option instead.

We tested the PetsN'all Electronic Pet Barrier System and it broke down within 2 weeks. It was actually quite disappointing.

The collar just stopped charging within two weeks without any warnings.Here are some additional technical information if you are keen to read more on.

The stimulus is adjusted automatically depending on the proximity of the dog to the boundary. The field width control is variable and it allows you to adjust the signal field width as and how you like to.

The system also comes along with built-in lighting protection and wire break indicators so that you can rest assured that your dog is in optimal conditions all along.

It offers up to 27,000 sq feet of coverage so that your dog has enough space to play around.

We only recommend this if budget is an issue. It might not be that reliable and could be prone to malfunction easily. Otherwise, stay out of this and consider the other wireless dog fence systems.

What We Like
  • It is the cheapest option among the 4 options.
What We Didn't Like
  • Malfunctions easily.

How We Found The Best and Reviewed Them

There are a hundred websites that can give you the same thing that we have to offer so why would you trust us alone?

We won't be exaggerating if we tell you that we are a team of experts that has been dealing with dog containment systems for a decade now and our reviews are unbiased and reliably sourced.

For your furry friend that you love to play with will always be safe in the containment that we recommend.

This is because our recommendations are based on current market trends along with reviews from caregivers, pet owners and experts in the field. We also tally our reviews with Amazon customer reviews to ensure that we don't miss out on the advantages and disadvantages mentioned by first-hand users.

After thorough research, we have come up with a review article that will cater to all your needs related to a wireless dog fence.

Buyers Guide – Wireless Dog Fence

As pet owners, we really love our canine companions.

That's why we have to look out for them and to keep them safe always.

The wireless dog fences help to keep your dog safely contained within a particular area while letting him/her enjoy the freedom of being out in the open.

However, before investing in these high-quality dog fences, you need a proper understanding of the factors that go into making a good wireless fence.

So we have come up with a buyer's guide that will help you to choose a wireless fence for your pooch to help you choose the best.

Corded Dog Fence Vs. Cordless Dog Fence

When you opt for a corded dog fence, your dog will have to wear a receiver collar. You have to either set up the wires around your fence or the perimeter specified or bury them under the ground in your yard. When your dog attempts to stray away from the safe zone, the receiver collar will send a small static shock to your dog and with time, he/she will learn to stay within the safe area.

While a corded fence has the advantage of being flexible, it carries the disadvantage of needing long hours of installation because wires are involved.

On the other hand, a cordless dog fence will only need your dog to wear a collar and a transmitter to be placed in your house. This transmitter creates a radius that is basically the area that your dog can safely play in. If your dog attempts to escape the area, it will receive a small static shock just like that in a wired fence.

A cordless dog fence offers the advantage of an easy installation with no requirement for wires to be buried or set around the perimeter.

Since more and more people are seeking convenience nowadays, the demand for cordless dog fences has gone up.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying

There are a few factors that you should consider before investing in a wireless dog fence and they are listed below.

Area Covered

The most important thing that you need to consider is the area that the transmitter of the wireless dog fence covers. You need to find out if the area mentioned caters to your need or not. Since you only have a transmitter to rely upon, the area covered is of prime importance.

While some transmitters can only cover half an acre, some others can cover up to 25 acres. The things that you should consider are the shape of the transmitter, the area in which it functions the best and whether its signals can easily pass through obstructions or not.

Always avoid setting up your transmitter in an area where there are metal fixtures or furnaces. This might limit the radius of your transmitter.

If your house has a bigger area to cover, opt for more powerful dog fences that can cover a wider area.

Installation Duration

The best part about a wireless dog fence is the fact that it can be easily set up or installed without having to dig, hammer, tie etc. It hardly takes more than a couple of hours to set up and start working.

What you need to look into is the positioning of the transmitter. Always ensure that the transmitter does not have any hindrance around it and has a 120-Volt outlet that is away from natural turbulences in weather. A transmitter that does not have a temperature below freezing point is what you should ideally opt for. Positioning the transmitter on the first floor will give you more radius to cover more area.

Additional Features

Yet another important factor is whether the features of the dog collar suit your dog or not. If you tend to have a lot of pool parties at home, you should get a waterproof dog collar. This can withstand hours of being submerged under water while a water-resistant dog collar will get damaged with long hours of submersion.

For very active canines, you definitely need a dog collar that is durable enough to withstand extreme levels of play and fun. Some collars give you the option of turning it off while your dog is still getting a hang of things so that it does not end up getting too many shocks.

Battery options are also to be considered while buying a wireless dog fence. Does the transmitter have rechargeable batteries or needs disposable ones? What suits your preferences and whether you can sustain disposables or not, are factors that you must take into consideration.

Also, consider if the dog collar uses proprietary or non-proprietary batteries. If they use proprietary batteries, it could be difficult to acquire and could also be more expensive. Non-proprietary batteries are easily available and are less expensive too.

Final Words – Let Your Dogs Roam & Play Safely

There is no denying the fact that your canine friends need exercise and that can only be attained when you let your dog roam about freely. However, it is also important to keep your pooch safe and secure so that it does not end up with injuries.

You can have irritable neighbors who do not enjoy dogs freely roaming around, you might want to protect your precious flower beds from getting ruined and you might also want to keep your dog away from the swimming pool.

All these are only possible when you have a wireless dog containment system that promises to keep your pup safe and secure. Now that we have given you a fair idea of how these systems work and the factors that go into making an effective solution for your pet needs, we can only hope that you make the best choice possible.

The idea is to have a containment system that not only caters to your needs but also completely caters to the needs of your pet. He/she should be absolutely comfortable with this system in place and should be able to get accustomed to it as early as possible.

To emphasize the idea yet again; a wireless containment solution is all about making your dog's playtime way more fun that it is at the moment and about offering you the peace of mind that you have been looking for.

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