Cat Pokemon

From dragons to canines and even felines, Pokemon characters span over 800. But if you’re a cat lover, you’re most probably most interested in the kitty pokemons – whiskers, pointy ears, claws and all. But how well do you know your cat pokemons?

Mighty Solgaleo prouds himself as among the most powerful Pokemons with a close connection to the sun. Then, we have fireball-spitting Litten and “Lightning Pokemon” Jolteon who are just as tough and fierce in their own rights.

So, if you adore kitties and are keen to learn more about these feline Pokemon monsters, let’s round them up and check out their cool super skills and powers. And yep, take a shot at trying to catch ‘em all!

32. Solgaleo

Image from Instagram:@snivygamingloser1

A lion-like feline Pokemon, Solgaleo is covered by a massive mane that looks like a crown. There are also tufts of fur on the chin and cheeks. At first glance, the mane looks like the sun but in a stylized manner.

As the character has an affinity with the sun, it is one of the most powerful Pokemon characters. It can also enter Ultra Space by creating various Ultra Wormholes. Lastly, it is famous for its signature moves called the Z-Move Searing Sunraze Smash and Sunsteel Strike.

31. Litten

Image from Instagram:@sketchycornwell_art

A black and red feline, Litten is a fire-type, solitary cat Pokemon. It has red eyes with bright yellow sclera and a small nose. The face is both black and red, and it also has cloud-like pointy fur on the cheeks, as though these are whiskers.

This Pokemon character is a little temperamental. It hides its emotions and does not prefer affection. It coughs out fireballs, which is its way of overcoming its foes.

30. Mew

Image from Instagram:@zen_sig

A pink cat Pokemon, Mew has a wide, rounded snout that matches perfectly its big blue eyes. It also has relatively short arms but a long tail that’s thin on the tip. With hair so fine and sheer, the only way to actually see it is through a microscope.

Now here’s the kicker to a rather “normal-looking” cat Pokemon: Mew possesses every Pokemon’s DNA. With this unique attribute, this allows Mew to use various attacks after learning them all – and this smart kitty excels at it!

29. Raikou

Image from Instagram:@oscassey

A massive cat, Raikou summons and uses the power of electricity. It’s a mammalian Pokemon with features resembling a Sabertooth tiger. So, definitely a feline in every way – and a large one, at that.

Because of its type of power, Raikou is typically seen during thunderstorms. This cloud-riding beast quickly paces across grasslands and sends out cries that come with shockwaves, causing the ground to tremble with its significant vibration and power.

28. Meowth

Image from Instagram:@meowth.pokemon

One of the most popular cat Pokemons, Meowth is a quadruped as a normal kitty. It has a small body with cream fur that impressively turns brown. On its head is a shiny koban gold coin, which is its famous striking feature.

With a fancy for shiny things, this feline is on the prowl at night time and picks up any sparkly objects – loose change included! It’s also capable of producing plenty of coins through Pay Day and throws coins at its opponents. Win the battle and all those glittery things are yours!

27. Absol

Image from Instagram:@journalpokemongo

While not exactly feline-confirmed, Absol does possess a cat-like facial features – a sharp chin, chiseled jaws, and exquisite almond eyes. It also lets out a kitty-like trill, which is typical of a housecat.

What’s fascinating about this character is that it appears right before horrible things occur. No wonder Absol’s strongly associated with danger and disasters. Or could it be that it’s the one causing these bad things? Who knows!

26. Luxio

Image from Instagram:@eugeniolopezwilly

A quadrupedal cat Pokemon, Luxio closely resembles either a youthful lion or lynx… Or a combination of both. Covered in blue and black wavy hair, the tuft of hair on its head gives away a lion-like appearance but with large, rounded ears that stick out.

This tough character sends out electric pulses through its sharp claws as a means of communication. But when ready to fight, it generates a million volts of powerful electricity to defeat its opponent.

25. Skitty

Image from Instagram:@titaniaeevee

A cat Pokemon from Generation III, Skitty is evidently a kitty in every way – a pink feline with smiling eyes and long, erect ears. It also has an extraordinary-looking puffy tail shaped like a balloon with needles sticking out of it.

Just like an average cat, it loves to chase anything that moves… Even its wagging tail. Sweet and adorable, Skitty is all about cuteness and charm – nothing dark or foreboding about this innocent-looking character at all!

24. Luxray

Image from Instagram:@pabloangulo798g

Luxray is a larger and more powerful version of Luxio, which it evolves from. From head to foot, this cat Pokemon appears as a mature lion with shaggy fur all over its body and a mane framing its head. On the tip of its tail is a yellow star with four points.

Luxray’s superpower is its X-ray vision, which allows it to see through walls and various objects. But since this power depends solely on electricity, Luxray needs to recharge a lot by sleeping for longer periods.

23. Purugly

Image from Instagram:@un_arceus_pokedex_

Pudgy and round, Purugly is a white feline with purple-tipped pointy ears and zigzagging whiskers. But don’t be deceived by its apparent heft; this cat Pokemon is actually quite swift when angered and can attack its opponents like nobody’s business.

This cute but fierce kitty clasps its forked tail around the waist to appear more intimidating to its opponents. It also frightens other Pokemons by barging into their nests and claiming these as his.

22. Shinx

Image from Instagram:@nickochu143

A cross between a Sphinx and a Lynx, Shinx is a cute little feline with a star for its tail. Its hair is black on the rear and blue on the front, appearing slightly like Luxio but without a mane and long and profuse tufty hair on the head.

When danger is close by, its fur gleams radiantly. This move is blinding to its opponents, allowing it to flee so quickly. It also produces electricity by contracting its muscles, which is another one of its superpowers.

21. Zangoose

Image from Instagram:@mr_y_4705

Appearing more like a cat ferret, Zangoose may not be so much of a feline but nonetheless in the same species category. This white and red-coated bipedal has thick claws that’s responsible for its signature move called “Crush Claw.”

Residing in savannas and grasslands, this cat Pokemon prefers the wilderness. It is also known to have a strong rivalry with Seviper, and they have battled for generations.

20. Purrloin

Image from Instagram:@utsunomiya_art

This purple cat Pokemon is as enchanting as can be – a tiny nose on its cream-colored muzzle, round emerald eyes, and cream hind paws, shoulders and neck. But behind all that cuteness, Purrloin is rather mischievous – and delights in its naughty stunts.

However, even when caught stealing, Purrloin is forgiven easily all because of its unfaltering charm. Its powerful attack is in its claws and never hesitates to use them when threatened.

19. Glameow

Image from Instagram:@night_fury4s

A slender kitty with its infamous spring-shaped, curled tail with a white fluffy tip, Glameow appears quite glamorous and elegant. It has enticing eyes that can emit hypnotic powers, which this cat Pokemon does not hesitate to use when the need arises.

When not fed by its trainer, Glameow can be rather spiteful. It hooks its long sharp claws on the trainer’s nose to show its anger and resentment. But when happy and content, it turns into a sweet, adorable feline that simply purrs affectionately.

18. Liepard

Image from Instagram:@pokemon_daily_pokedex

Liepard closely resembles a leopard, hence the name. It is a sleek and slender cat Pokemon with yellow-colored rosettes embellishing its purple coat. Its green eyes have some yellow markings, and it also has yellow whiskers to match its yellow underside.

Just like a leopard, his muscular Pokemon runs stealthily and strikes its opponents forcefully from behind. It can even vanish and appear out of nowhere, much to the surprise and disbelief of foes, leading to Liepard’s victorious win.

17. Litleo

Image from Instagram:@mareanie888

This leonine quadrupedal Pokemon is like a little lion/ bear-like cub with its dark brown coat, and brown paws to match its body. It also has orange tufty hair on the top of its head, like a mini-mohawk.

But don’t look now – Litleo hot-blooded and initiates fights quickly. The tiny mane generates heat, with the amount of heat depending on how tough the opponent is. Living on its own, this cat Pokemon proves to survive without the help of others and fending for his own safety.

16. Pyroar

Image from Instagram:@pokemonlove777

Another leonine, Pyroar is a massive beast with dark brown fur and long red mane framing its face. This cat Pokemon also has bright blue eyes and round ears. Everything about its facial and body features exude toughness and power.

Speaking of power, Pyroars challenges any opponent with its fiery breath that is enough to scorch one’s skin. After all, it is over 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit! Other attack moves include Overheat, Hyper Beam, and Incinerate.

15. Espurr

Image from Instagram:@yucamera_ar

Boasting of its psychic powers, Espurr is much like every cat that is supposed to possess this ability. This innocent-looking cat Pokemon resembles a Scottish fold breed with its folded ears and pale gray coat.

Although it has its powers, it is unable to have better control over it. But when used correctly, this psychic energy is enough to send any massive opponent flying!

14. Glaceon

Image from Instagram:@akira_glec

As the name implies, Glaceon looks like a cat with icicle-looking fur. It has dark eyes, pointy ears, a tiny nose, and long fur in light blue color. This feline also has some kind of a head embellishment in teal, which comes with dangling flaps.

Glaceon’s superpower is its ability to produce ice crystals in the surrounding air. Its fur also freezes and turns into sharp icicles to overcome its opponents and prey.

13. Meowstic

Image from Instagram:@abutora_art

A cat Pokemon with thick fur around the neck resembling a collar, folded ears, and two tails, Meowstic is one unique-looking character. It has a strange organ underneath the ears, which appears like eyes. It is where its superpowers come from.

When threatened by enemies, this so-called organ emits powerful psychic energy. It is so strong that it can throw any massive truck off-balance. Although Meowstic keeps the ears folded most of the time, it unleashes this powerful ability when in the midst of danger.

12. Sneasal

Image from Instagram:@givemeprimelaughter

Is it a cat or a weasel? Sneasel looks like a mash-up between both animals, with its long limbs, retractable claws, and a tail. It is capable of camouflaging itself to undertake an opponent.

Sneasel uses its close in two different ways – to climb tall trees and to scratch its foes. It is also known for its “Beat Up” signature move that enables it to communicate with teammates and overcome enemies easily.

11. Perrserker

Image from Instagram:@wolfserenade25

A bipedal cat Pokemon, Perrserker has a Meowth-like body shape. It has hardened hair on the limbs and the head, which serves as its armor. The claws are long and sharp, and these are powerful enough to serve as daggers to defeat opponents.

With its somewhat barbaric and fierce demeanor, this feline Pokemon lives for battles. Interestingly, it has a strong dislike for Persian because of their evident differences.

10. Torracat

Image from Instagram:@princeandmitty_propaganda

Torracat is known for its black and orange coat with a mini cowlick on the head. It has well-developed forelegs and three toes on each paw. The eyes are large and appear menacing with a tinge of red on the bottom of the pupils.

When Torracat is in a fine mood, the mane stands high on its end. But it stays flat when not in a good condition. Its superpower is in the bell-like, round organ on the neck, which spit scorching hot flames to defeat foes.

9. Zeraora

Image from Instagram:@hundt_art

A powerful cat Pokemon, Zeraora has black and yellow fur covering its body, face and limbs. The chest has tufts of blue hair while the head has longer, tufty hair. It also has tail-looking fur between the shoulders.

Since this creature does not naturally possess an organ to generate electricity, it collects and stores electric currents from external sources. It can defeat opponents through its electric-charged fur and high-voltage claws.

8. Delcatty

Image from Instagram:@x.missingno.x

Covered in tan-colored fur, Delcatty is a cheery kitty pokemon. Each cheek has whisker-like, pointed protrusions and there are tufts of hair on the tips of its ears. The legs are slim with small paws.

A lover of peace, Delcatty prefers to move elsewhere when threatened. It hardly succumbs to fighting and conflict. It prefers a slow and deliberate lifestyle and loves to stay in temperate and tropical forests.

7. Eevee

Image from Instagram:@ab_d.r.a.w.i.n.g.s

A combination of a cat, fox, rabbit, and dog, Eeevee is an interesting-looking Pokemon character. Among all these mammals it resembles, it looks mostly like a cat with a bushy, fox-like tail. Its body is covered in brown fur with a collar of cream-colored fur around its neck.

Its genetic structure is irregularly-shaped, which allows it to adapt easily to various habitats. Additionally, Eevee is famous for its Z-Move Extreme Evoboost ability.

6. Leafeon

Image from Instagram:@image.jmb

An elegant cat Pokemon, Leafeon is exactly what the name implies – verdant like a leaf. It has a tan-colored body and tiny green sprouts coming out of its back, legs, and chest. There are also four tiny tufts of hair on its head, which are the longest of all the hair on its body.

Leafeon’s finest ability is the grass-type attack. It is not quite powerful as this character mostly prefers to evade fights. Its ideal habitat is the forest and anywhere with clean rivers.

5. Flareon

Image from Instagram:@poke.going.places

A fire-type cat Pokemon, Flareon is one cool kitty. It is a quadrupedal creature with red-orange fur all over its body. There’s a tiny among of tufty hair on its head in bright yellow color. It also has a fluffy collar that serves a unique purpose of cooling its body down when needed.

Flareon fights its opponents by storing heat and spitting it out as fire. It prefers to remain in densely-populated areas and can hold its own against steel, ice, and grass. However, it is weak when in the water and the ground.

4. Incineroar

Image from Instagram:@thesnorlaxnapper

Incineroar is a muscular cat Pokemon with an intimidating build. Its ears are tiny yet erect, and it has a copious amount of fur on the cheeks and the rest of the face. It has a gray torso with black stripes, which is reminiscent of a typical wrestler’s outfit.

Its superpower is in the belt around its waist, which releases flames from its navel. It also throws powerful punches and kicks to overcome its opponent.

3. Jolteon

Image from Instagram:@anixolt

An electric-type feline Pokemon, Jolteon has yellow fur all over its body with a white collar of fur around the neck and fringe-like spikes on the tail. It has tiny paws and slender legs, allowing it to run fast.

Jolteon is capable of defeating enemies through its prickly fur. It contains needle-like hair that releases electricity, which is enough to kill its enemies. Because of its mood swings, Jolteon is challenging to train.

2. Persian

Image from Instagram:@sarahh_always_smiles

Sleek and slender, Persian is a fancy-looking kitty. While this feline may seem to be like just a normal cat Pokemon, it’s got more than what meets the eye. Beyond its elegant looks, Persian is a temperamental and fickle kitty. Even its trainer needs to watch out for this tough cat’s scratches!

But here’s a secret worth knowing – yank Persian by its whiskers, and it becomes docile… At least momentarily! That’s a way to get this sassy kitty to turn down its defenses.

1. Mewtwo

Image from Instagram:@f.warner_brothers

A humanoid, bipedal cat Pokemon, Mewtwo is famous for its gray body with two short horns, purple eyes and a purple tail to match. A product of science, this powerful Pokemon is commonly found in spinoffs and side games.

Interestingly, the only way to find and capture this cat Pokemon is after you’ve beaten the entire game. With its strong enigma, no wonder some Pokemon fans go through great lengths to catch this beauty – even if it comes to hacks and cheats, though not recommended!

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What Kind Of Cat Breed Is Meowth? Meowth strongly resembles a Siamese cat, which this Pokemon character was based on. The brown spots are similar to a Siamese cat’s color and pattern. However, Meowth does not have blue eyes.

Is Incineroar A Cat? Yes, it is. In fact, Incineroar is a feline with red and black fur, pointed, small ears, and bright emerald eyes. There are also whisker-like tufts of hair on the cheeks. But unlike a typical cat, Incineroar is a bipedal while most felines are quadrupeds.

Is Snorlax A Cat? Snorlax is more of a bear than a cat. It appears like a hibernating cave bear that eats a massive amount of food and then goes on a food coma and naps for a long period. Furthermore, Snorlax shares some traits with a typical sloth because of its tendency to sleep and somewhat lazy character.

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