Ollie Dog Food Review: Is It Worth It?

About Ollie Dog Food

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One of the major concerns of dog parents is finding healthy sources of nutrition for their pooches. And with the fresh dog food delivery brand, namely Ollie Dog Food, pet parents will have to worry less about finding highly nutritious, human-grade fresh food for their canine buddies.

The Ollie brand is no newbie on the pet food scene, and their products have been reviewed extensively on reputable sites such as ForbesBusiness Insider, and the Los Angeles Times. As further proof of this brand’s large following and popularity across the country, it is worth mentioning that MyOllie has over 70,000 followers on Instagram!

That said, this review article aims to explore the nutritional efficacy of Ollie food recipes, how to get started with this food product for your pooch, what sets this brand aside from other dog food products, and ultimately, whether or not Ollie Dog Food will be a great choice for your Fido.

Overview Of Ollie Dog Food

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Ollie Dog Food came to be in the year 2015, and this brand is the brainchild of dog parents – Randy Jimenez, Alex Douzet, and Gabby Slome.

Ollie’s company headquarters is located in New York, and the brand’s driving force is the formulation of food recipes designed to give our canine buddies the best nutrition possible for as long as they live.

Ollie’s fresh dog food is made and hand-packed in the United States with human-grade ingredients sourced from reputable farms across the states.

The company is in partnership with veterinary nutritionists to formulate nutritionally balanced meals that are devoid of fillers, artificial preservatives, or artificial flavors.

And even better, Ollie Dog Food is formulated to comply with canine food standards set out by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Apart from its work creating healthy dog food, the Ollie brand is also notable for its involvement in animal charity.

And the company’s regular donation of 1% of its revenue to shelters and pet rescues across the United States is a vivid example of some of the numerous charitable activities aimed at improving animal welfare that this brand is involved in.

Pros Of Ollie Dog Food

  • Fresh, human-grade ingredients
  • Rich nutrient list
  • Excellent packaging
  • Dog food delivery right at your doorstep
  • Four different recipes to choose from
  • Easy digestion
  • Packages come pre-portioned to avoid overfeeding

Cons Of Ollie Dog Food

  • Food packages take considerable time to thaw.
  • Ollie Dog Food is slightly expensive when compared to other available options.
  • Ollie Dog Food is only available for shipping within the United States.

How Does Ollie Dog Food Work?

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The Ollie Dog Food package for dogs runs on a subscription model, and it involves doggy parents entering their pup’s unique characteristics to get a specially customized meal plan and regularly scheduled deliveries.

To order Ollie Dog Food, you have to sign up via the company’s website, where you will be required to provide basic information such as:

  • The pooch’s name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Breed
  • Activity levels
  • Known food allergies

Using the information provided and an algorithm developed with the help of qualified veterinary practitioners and scientists, Ollie will subsequently proceed to recommend the ideal meal plan to suit your pup’s need, with the option to order a 2-week Ollie starter box for your canine buddy.

Ollie’s meal plans typically consist of four basic Ollie recipes available for dog parents to choose from – beef, chicken, turkey, or lamb. Each of these high-protein recipes is carefully crafted and selected to ensure your canine buddy gets a complete and nutritious diet.

When ordering, dog parents have the option of choosing any combination of the available food recipes, and if you want, you can even choose for all four recipes to be in your canine buddy’s starter pack and subsequent deliveries.

That said, regardless of whichever Ollie Dog Food combination you end up choosing for your canine buddy, the base fee – which is the price you’ll have to pay for ordering a single Ollie Dog Food recipe, without combination, and which varies according to each uniquely customized meal plan – mostly remains unchanged.

Once your pooch has finished and is satisfied with the contents of the Ollie Dog Food starter box, you’ll continue receiving regularly scheduled deliveries of fresh food right to your doorstep for as long as you remain subscribed.

Ollie’s subscription plan is considerably flexible, and you can easily pause and cancel your delivery schedule at any convenient time.

Ollie Dog Food Review

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As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are four basic Ollie Dog Food recipes to choose from – beef, lamb, turkey, chicken – and in each recipe, the major source of canine nutrition is meat-based protein.

Apart from the animal-source protein, each Ollie recipe typically contains key ingredients such as sweet potatoesrosemarypeasspinachcod liver oilcarrotsblueberrieschia seedsbutternut squash, and kale. Each of these key ingredients boasts special properties that positively impact a pooch’s overall wellbeing. 

In addition to the key ingredients, Ollie recipes also contain a host of other beneficial ingredients, which include, but are not limited to vitamin supplementscoconut oilfish oil, and green beans, just to mention a few.

Basically, each Ollie Dog Food recipe contains four key nutrients – proteinfiberfat, and moisture – with each recipe’s nutrient appropriation differing slightly from that of the other recipes.

Regardless of the nutrient percentages of each Ollie recipe, the food analysis points out that Ollie food packages typically contain a significant amount of moisture and protein, with fat and fiber also being present in small healthy amounts.

Has Ollie Dog Food Been Recalled?

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As at the time of putting this article together, and to the best of our knowledge, none of the four Ollie Dog Food recipes have ever been recalled, either by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or by the company itself.

The fact that none of Ollie’s food products have ever been recalled is a positive testament for the brand, and it shows the length the brand goes to ensure its furry customers get a safe and quality feeding option.

Regardless, it has to be said that like wet dog food products with minimal processing, recipes under the Ollie Dog Food product line are at a higher risk of suffering contamination, compared to processed dog food.

Hence, care has to be taken to properly store and preserve the Ollie food packages for your canine buddy. Also, to reduce the risk of contamination, Ollie is known to test every single batch of food they produce before sending them out for delivery.

How Long Is Ollie Dog Food Good For?

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All fresh Ollie Dog Food items arrive frozen and packed in dry ice. And even if you’re not home when the delivery arrives, this dry ice helps maintain the perfect temperature to preserve the food package before you return home.

However, once you get home and unwrap the package, you need to thaw the food package to be used to feed your pooch – this can be achieved by placing the Ollie food package in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

Once thawed, Ollie Dog Food can last for up to four days with constant refrigeration. Frozen Ollie Dog Food packages will, expectedly, last for longer periods – up to six months!

And while the thawed Ollie Dog Food package has a lower shelf life than dry kibble, we think that the benefits of feeding your canine buddy far with fresh Ollie food outweigh what you’ll get by placing your Fido on a dry diet.

Does Ollie Dog Food Smell?

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While, for obvious reasons, it is difficult to state with certainty how Ollie Dog Food smells to pooches, as far as the human nose is concerned, the Ollie Dog Food recipes smell good – almost like real, human food.

And considering the fact that most pooches can’t seem to get enough of Ollie’s meals, it is only safe to conclude that the smell of Ollie Dog Food is appealing to our canine buddies.

Who Is Ollie Dog Food For?

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Ollie Dog Food’s custom recipes are suitable for dogs of all ages, including puppies, as well as senior pooches nearing the end of their lives.

Additionally, because Ollie is specially customized to suit each dog’s individual nutritional needs, this dog food is suitable for pooches of all sizes – from the miniature Poodle to the giant Mastiff.

Also, Ollie’s natural ingredient list, devoid of fillers, makes it quite suitable for pooches with a long list of food sensitivities, although, if you have a pooch that is sensitive to specific food ingredients, it is advisable that you check with your vet before ordering this food product.

That said, Ollie Dog Food is processed and packed within the United States, and sadly, at the moment, it is available for shipping only within the country; Deliveries within the states are free and right to the customers’ doorsteps!

Comparison: Ollie Dog Food VS Nom Nom

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Having spent a considerable period examining the key features of Ollie Dog Food, let’s take a look at how this brand does against other dog food products available on the market. And what better way to do so than by comparing the Ollie Dog Food to one of its biggest competitors – Nom Nom.

Both Ollie Dog Food and Nom Nom are obviously top-tier canine food products when it comes to the inclusion of fresh, whole ingredients in their recipes, with both brands also notable for delivering custom-crafted dog food right at their customers’ doorsteps.

However, there are key differences between both brands when it comes to recipe options, customization levels, and pricing.

When it comes to recipe options, Ollie takes the edge over Nom Nom due to the inclusion of certain extra nutritional superfood ingredients. Nom Nom has an equally rich nutrient list, but Ollie’s inclusion of food ingredients such as chia seeds and rosemary in its recipes just gives this brand an added bit of nutrition.

Both Ollie and Nom Nom formulate recipes based on the provided physical characteristics of the pooch. But while Ollie is strictly subscription-based, you can purchase single meals from the sampler variety pack on the Nom Nom website, based on what you think your furry friend will like.

To make it easier to compare both dog food products, we’ve summarized some of the similarities and differences between the Ollie Dog Food and Nom Nom below.


  • Both Ollie Dog Food and Nom Nom recipes are specially customized and prepared according to the pooch’s unique characteristics provided during registration.
  • Both Ollie and Nom Nom dog foods are delivered frozen to prevent spoiling, and they can also be stored in a freezer.
  • Ollie Dog Food and Nom Nom adopt the use of high-quality fresh, human-grade ingredients in the formulation of their recipes.


  • Ollie Dog Food is only available via a subscription program, but Nom Nom dog food can be purchased and tested without necessarily having to subscribe.
  • Both brands portion food in a way that prevents overfeeding, but Nom Nom’s individual portioning system caters better to medium and large-sized dogs.
  • Ollie recipes are made and packed in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) kitchens, but Nom Nom meals, although certified USDA-compliant, aren’t prepared in USDA kitchens.

How Much Is Ollie Dog Food?

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Ollie Dog Food is subscription-based, and the actual price you’ll spend on purchasing this product for your canine buddy is hugely dependent on factors such as the meal plan you opt for, as well as your pup’s unique physical characteristics – most notably, size.

As seen on Ollie’s website, food pricing for a small dog starts at less than $4 per day.

And to provide a more detailed account of the pricing for Ollie Dog Food, we went through the motions of signing up for a 2-week starter pack for an active 5-month old, 35-pounder unneutered dog with an undefined breed and no known food allergies.

Here are the Ollie Dog Food plans available for the pooch with the aforementioned characteristics:

  • Ollie Beef Recipe: $40.50 per week with 10% discount ($45 without discount)
  • Ollie Chicken Recipe: $40.50 per week with 10% discount ($45 without discount)
  • Ollie Lamb Recipe: $40.50 per week with 10% discount ($45 without discount)
  • Ollie Turkey Recipe: $40.50 per week with 10% discount ($45 without discount)
  • All Four Recipes: $40.50 per week with 10% discount ($45 without discount)

The 2-week starter boxes for the pooch will contain 28 packs of food, with a free ‘puptainer’ and scooper, along with the promise of free shipping.

To further solidify our results and provide a clearer overview of Ollie Dog Food pricing, we went ahead to calculate meal plans for dogs with randomly generated characteristics such as weight, age, activity levels, and known allergies.

And the prices of Ollie Dog Food packages obtained are summarized below:

  • Small-sized dogs (between 10 to 20 lbs) – between $2 to $4 per day.
  • Medium-sized dogs (between 20 to 65 lbs) – between $5 to $8 per day.
  • Large-sized dogs (weighing 65 lbs and above) – between $8 to $12 per day.

Note that the figures provided above are merely estimates, and the actual amount you’ll spend to buy Ollie Dog Food for your canine buddy is dependent on the pooch’s individual characteristics.

Ollie Dog Food Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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We can go on and on about the features of the Ollie Dog Food. But without reading what customers have to say about this product, this Ollie Dog Food review is far from complete.

Craving a little more information on the quality of the Ollie Dog Food, we headed over to a reputable customer review site, Trustpilot. At the time of compiling this review, 839 overall customer ratings of the Ollie Dog Food package, as seen on Trustpilot, are summarized below:

  • Excellent – 74%
  • Great – 10%
  • Average – 6%
  • Poor – 3%
  • Bad – 7%

With an overall rating of 4.4 stars on Trustpilot and 84% of customers having either an excellent experience with the Ollie Dog Food, it is clear to see that Ollie Dog Food is providing optimum satisfaction to the majority of its user base.

Several happy dog parents have also spoken about the quality of the Ollie Dog Food product, along with the positive impacts this dog food has had on their Fido’s overall wellbeing.

One of the numerous customer reviews on Trustpilot reads, “my dog loves this food. It helps her weight stay at a steady number rather than just hard food. Her coat is shinier and less itchy. She cannot get enough of it.”

Also, as showcased on the Ollie website, several reputable publications have given glowing testimonials about Ollie Dog Food, with sites, such as Reader’s Digest and Pet Life Today, calling Ollie Dog Food the ‘best rigorously tested dog food’ with the ‘most convenient packaging.’

Is Ollie Dog Food Worth It?

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Ollie Dog Food is great for pooches because of its high-quality packaging, backed by an impressive and healthy ingredient list, with products sourced from human-grade farms.

And while Ollie Dog Food will make a great option for any dog out there, it is especially beneficial for pups with sensitive stomachs or Fidos that are picky eaters.

We find the promise of free shipping associated with each order to be particularly convenient, and if you reside within the United States, you can get meals delivered right at your doorstep!

Additionally, the fact that you can easily pause or cancel your Ollie food subscription anytime offers great flexibility. Although if you wish to avoid being automatically charged, you must remember to cancel the subscription.

That said, because it is a subscription-based service, with meals specially formulated to each pup’s individual physical and health needs, Ollie Dog Food can be relatively expensive as a long-term feeding option for dogs.

However, Ollie does offer a discount on the first purchase, which gives you the opportunity to try out the product and determine whether or not the benefits are worth the price. And if you were to ask us, we think the Ollie Dog Food package is worth trying out!

Ollie Dog Food Promotions And Discounts

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While collecting info for this Ollie Dog Food review, we also kept an eye out for discounts and promos that will be beneficial to customers. And as seen on the brand’s website, here are some of the best offers Ollie has for its customers:

  • First-time subscribers to the Ollie Dog Food service get a 20% discount off their first boxes!
  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee for the Ollie starter pack on the rare occasions that a Fido doesn’t take well to this package.

Ollie’s offer of a 20% discount on the first purchase allows customers to switch their Fido’s dietary plan at a lesser cost. And if you’re looking to try a different meal plan for your canine buddy at a reduced price, Ollie’s 20% discount offer makes that achievable.

Where To Sign Up For Ollie Dog Food

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Since it is a subscription-based service, you can get Ollie Dog Food for your canine buddy by registering on the company’s website, a process that involves providing your pup’s unique characteristics.

Once registered, you’ll receive a starter box that contains two weeks’ worth of freshly cooked dog food, after which you’ll be sent regularly scheduled deliveries of fresh dog food directly to the address provided during registration!


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Can You Refreeze Ollie Dog Food?

Yes, you can refreeze Ollie Dog Food. Each food packet comes completely prepared, and all you have to do is stash it in the fridge. When it is time to eat, bring it out to thaw before feeding your pooch the recommended amount.

Should I Consult My Vet Before Feeding My Dog Ollie?

Ollie food recipes are designed to be AAFCO-compliant; Hence, if you have an otherwise healthy dog, you don’t necessarily have to consult a vet before feeding Fido with Ollie.

If, however, your canine buddy has underlying health issues or a history of allergic reactions, it is in the pooch’s best interest to consult a vet before feeding it with Ollie.

Can You Pause Or Cancel Ollie Subscription At Any Time?

You can cancel your Ollie subscription at any time by accessing your user accounthowever, you should note that canceling your Ollie subscription simply prevents auto-renewal of the service, and this cancellation doesn’t apply to orders that have already been placed.

How To Contact Ollie Dog Food

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For inquiries unrelated to this Ollie Dog Food review, you can contact the company via:

Phone Number: (844) 886-5543

Email Address: caninecare@myollie.com

Physical Address: 3495 Lakeside Drive #1089, Reno, NV 89509, USA

Social Media Platforms:

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