DIY Dog House Plans

Everyone needs a private space – even your pooch. And what better way to give dear Fido some privacy than by building him his very own home! Now, all you need are dog house plans to spark the creativity in you.

From modern dog house plans such as a canine castle to a simple, yet cozy pallet house, we got you covered! These dog house plans are suitable for woodworking aficionados of all kinds – just read the details included to know the perfect build for you.

Have a look at our 47 dog house plans below. Complete with instructions and a sneak peek on what to expect from these houses, you’ll figure out the right option for your pooch.

47. Dog Castle

Image from Imgur:@jetlink1983

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Jet Link

Spoil little Fido to bits with this awe-inspiring dog castle. Why just give a house to your pet when you can present to him a castle, right?

This charming mansion is great for outdoor use because of how big it is. But if you have plenty of space indoors, you can set it up there for better protection from the chilly weather.

46. Ultra Spacious Dog House

Image from DIY Cozy Home

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: DIY Cozy Home

It’s roomy, cozy, and sturdy. What’s not to love about this ultra-spacious house for dogs? If you have large dog breeds, this is a fantastic choice because of the wide outdoor space and roomy interior it’s got.

At first glance, this project may seem intimidating for the novice woodworker. But with some help from the instructions, you can definitely get it done.

45. Recycled Wood A-Frame Dog House

Image from 99 Pallets

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: 99 Pallets

Got a bunch of scrap pallets lying around the yard or garage? If so, then you can put them to good use by making this cute A-frame dog house. It’s an eco-friendly design, which is perfect for environmentally-conscious folks out there.

No prior experience making a dog house? Not a problem – this A-frame pooch house is beginner-friendly and easy to make. You should knock this one out in no time!

44. Dog House With A Porch

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Emit Salazar

Give your pooch some love by building him this adorable dog house with a porch. It’s excellent for any dog breed, whatever size he may be. There’s a decent lounging space for those lazy days, and we also like the ample coverage added in to keep your pet cozy inside.

This house also has a window for ventilation, which is a must-have during hot months. And with the locking caster wheels added in at the bottom, you can easily move it around during clean up times.

43. Crooked DIY Dog House

Image from Ana White

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Ana White

If you think your eyes are playing tricks on you… Nope, this dog house is really crooked but intentionally. It’s super cute and the crookedness adds a unique charm to the aesthetics while making sure your pooch stays comfy inside.

Another thing that’s cool about this house is that it’s scalable. Adjust it to whatever size you want to suit your canine’s needs, and it works perfectly well. Oh, and since it’s really supposed to be crooked, no one can accuse you of screwing it up!

42. DIY Dog House With Deck

Image from Jen Woodhouse

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Jen Woodhouse

Here’s a lovely little mansion for your beloved pooch. It’s got a deck, a roomy toy storage, and built-in bowls all in one space! The deck is absolutely lounge-worthy, giving your pet unobstructed views each time.

Made of plywood, this dog house is sturdy. It’s also great for newbies trying to get their feet wet on basic carpentry because it’s just so easy to make.

41. Pallet Kennel With Sun Deck

Image from Instructables

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Instructables

Spoil your pet silly with this charming pallet kennel with a built-in sun deck. It’s the perfect dog house for larger breeds since the sturdy and spacious roof can support their weight perfectly. Husky dog house plans, anyone? Here’s a great design for you!

This is a relatively cheap house to make since it’s made of pallets. Just add some roofing felt for waterproofing purposes, and it should be able to withstand the rain.

40. Ranch Style Dog House Plan

Image from Instructables

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Sunset

Here’s a fancy-schmancy doggie house that your pooch will fall in love with. It’s got a rustic feel to it, thanks to the Redwood lattice battens combined with a shed roof to complete the ranch-y look.

We urge you to try your hand at this bad boy because not only is it easy to make but its cuteness will surely grace your yard or front porch – wherever you choose to set up this mini pupper hacienda!

39. Metal Roof Puppy House

Image from notadeckofcards

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Notadeckofcards

Need an indoor dog house for little Fido? This metal roof house got him covered! It’s great for any size of dog, and you can even set it outdoors or indoors depending on your pet’s preference.

The corrugated iron roof makes it look like a tiny house instead of a puppy kennel. Plus, it makes the roof sturdy and waterproof too.

38. Dog House With A Porch Light

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Modern Builds

How about something fun and creative for a dog house (not that the others in the list aren’t!)? This canine house is simply adorable and suitable for a smaller pooch. And with the porch light added in, this gives this abode some character.

Crafted from pallet wood, plywood and a pack of Cedar shingles for the roofing, this cute little mansion is plenty good-looking. Anyone can whip this one up – pro woodworker or not!

37. Puppy Camper Dog House

Image from The Bark

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: The Bark

How about a camper house for your pupper? This puppy camper dog house is super cute and perfect for those who have a liking to old school RVs. It’s a little tight, so this tiny abode is more suited to smaller canines.

Is it easy to make? You bet it is! With just a few scrap materials, you can recreate a camper look for your pup’s house… But a miniature version. If this cutie strikes your fancy, then go ahead and check it out!

36. Insulated A-Frame Dog House

Image from Instructables

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Instructables

Great for places that get a lot of sun, snow, and anything in between, this insulated dog house is pretty cheap, too. In fact, you only have to shell out somewhere around $75, and you can go right ahead to build this beauty.

The design is created with a 9-foot height, which makes it ideal for small to medium-sized canines. We don’t recommend it, however, for bigger pooches. You will have to check out large dog house plans for that, which we have somewhere down on this list.

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Instructables

For pet owners who are always on the go, this mobile dog house is a great option. There are wheels attached on the base, which makes it easy to move around. 

Don’t get us wrong – even if it looks lightweight (and it is) this house is anything but flimsy. It’s the kind of doggie house that should last for a long time.

35. Tropical Dog House

Image from iwanebe

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Iwanebe

Gilligan’s Island fans may want to try their hand out on building this tropical dog house. It’s got some authentic tropical feel going on, thanks to the bamboo used for it. Plus, this sustainable material is lightweight and easy to find, too.

Perfect for those who live in areas that get a lot of rain and sunshine, this pup home will keep your pet nice and cool during the hot summers and warm and dry in the rain. And when the weather permits, there’s a decent lounge area at the front of the dog house.

34. Mobile Dog House

Image from Instructables

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Instructables

For pet owners who are always on the go, this mobile dog house is a great option. There are wheels attached on the base, which makes it easy to move around. 

Don’t get us wrong – even if it looks lightweight (and it is) this house is anything but flimsy. It’s the kind of doggie house that should last for a long time.

33. Cottage Style Dog House

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Instructables

Are you a sucker for cottage style homes? If you live in one or you love one, then this cottage style dog house is perfect for dear Fido. It’s well-insulated and with ample ventilation, making it perfect for those hot or chilly days.

Do take note that this house may be a bit more difficult to navigate around for a novice woodworker. So, if this is you, be sure to commission a pro to help you create this lovely pooch home.

32. Indoor Dog Kennel End Table

Image from Ana White

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Ana White

An end table that doubles as a kennel? Now, that’s pretty creative. This kennel end table is obviously suitable for indoors, giving your pooch a cozy spot when he doesn’t feel like being on your lap while watching TV.

It’s a great space for small dogs – plus, it’s relatively quick to make. Beginner woodworking aficionados can definitely make one in a few hours.

31. Log Cabin Dog House

Image from DIY Network

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: DIY Network

This is hands down one of the coolest dog house plans on this list. And best of all, it comes with a free step-by-step guide, so you can build one up yourself.

Your pooch will love the cozy lounging space with excellent coverage from various elements. And when the weather is chilly, the insulating timbers should keep him warm and cozy.

30. Farmhouse Dog House

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Wabi Sab – E

It may look pretty basic but this dog house is nonetheless a fine retreat for your canine. It even comes with a one-size-fits-all house plan, which allows you to scale it to match your dog – small, big, or anything in between.

There’s a large opening to this house, but you can always add a dog door flap or a wind-blocking cover if you live in a region that gets cooler temps. So, if you’re all set to build this adorable pup retreat, go ahead and check out the instructions.

29. Dog House With Rooftop Deck

Image from iPupster

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Home Depot

Chic and classy, this pup house with a rooftop is definitely a looker. It offers a cool twist on the traditional dog house design. And yep, it’s got some fun add-ons to personalize the overall look!

If you’re okay with stretching your budget a bit for a dog house, then don’t think twice about taking on this project. It’s super cute, cozy, and ideal for the cool or warm weather.

28. The Dog Mansion

Image from Instructables

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Instructables

Nope, it’s not that kind of mansion. So, don’t get worried about having to dig deep into your pockets to build this abode. It’s actually relatively inexpensive, easy, and quick to make.

The instructions are fairly simple and straightforward, which makes it suitable for newbie woodworkers with a little guidance from an expert

27. East Fork Free Dog House

Image from Ana White

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Ana White

It’s impossible to not fall in love with the rustic charm of this dog house. It’s great for any dog size and can be placed indoors or outdoors. Up to you!

But beyond the beauty of this dog house plan, there’s something else to adore about it: It’s eco-friendly. You can recreate this awe-inspiring masterpiece by salvaging old pieces of wood and pallets.

26. Simple A Frame House

Image from HGTV

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: HGTV

Are you a first-timer at woodworking? Then here’s a fun project to help you get your feet wet. This simple A-Frame house is pretty basic but still just as pretty as the other ones on the list.

This is one of the easiest dog house plans to follow because of the comprehensive step-by-step guide. In no time, your pup should find his way inside this cozy retreat.

25. Breezy Dog House 

Image from Shanty-2-Chic

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Shanty-2-Chic

Not a dog house for areas that get a lot of rain and snow, this fancy retreat is more of a fair-weather lounge area for little Fido. But we do recommend it as a quick escape from the torturous summer’s heat.

Since it’s pretty simple to make, expect to whip it up in just a few hours. You can even turn this into a fun weekend project!

24. 1,000-Year Dog House

Image from Instructables

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Instructables

Have you ever daydreamed about living in an igloo? Well, this 1,000-year dog house is your chance to turn that dream into reality for your pooch! It has that familiar igloo shape and a frame made of wire to keep it nice and sturdy.

Preppers will find this dog house design quite awesome because of how secure it is. It’s actually a bit over the top because the dog house is crafted from cement, so your pet should stay safe even amidst natural disasters.

23. DIY Concrete Dog House

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Homemade Modern

Another dog house made of concrete, this modern dog house is sturdy and long-lasting. It’s the kind of retreat that’s perfect for folks who live in very cold climates because of the ultra-insulating feature of concrete.

Since there is not a lot of woodworking required for this project, this should be suitable for beginners. However, you need to make sure the frame is stable. After all, with a hundred pounds of concrete over your pooch, you wouldn’t want all that weight squashing him, right?

22. Dog House Under The Stairs

Image from Eastward Homes

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Eastwood Homes

You want to give your pooch his own, private space… Just not outside. So what’s the best solution for that? A dog house under the stairs!

If your home has this kind of set-up, then it’s totally possible to create this kind of retreat for your pooch. With simple materials and easy techniques, you can build this cozy abode without any problem.

21. The Rounded Modern Dog House

Image from DIY Network

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: DIY Network

Tired of the usual dog house plans? Then, this rounded pooch house is perfect to change things up a bit. Plus, this mushroom-looking doggie retreat only requires simple, sustainable materials, making it a fairly inexpensive project to delve into.

If you’re a first-timer in woodworking, here’s a fun initiation for you. And yes, the detailed instructions provided are as simple as A-B-C.

20. Pagoda Style Dog House

Image from DIY Network

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: DIY Network

Continuing with our list of unique dog house plans, the Pagoda Style canine home is truly a head-turner. It’s super cute, very cozy, and an excellent retreat for your beloved pet.

Just one word for you – it’s not a beginner-friendly project. So, you may want to tag an expert woodworking to help you out with this one. Totally worth it, though!

19. Whimsical Dog House

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Craft Klatch

Who says dog house plans have to be dull and basic? This whimsical dog house takes it a few steps further with its classy playhouse vibe. With ornate decor and beach-inspired embellishments, this house looks like something out of a magazine.

It’s the perfect house design for folks who are fond of vibrant colors and artsy designs. And if special and unique are what you want, then this dog house design fits the bill.

18. Doggy Door Dog House

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Single Girl’s DIY

Got a homebuddy type of a pooch? If so, why not make him this doggy door dog house? It’s the perfect combo for canines who spend about 90% of the time indoors but like to go out occasionally. Since it’s hooked on to the dog door, little Fido can get inside the dog house in seconds.

The steps to build this dog house plan is fairly simple. You can also add some finishing touches to personalize your pet’s humble abode.

17. Large Dog House

Image from My Outdoor Plans

Large Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: My Outdoor Plans

Searching for large dog house plans for your massive canine? Then this project’s for you! It’s a bit tougher to make than small dog houses mainly because of the size but hey, it’s nothing that you cannot tackle with a little help from friends and this step-by-step tutorial.

The directions are pretty straightforward but be sure to have all the tools on hand. With basic woodworking know-how, you can knock this project out for sure.

16. Tiny Home Dog House 

Image from Little Things

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Little Things

Fancy building your canine a tiny home? If you’re a tiny home aficionado yourself, then this dog house plan is for you. It’s perfect for all types of pooches – small, medium, large. Just adjust the measurements indicated in the details, and you’re good to go.

Cozy, roomy, and stylish, this dog house design simply rocks our world. And we’re pretty sure yours, too!

15. Simple Dog House Plan

Image from Build Eazy

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Build Eazy

For those who want simple dog house plans with a bit of pizzazz, this one should be a good choice. It’s leaning more towards minimalism, yet not short of style. 

The materials list, building instructions, pro tips, and blueprints are all laid out for you. It should be easy-peasy to build this one out.

14. Wooden Dog House

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Dear Lillie Studio

Do you want to give your dog the cutest little hacienda on the block? Then, this wooden dog house plan should get you started. It’s got the most adorable windows (with shutters, mind you!) and cedar shingles for a modern vibe.

It’s an excellent house design for folks in any climate type, as long as there’s some shade to protect the roof from constantly getting soaked in the rain.

13. Small Dog House Plans

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: My Outdoor Plans

Next up in our list of dog house plans is this small, yet spacious canine home. It features a large opening and a sturdy frame, so it should be quick and easy for your pet to get in and out. 

With the right tools, you can turn this house into an all-weather doggie retreat. Swap the materials with pressure-treated lumber and weather-proof ones, and it should keep your pet cozy inside all the time.

12. Extra Large Dog House Plans

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: How to Specialist

Looking to give your noble giant a space of his own? If you’ve been racking your brain for extra large dog house plans, then here it is! Using simple materials for a very large dog breed’s home, you should whip up this project without any hassle.

To reduce the cost of materials, you can use some old pallets lying around the yard and add some weatherproofing to the roof. Check out the details to get you started!

11. Geometric Dog House

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Homemade Modern

How about building your pooch a geometric dog house? Why not, right? This house plan is super cool-looking and a perfect match for a toy dog. 

It’s a great indoor dog house that’s got ample space for lounging and napping. And yes, it is visually-appealing, too.

10. Traditional Dog House

Image from Handyman Tips

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Handyman Tips

This traditional dog house plan is a fun introduction to the world of woodworking. It’s a simple build requiring basic tools and techniques. Easy-peasy, right?

Another awesome thing about this canine retreat is it’s scalable. So, whether you have a tiny or giant pooch, this design works perfectly well.

9. Open Air Dog House

Image from Instructables

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Instructables

If you live in a place that gets a lot of sun and mild temps, then this open air dog house is a great fit for your pooch. After all, summer is perfect for lounging outside and soaking in the nice weather. This is why your canine will absolutely love this cozy summer’s day abode.

It’s great for resting, relaxing, and enjoying the pleasant climate in his own den. And the best part – it’s a quick and easy build!

8. Epic Masterpiece Doggy House

Image from This Old House

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: This Old House

Flaunt your woodworking expertise with this epic masterpiece dog house. It’s a super cute bungalow canine home that is a true image of craftsmanship in every way.

But this is not for the faint of heart – it can be a little tricky to build because of the intricate details involved. Yet, it’s a fun project nonetheless that any carpentry fan can nail (no pun intended!).

7. Step By Step Dog House

Image from Grit

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Grit

Comfy and cozy, this dog house is a great way to spoil your darling Fido. It’s got a covered porch for lounging and plenty of ventilation to keep him cool inside.

Is this tough to build? Not at all. Check out the instructions to get you started with this project.

6. Insulated Dog House For Winter

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Wilkerdos

There are not a lot of dog house plans that offer insulation for the colder months of the year. But this doggy house design can keep your beloved pet nice and warm even when it’s frigid outside. 

If you have a pooch that doesn’t do well during the winter months, yet loves to hang outside occasionally, then you should gift him this insulated dog house.

5. Cheap Dog House From A Barrel

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Lady Lee’s Home

Got a tight budget but aching to give your pooch a house? This barrel style dog house is a perfect combo of inexpensive and cozy.

It’s cheap to make and fairly quick, too. While it may lack the style that others on this list of dog house plans possess, you can rest assured that this is a cozy and comfy space for your pet.

4. DIY Rain Protection Dog House

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Miller27

Does it rain a lot where you live? Give your pet ample rain protection while enjoying the outdoors with this DIY rain protection doggy house. It’s got a longer base, so your pooch can still lounge without getting soggy. 

This house is a quick and easy build. So, beginners should be able to get this project done in no time.

3. Dog Tree House

Image from DIY Network

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: DIY Network

Curious canines like the idea of being off the ground to check out the views. If this describes your pooch best, then you should definitely make him this dog tree house. With a sturdy ramp, your pet can walk on it and have a pretty sweet lookout point. Awesome!

We recommend this dog tree house for smaller dogs, though, since larger canines may not be too fond of the height.

2. Lowe’s Dog House Plans

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Lowe’s

Nothing flashy or tacky, you might want to check out this dog house plan by Lowe’s. It’s a simple design but is pretty nice and cozy for your average-sized Fido. There are two openings – one on the side and one on the front, which also provide good ventilation to this cute abode.

What’s great about Lowe’s dog house plans including this one is that the materials and tools needed are listed down. The building instructions are also comprehensive and thorough for every DIY-er.

1. Modern Dog House

Dog House DIY Step by Step Tutorial: Modern Builds

Modern dog house plans are perfect for folks who have a small or medium-sized pooch. It’s roomy enough for your canine, which gives him ample space to move around.

Made of plywood and pallet wood, this doggy house is sturdy and relatively easy to build. There’s also ample ventilation, thanks to the couple of windows and a door to let air circulate.

Related Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Dog House? A wooden dog house should cost you between $75 and $300, depending on the type of wood you use. As for a plastic dog house without insulation, it is a little cheaper at $60 to around $150. An insulated plastic canine house is a bit pricier falling between $160 to $280, sometimes even more.

What Is The Best Material To Build A Dog House? Wood is hands down the best material to use for a dog house because it offers insulation for places with cooler weather. This material also withstands humidity well. Just be sure to use wood that is water-resistant and comes with a non-toxic stain or sealant.

How Easy Is It To Build A Homemade Dog House? It is fairly easy to build a dog house even with basic woodworking skills. In fact, some dog house plans take only half a day to build while more complex ones take longer.

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