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Havanese Haircuts

The classic Full Show Coat never gets old, especially for owners who prefer the traditional look for their pooch. But the Top Knot Trim combined with those adorable clips adds bling to their locks. For a minimalist style, though, the Teddy Bear Cut does not disappoint.

How Much Does A Havanese Cost?

Havanese dogs cost around $1,000 to $2,500. They are very affectionate and can live for a long time. This makes them desired as companions, even though they are expensive. They are also small and hypoallergenic, which means their monthly maintenance cost is lower, around $50. However, be prepared to spend a lot of time with the dog because it can get separation anxiety.

Havanese Dog 101: Ultimate Guide + FAQs

Havanese are good for first-time dog owners because they have a lovable personality. Their tiny size comes with a lower owning cost, and you need less time to groom their long hair than if you had a larger long-haired dog. Havanese dogs also have fewer exercise needs and are generally a healthy breed.