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White Pomeranian

So what are White Pomeranians? They are Pomeranians that have been carefully bred to have a clear snow-white color. White Pom-Poms are hard to find because the white color is recessive. Hence, it takes much time and effort to breed dogs that will have a pure white color. This is why they are often so rare and cost a bit on the high side.

Black Pomeranian

The Black Pomeranian is a purebred Pomeranian characterized by its all-black coat. Its coat must be solid black and uniformly colored for the dog to be considered a Black Pomeranian. Contrary to popular beliefs, the Black Pom is neither a new nor a separate dog breed but is simply a color variation of the purebred Pomeranian dog breed.

Brown Pomeranian

The Brown Pomeranian stands out as one of the most popular and beautiful color variations of the purebred Pomeranian doggy. With Pomeranians, the term โ€œbrownโ€ is often used to refer to chocolate brown-colored dogs that get their unique coloration from dilution genes.

Papillon-Pomeranian Mix โ€“ Your Complete Breed Guide To Paperanian

A Paperanian is a crossbreed of the Papillon and Pomeranian breeds. Since both the Pomeranian and Papillon are small breeds, the Papillon-Pomeranian mix is a small dog with a characteristic fluffy coat.ย Commonly referred to as Papi Poms, Paperanians are typically feisty and playful dogs that get on well with children due to their affectionate nature.

Wolf Sable Pomeranian

A Wolf Sable Pomeranian is a color and pattern variation of the purebred Pomeranian. The wolf part of their name is more about their gray coats that are similar to those found in Gray Wolves. The sable part of the name, on the other hand, refers to the distinct sable markings.

Parti Pomeranian

In reality, Pomeranians do not come in different breeds. While breeders may attach various names to their diversity, there areย no officially recognized varieties. Their diversity only exists with the color of their coat. Each variation in the gene brings aboutย the different colors of their coating. Hence, Parti Pomeranians are no different from other Pomeranians.

German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix

The German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix is a designer breed produced by mixing a German Shepherd with a Pomeranian, both of which originated from Europe. Also known as the Pomeranian Shepherd or the German Shepherd Pom, you will soon find out that this fluffy medium dog breed is adorable and playful despite being loud and aggressive.

Teddy Bear Pomeranian

The Teddy Bear Pomeranian is a Pomeranian who has dense and fluffy fur coats resembling that of a bear. These Poms form part of the Nordic or Spitz breed type bearing similar characteristics, such as dense and fluffy fur coats, heads that are wedge-shaped, and pricked ears. They also have temperaments similar to that of regular Poms.