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Probably one of the most fun and endearing grooming trends when it comes to dogs is the teddy bear cut. It is hard to not smile and melt into a puddle of adoration when you see manโ€™s best friend groomed to look like an animated stuffed toy. Poodles were built for this aesthetic which is why the Teddy Bear Poodle is so popular.

A Teddy Bear Poodle is a Poodle that is groomed to look like a teddy bear. This often includes specifically trimming the fur to create a rounded, stuffed toy aesthetic. Contrary to popular misconception, Teddy Bear Poodles are actually purebred Poodles and not mixed dogs.

Owning and caring for a Teddy Bear Poodle is a great responsibility. You need to understand not only how to raise a happy and healthy dog but also how to maintain their adorable teddy bear cut.

If you have no idea where to start, you have come to the right place. Letโ€™s dive right into all you need to know about the Teddy Bear Poodle.

What Is A Teddy Bear Poodle?

A Teddy Bear Poodle is a term used to refer to a purebred Poodle that has been groomed to look like a teddy bear. They are not a breed variation or a mixed breed doggy as some may claim.

Given the fact that Teddy Bear Poodles are basically like any other Poodle, they conform to the same breed standards as Poodles with any other style of grooming. However, there are a few specific features that are preferred over others to create the realistic teddy bear aesthetic.


Technically speaking, a Teddy Bear Poodle can be of any size as long as they are purebred. However, to achieve a closer likeness to the small stuffed toys they are named after, Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles are most commonly styled as teddy bears.

Toy Poodles are the smallest recognized type of Poodle and range from 4 lbs in weight and should not exceed 10 inches in height. Miniature Poodles on the other hand range from 10 to 15 lbs in weight and 10 to 15 inches in height.

Coat Type

The teddy bear aesthetic in Poodle can only be achieved if the coat type is dense and fluffy enough to be easily manipulated into the right style. For this, Poodles with the common curly coat are the only ones that can get the teddy bear cut.

For Poodles with the long and corded coat type, this fun style simply will not be achieved as the fur lays limp against the dogโ€™s skin.


Poodles come in many different colors. However, Brown and Apricot Poodles are the ones that usually get associated with the teddy bear aesthetics. Black coats are also commonly seen with this grooming style.

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What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Teddy Bear Poodle?

The life expectancy for a Teddy Bear Poodle is 10 to 18 years. This range covers all sizes of Poodles from Standard Poodles that tend to live shorter to Toy Poodles that live the longest.

Given that the Teddy Bear Poodle is just named so because of the grooming style, they do not deviate from this lifespan range. They also suffer the same health conditions that all other Poodles are prone to. Here are some of these diseases.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are common in Teddy Bear Poodles as well as all other Poodles. This is because their thick and curly fur grows into the dogโ€™s ears and harbors moisture, dirt, and other forms of debris that support growth of germs.


Hypothyroidism is a condition where the Teddy Bear Poodleโ€™s thyroid gland fails to produce adequate amounts of thyroid hormones. This affects several functions from metabolism to thermoregulation.

With Teddy Bear Poodles in particular, the alopecia associated with hypothyroidism leaves uneven patches of thin coat which ruin the whole aesthetic.

Cushingโ€™s Disease

Cushingโ€™s disease is another common hormonal issue that affects Teddy Bear Poodles. In this case, it is the adrenal glands that fail to do their job of producing hormones. As with hypothyroidism, several systems are affected which results in very vague symptoms.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia in Teddy Bear Poodles is a disease of the joints where the hip joint socket fails to form normally. As a result, the Teddy Bear Poodleโ€™s hip joint becomes unstable which affects the lively dogโ€™s activity levels.

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How To Take Care Of Teddy Bear Poodles?

Taking care of a Teddy Bear Poodle is, for the most part, just like taking care of any other Poodle. Just make sure to feed them healthy, get them on a regular exercise schedule, stick to your routine vet visits, and come up with a grooming schedule.

However, in this case, maintaining aesthetics is the huge priority in the care of Teddy Bear Poodles. That is why we have compiled the following summary of care tips particularly aimed at improving coat health and maintaining aesthetics. Letโ€™s get right into it.

Ensure Your Teddy Bear Poo Is On A Balanced Diet

It is not just important to feed your Teddy Bear Poo healthy and high-quality dog food. You also have to ensure that the meals are balanced in terms of nutritional contents.

This is because several nutrients are required for coat health from proteins and healthy fats to minerals and vitamins. And we recommend providing 1 oz of serving per pound of body weight twice daily for Teddy Bear Poodles.

Pet Plate is by far the best option for balanced dog meals. They use recipes that are approved by veterinarians to ensure that your dog is getting enough of all the crucial nutrients.

Invest In Multivitamin Supplements

Multivitamin supplements could also help you keep your Teddy Bear Poodleโ€™s cut looking great. Some of the most effective vitamins when it comes to coat health include vitamin E, vitamin B7, and vitamin C.

Identify And Deal With Your Teddy Bear Poodleโ€™s Allergies

Allergies in Teddy Bear Poodles often manifest with skin irritationConstant scratching will not only mess up the aesthetic and likely cause damage to the coat with fur loss, as well as the skin if the scratching leaves open wounds.

Identifying allergy triggers and avoiding them while also managing the triggers is another great strategy to keep your Teddy Bear Poo looking cute.

This aspect of your Teddy Bear Poodleโ€™s care will require you to involve your vet which is why it is crucial that you follow your vet visit schedule.

Can Teddy Bear Poodles Be Left Alone? Temperaments Of Teddy Bear Poodles

As with the health issues and lifespan, Teddy Bear Poodles are no different from any other Poodle in terms of personality.

However, the fact that Toy and Miniature Poodles are more commonly used means you may find a few differences if you compare Standard Poodles to your regular Teddy Bear Poodle. Here are a few of these personality traits so that you know what to expect exactly.

Feisty And Vocal

Teddy Bear Poodles are adorable, and they seem to know it, given how spunky the little doggies tend to be. Their feisty behavior is often accompanied by an inexplicable love for barking and whining.

Teddy Bear Poodles will bark and whine whenever they are happy, scared, frustrated, or even just bored.


Training a Teddy Bear Poodle and living with them, in general, is very easy as they are very smart and. They pick up quickly on training and are usually very obedient. This makes Teddy Bear Poodles awesome pets for first-time dog owners.


Another awesome thing you have to look forward to with Teddy Bear Poodles is the fact that they are super loyal. They love to be around their favorite humans, especially if you are active in their training and daily care.


Teddy Bear Poodles are little balls of energy that are sure to keep you on your feet. They are very energetic and athletic, thereby needing frequent engagement to keep them happy.

Affectionate And Clingy

When Toy and Miniature Poodles get the teddy bear cut, the resulting Teddy Bear Poo will demonstrate signs of clinginess which is in contrast to the reserved and aloof Standard Poo.

If you want to be showered with affection and attention, the smaller Teddy Bear Poodles are the way to go.

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How Do You Groom A Teddy Bear Cut? Grooming Tips For Teddy Bear Poodles

Poodles are generally hypoallergenic. This is largely due to the fact that they have a dense and tightly curled coat which rarely sheds. And when they do shed, the fur pretty much gets trapped within the dense coat.

Seeing that Teddy Bear Poos are simply regular Poodles with the same curly coat type, they also enjoy the hypoallergenic status. However, their coat care needs may be slightly different compared to those you find with other Poodles.

Here are the 3 most important things you need to know about the maintenance of the teddy bear haircut on your Poodle.

Brush Your Teddy Bear Poo 2 Times A Week

Contrary to common misconception, brushing your Teddy Bear Poodle will not ruin its style. If anything, regular brushing to detangle and get rid of any loose fur is actually a great way to keep them looking awesome.

Your choice of grooming tool also matters in which case we recommend the Furminator Undercoat Tool. This grooming comb is designed to work on any coat type and any cut style without ruining either the coat or the cut.

Wash Your Teddy Bear Poo Every 6 To 8 Weeks

With most other Poodles, you can work with a bathing interval of every month or 4 weeks. However, with Teddy Bear Poodles, it is best to align and stagger your wash schedule with your teddy bear recutting and restyling schedule.

To ensure that the results of your wash last long enough for the next grooming session, we recommend that you work with high-quality products like Mighty Petz 2-In-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo And Conditioner.

This shampoo and conditioner combo is made with oatmeal extracts which help with promoting coat health.

Schedule A Trimming And Restyling Every 6 Weeks

If you wish to maintain the teddy bear aesthetic in your dog for a long period of time, we recommend that you plan for trimming and restyling every 6 weeks, give or take a couple of weeks.

Failure to do so will leave you with an unsightly mess of fur that looks nothing like a cute and cuddly teddy bear.

Can All Poodles Have A Teddy Bear Cut? Not all Poodles can pull off the teddy bear cut. It largely depends on the type of coat that they have. The teddy bear grooming style works best on Poodles with the common dense, curly coat that can easily be trimmed and manipulated to achieve the aesthetic. However, Poodles that have the rarer corded coat type cannot have the teddy bear cut done on them, as the fur strands are much longer and tend to lay close to the skin as opposed to being puffed out.

How Much Does A Teddy Bear Poodle Cost? A Teddy Bear Poodle will cost you between $1,000 and $2,000 but can be as expensive as $5,000 if the style is on a standard-sized Poodle. If you already have a Poodle, the cost of getting them groomed and styled for the teddy bear aesthetic depends on their size. Styling Toy and Miniature Poodles cost about $30 to $50 per styling session, while styling Standard Poodles may cost you between $90 to $100 to get the teddy bear cut.

Can Teddy Bear Poodles Swim? Teddy Bear Poodles not only love swimming but are actually very good at it. Their ancestors were used as water fowl retrieval dogs and their instinctive love for the water can still be seen in modern day purebred Poodles. So if you are thinking of switching your Teddy Bear Poodleโ€™s exercise routine, swimming would make for a fantastic addition.

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