What Is A Corgi Dachshund Mix?

I have been enamored by the Dachshund Corgi Mix ever since I first laid eyes on them a couple of years back. There is just something about those soulful little eyes and the fact that they are constantly overflowing with love to give their owner that kept me coming back for more.

The Dorgi is a mixed dog, or what the media call “designer dogs”, obtained from breeding the Dachshund and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These are 2 of the most popular lapdog breeds in the market.

The result is a small breed with a sausage dog silhouette reminiscent of the Dachshund form. However, there is a bit more proportion as a result of the mix.

The Dorgi is also known for its fun-loving temperament and has long been considered one of the best dog mixes for families with children.

The Dachshund Corgi Mix is actually so popular that the former Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, has a pair of her own in addition to her collection of purebred Corgis.

And after finding out all the fun facts about them, you will undoubtedly want one for yourself. You just need to be aware of what you are getting yourself into, both good and bad.

Without further ado, here is all you need to know about the Dachshund Corgi Mix.

What Does A Corgi Dachshund Mix Look Like?

A cross between a Corgi and a Dachshund is known as a Dorgi and, like most other designer dogs, takes after both bloodlines in terms of appearance.

For the most part, the influence of genetics makes it difficult to accurately predict the appearance of the Dachshund Corgi and to describe a fixed set of appearance features.

Some look more Doxie than Corgis, while others seem to have gained nothing from the weenie dog bloodline.

Whatever the case, the Dachshund Corgi Mix retains the small-to-medium size status of the parent breeds. This mixed breed will only get as big as its parent’s genes predict.

Most of the Dachshund Corgi Mixes fall within the weight limit of 15 to 30 lbs and a height of 15 inches at the point of maturity.

Image from Instagram:@larocconikki

One aspect of appearance that shows the most variation is the coat color and texture.

When it comes to the fur itself, you may have it short and smooth, long or wiry.

With the color, the options are seemingly endless depending on which of the parent’s genes dominated the others.

If they take after the Doxie side of the family, you can expect the signature black and tan, brown, gold, and blue shades with the single color or dapple patterns.

If the Corgi side is stronger, you may have white coat markings as well as double or tri-color patterns.

Finally, the appearance of the head and body shapes also depends on the individual Dachshund Corgi Mix.

What stands out the most is that even with the sausage build of a long torso and stubby legs, there is increased proportion often with more compact torsos than your regular Dachshund.

Are Dachshunds And Corgis Related Since They Both Have Short Legs?

Despite the similarity in terms of short stature and stubby legs, Dachshunds and Corgis are not related.

In fact, they were not only bred in different parts of the world but also for completely different reasons. This actually comes in handy with mixing to produce the Dachshund Corgi Mix.

With the lack of ancestral connection, the mixing does a more effective job of weeding out breed-specific health issues for a stronger and healthier mixed breed.

For more perspective, here is more about the history and ancestry of both lapdogs.

Image from Instagram:@mack_the_corgi

Dachshunds have been around for a very long time and were originally bred in Germany for use as hunting dogs.

They are known for their characteristically long and narrow bodies and disproportionately short legs. This build is why they are commonly referred to as sausage dogs or weenies.

In addition to giving the breed its nickname, the Dachshund’s body made it ideal for specific hunting needs that needed maneuvering into small spaces. This included driving prey out of burrows and bushes.

In an interesting twist, their closest relatives are the Hanover hounds, a dog breed that is actually considered a shorter-limbed version of the hunting beasts.

On the other hand, the Pembroke Corgis were commonly bred in Wales but can be traced back to present-day Belgium. They are a part of the Welsh Corgi family with the Cardigan Corgi being its closest relative.

Unlike Doxies and their hunting responsibilities, these Corgis were bred for use in herding as well as use as watchdogs.

This was made possible by their numerous desirable traits, including cleverness, athleticism, obedience, and alertness.

Health Problems Of A Dachshund Corgi

One of the main benefits of mixed breeding in dogs is that it helps eliminate some breed-specific health issues for stronger offspring. The same case applies to the Dachshund Corgi Mix, which tends to live long, healthy lives and enjoy a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that they are completely exempt from the health problems that afflict their parents’ bloodlines.

Here are some of the most common you might find in a Dachshund Corgi Mix.

Back Problems

The most common here is intervertebral disc disease and is common with short-stature dogs like the Corgi and the Dachshund.

It causes fractures or wears out of the vertebra resulting in issues like pain and even paralysis.

Ketona Low Carb High Protein Dry Dog Food is a fantastic option to help reduce or even prevent complications by strengthening the muscles enough that the weight is not all carried by the weak back of a Dachshund Corgi Mix.

Bone And Joint Problems In General

These are common with small dog breeds in general, and the Dachshund Corgi Mix is not an exception.

They include patellar luxation, where the knee joint gets loose and hip dysplasia, which more often than not happens in this mixed breed’s sunset years.

Combing through the Internet, the medical fees for treating the common joint and health problems of a Dachshund can look like this.

ConditionCosts Of Diagnosis And Treatment
Patellar Luxation$1,500 to $3,000
Corneal Dystrophy$300 to $3,000
Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat)$1,500 to $7,500
Cushing’s Disease$3,000 to $10,000
Panniculitis$1,000 to $3,000

Worrying about the high medical costs? Fret not! Please check out pet insurance alternatives, like Pawp, if you would like to find peace of mind to provide the essential care your beloved Corgi Dachshund Mix needs.


Dachshund Corgi Mixes also suffer from a variety of allergies, including intolerance to dust, pollen, mites, fleas, chemicals, and some fabrics.

This is managed through corticosteroid therapy and rarely affects the pooch’s quality of life.


Despite being so playful and athletic, Dachshund Corgi Mixes are prone to developing obesity. This is often a consequence of reduced inactivity from immobility caused by back and other skeletal problems.

Do Dachshund Corgi Mixes Shed As Much As A Corgi Or As Little As A Dachshund?

Dorgis are generally not considered hypoallergenic dogs.

This is because they tend to shed, and depending on the genes, they may either be moderate or heavy shedders.

The latter occurs mainly with strong influence from the Corgi bloodline or if the Dachshund Corgi Mixes take after long and smooth-haired Doxies.

This means you will have to put in a little more effort in grooming.

Fortunately for you, the moderate to heavy shedding should not be too much of a nightmare as long as you know all the tricks of dealing with their coats.

Regularly brushing a Dachshund Corgi Mix every 2 to 3 days is actually the best way to minimize shedding and, as a result, reduce the amount of effort you have to put into grooming.

It gets rid of loose hair and untangles matted spots to promote healthier fur. When the coat is healthy, and the fur strands are free, the Dachshund Corgi Mix sheds less, making your life a lot easier.

The Pet Neat Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is a handy little tool to have in your arsenal for this purpose. It features fine stainless steel bristles that are just what is needed to get through the matted mess that will be your Dachshund Corgi Mix’s hair every few days.

The best part is that the bristles have smooth ends, which not only makes them safe but also fun for the little pooch as they get a nice massage alongside the brushing.

It also features a click-to-release self-cleaning mechanism as well as an ergonomic design that makes it easy for you to use.

Temperaments Of A Dachshund Corgi

The temperament of a Dachshund Corgi Mix is a combination of their parent breeds’ personality traits, and so this depends a lot on the particular dog.

However, there are some features that seem to appear in most if not all Dachshund Corgi Mixes, which you need to know about if you are considering getting one. These include:


These designer dogs are above average intelligence which makes training and living with them very easy. They easily pick up on cues and are intuitively inclined to be helpful and reasonable.

Energetic And Playful

This is to be expected with a mix of two of the most active dogs. Dachshund Corgi Mixes love their outdoor time and playing so get ready to go on a lot of walks and play a whole lot of fetch.

Loyal And Eager To Please

These are the kinds of dogs that will follow you around everywhere and love nothing more than hanging out with their loved ones.

If that is the kind of energy you want from your lapdog, then Dachshund Corgis more than deliver.

They Trust Easily

Dachshund Corgi Mixes are some of the most friendly dogs out there. They get along well with most people and animals, which means you do not have a lot to do in terms of socializing with them.

Occasionally Timid And Sensitive

The Dachshund Corgi Mix is prone to episodes of angst and restlessness, especially if they feel traumatized. It could be anything from separation anxiety to being fearful of loud noises.

In fact, they are known to inherit the traits like separation anxiety from their parent breeds’ personalities.

Ready Pet Go! Calming Chews For Dogs helps a lot in this case. The bacon and cheese flavored treats contain a calming blend of Hemp, Magnesium, L-Theanine, and L-Tryptophan, which is just what they need to calm down.

How Much Is A Dorgi? The purchase price for designer dogs is usually cheaper than their purebred origins, but it still depends on where you get them. Most Dachshund Corgi Mixes go for as much as $500 and as little as $0 if you are lucky enough to find one at a shelter. They are also relatively cheap to maintain and will set you back an average of $500 to $650 per year or more if there are health issues.

Does A Corgi Dachshund Mix Bark A Lot? While Doxies have a reputation for occasionally being loud, their mix with the Corgi produces a more agreeable dog. They more often than not take after the Corgi side of the family, which is quiet and only barks when there is a need to. No more getting woken up at night or pissing the neighbors off.

Are Corgi Dachshund Mixes Smart? Corgis and Dachshunds from which Dachshund Corgi Mixes are bred are among the 100 smartest dog breeds. The resulting mix breed is also very intelligent. This is evident in their independence as well as how easy, in general, it is to train them. All you need is good techniques, and you should have the smart little pooch housebroken in no time.

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