While visiting an old friend last week, I met his cute Husky puppy who he said he had adopted for free from a shelter. I could not wait to get home and start a search for a free puppy, which I did by first listing all the possible ways so my ‘free puppy search’ would yield fruits quickly.

You can get a free puppy by simply emailing individuals or organizations with firsthand information on free puppies, such as dog shelters and rescues, kennel clubs, or dog breeders. You can also ask a neighbor whose dog has a new litter or search Facebook groups with a ‘free dog adoption’ handle.

There are still a handful other ways you can get a free puppy. We present them to you in this article, starting from the least to the most advisable.

11. Local Dog Shelters

Dog shelters, which can be found is most communities in the USA, are mostly government-owned establishments that care for homeless dogs. These Fidos are either lost, abandoned, or given up by owners who can no longer take care of them.

Because they have large number of dogs in their facilities, dog shelters will readily give potential and qualified adopters dogs for free in a bid to curb their overpopulation problem.

Dog shelters ensure that puppies have all the vaccinations and required vet care before handing them to you.

10. Adoption Forums

Pet adoption forums are usually online communities comprising rescue shelters and organizations, adopters, fosters, volunteers, professionals, and dog lovers who seek or want to share information about dogs.

You can join a pet forum and ask about adopting a puppy for free or search for posts on free adoption offers. Most forums have free membership with community regulations to abide by. A good example is Maddie’s Pet Forum that sustains animal welfare conversations 24/7.

9. Local Breeders

Going through dog breeders in your neighborhood is one of the rare ways to find a free puppy. Most breeders would have puppies for sale.

Once in a while, however, a breeder may be trying to rehome a litter of puppies that have not found buyers or they may be closing shop and want to find a home for their last litter.

Beware of unscrupulous breeders who may practise unethical breeding and are looking to offload free puppies that are not up to their desired breed ‘s standard.

8. Reddit

Reddit is a collection of forums that make subreddits based on any topic. Literally any topic. It is no surprise to find subreddits dedicated to sharing information and news about puppy adoption.

See this post for example. Someone who says they can’t afford the adoption fee enquires about “anyone giving away free puppies in Philadelphia or near” A respondent informs them about “some free kittens at my friend’s place”.

7. Craigslist

This online forum allows people to place classified ads to rehome (not to sell) pets. You can peruse through dog adoption ads in the “community” section to see pictures and information about your potential puppy’s physical looks, age, temperament, and health.

Once decided, you can proceed to engage the owner directly on Craigslist, by phone, or by email and get more info about your potential puppy before you and the owner make the final decision.

6. Newspaper Ads

Local newspapers usually have information about people trying to rehome their puppies. You can find ads on pets with a “Free to a good home” caption in the classifieds section plus other information on how to contact the owner.

You will not find images or lots of information about the dog in a newspaper ad since every inch of space costs. Instead, you can engage the owner through the contact details included in the ad.

5. Instagram Breeders

Instagram is a raging social network platform that can connect likeminded individuals easily, especially with the advent of of the use of hashtags.

Searching the hashtag #dogforfree on Instagram yields plenty of options. while “Instagram breeder feeds” yields even more. So do “free pups for adoption.”

While it’s easy to find a free puppy on Instagram, it’s important to get all the information about the dog before closing a deal. Animal rights organizations have raised alarm over unethical pet deals on Instagram, with some describing the social platform as a puppy mill advertiser.

4. Local Dog Rescues

Dog rescues are private organizations caring for dogs rescued from abusive or deplorable home conditions or streets. They work with foster parents who take temporary responsibility until the dogs are successfully rehomed.

Rescues rely on donors and may require a minimal adoption fee to cover vaccines and other food and vet expenses. Stay alert for adoption events at dog rescues, as you can get an adoption fee waiver on such occasions.

Look for local dog rescues near you with our very own dog rescues locator tool.

Grab website information, address, driving directions, contact phone number, opening and operating hours and many more information about all the local dog rescues near you!

3. Facebook Groups

A quick search for “Facebook groups for dog adoption” returns innumerable results. Some of these groups, like Rehoming-916, have been created to help rehome lost and found pets or to simply divulge information about pets that need rehoming.

You’ll find plenty of posts offering “give away puppies” and adult dogs for free, with the advantage that you can immediately express interest by messaging the pet owner and following up on the adoption process.

2. Neighbors

When a dog with an unexpected pregnancy, the typical thing a dog owner might do is ask their neighbors if they want a puppy once they are born. This is because it assures them that the puppy is going into trusted hands.

You could also take the initiative and ask for a free puppy if you notice that your neighbor’s dog is expectant or has just given birth. Neighbors could also be your link to their friends and family rehoming puppies, as well as information sharing when it comes to taking care of your new canine family member.

1. Email For Referrals

The fastest way of getting a free puppy is by being proactive. You can do that by writing a message, “looking for a free puppy”, and emailing it to persons or organizations with firsthand information for referrals on giveaway puppies. They include:

  • Breeders
  • Rescues and shelters
  • National and local kennel clubs
  • Animal rights organizations
  • Neighbors

Your email could also be a response to invitations such as “Waiving Adoption Fees at the ASPCA’s Adoption Center”.

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