Akita Mixes

The mighty Akita is one of the most well-loved breeds because of its loyalty, courage, and charming, fox-like appearance. No wonder many breeders are developing Akita mixes because of this breed’s growing popularity.

Golden Akitas are fluffy pups with the Golden Retriever’s lush golden coat and the Akita’s pointy ears. There’s also the Labrakita that’s a tad smaller than a Labrador but with a shorter coat than the Akita. Corgitas are quite like an Akita but with a Corgi’s stubby legs!

Get to know more about these stunning Akita mixes and their unique features that make them so special and lovable!

27. Akita Chow: Akita + Chow Chow

Image from Instagram:@delta_and_arai

The Akita Chow hails from Asia as one parent, Chow Chow, is from China while the other one, Akita Inu, is from Japan. This is a fluffy mixed breed that has Chow Chow’s dense coat and an Akita’s muscular build.

With this dog’s thick fur and large size, it is most definitely not a low-maintenance pet. Frequent grooming is a necessity, and this designer breed also has a stubborn streak that makes it challenging to train, especially for first-time owners.

26. Akita Pit: Akita + American Pitbull Terrier

Image from Instagram:@cleotheakitamix

Highly devoted to its owner and courageous to the core, the robust Akita Pit is an excellent family dog. This medium-sized pooch has a short coat as a Pit Bull but an Akita’s erect ears. When fully grown, Akita Pits can weigh up to 70 lbs.

These dogs can get adjusted well to their environment. They get along with kids and household pets, but early socialization is a must since they have a tendency to be dominant pups.

25. Huskita: Akita + Siberian Husky

Image from Best Bully Sticks

Next up, we have the active Huskita. These fluffy pooches are a combination of two energetic and strong breeds – the Siberian Husky and the Akita. Huskitas have a Husky’s trademark colors of gray, black, and white but with an Akita’s larger, triangular-shaped ears.

Playful, agile, and affectionate, these dogs are great family pets. They are, however, not the best option for inexperienced owners because of their dominant and stubborn personalities. Early training is a must to help them develop good habits.

24. Akita Collie: Akita + Border Collie

Image from Instagram:@shimako.the.pups

Featuring a Border Collie’s wavy and thick fur and an Akita’s robust build, the Akita Collie is one fascinating mix. These pups are bred to work, so you can expect them to be more on the active side and will thrive better when given ample exercise each day.

Do take note that this designer breed requires plenty of mental stimulation. Puzzles and any activities that provide opportunities to challenge the brain are essential to keep them well-balanced and happy.

23. Saintkita: Akita + Saint Bernard

Image from Instagram:@sampson_marley_chronicles

Another large and fluffy pooch, the Saintkita, is a combination of the Akita and Saint Bernard. These canines have dense coats in shades of black, brown, and white like Saint Bernard but with the agility of the Akita.

With their massive build, the Saintkita requires a spacious area to roam around and play. If you’re fond of affectionate and well-mannered big dogs, then this hybrid pooch should be perfect.

22. Akitabern: Akita + Bernese Mountain Dog

Image from Instagram:@samoyed_sala

The Akitabern is a mellow pup that combines the Akita and the Bernese Mountain Dog. They are giant pups that can easily weigh over 120 lbs, so a large space is a must for these canines. But don’t be deceived by their size – they are actually quite gentle and peaceful fur-pals.

Akitaberns have thick, long coats, just like a Bernese Mountain Dog. They are more suited to a cooler climate and would not mind the snow. In fact, they love it!

21. Staffkita: Akita + American Staffordshire Terrier

Image from Instagram:@liamajwiles

With the muscular body of an American Staffordshire and an Akita’s fox-like facial features, the Staffkita is a very strong, agile, and playful mixed breed. These pups have short coats, which makes grooming easier.

Staffkitas are strong dogs that require an experienced owner. Otherwise, it may be difficult to train them because of their large build, strength, and one bit of stubborn personality.

20. Akita Rottie: Akita + Rottweiler

Image from Instagram:@iaingil

Expect to turn a lot of heads this dog’s way because the Akita Rottie is one good-looking and confident pooch. These hybrid pups have a Rottie’s signature black and red color combined with an Akita’s well-proportioned body.

Since both parents are powerful and determined, the Akita Rottie is most definitely one strong dog (both physically and mentally). It is best to train your pup early since aggression may occur when not managed properly.

19. Shepkita: Akita + German Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@simbatheshepkita

Shepkitas are a combination of the Akita and the German Shepherd. These dogs have medium-length coats either in plain brown color or a combination of black, brown, and red, just like the GSD.

As both parents have a protective nature, the Shepkita has a strong desire to guard and keep its owners safe. This is why you need to train your pooch early in life to prevent overprotective behavior.

18. Akita Newfoundland: Akita + Newfoundland

Image from Instagram:@chloeandmacy

This is most certainly one of the largest Akita mixes on the list. In fact, the Akita Newfoundland can easily weigh up to 145 lbs! These pooches may come in solid black like a Newfie or brown like an Akita.

When it comes to personality, Akita Newfies are a little more dominant and independent like a purebred Akita. With their commanding stature and demanding personality, these dogs are best suited to experienced owners.

17. Akita Pyrenees: Akita + Great Pyrenees

Image from Instagram:@chatelaine_burlycrafts

The Akita Pyrenees is one humongous fluff ball! They have the Pyr’s long and thick fur and an Akita’s long nose, giving them an appearance of a large white fox. Grooming needs to be done regularly because this pup is an absolute shedder!

Both the Pyr and Akita are independent creatures, so don’t expect a Velcro pooch from this one. But they love outdoor activities more than anything, which makes them amazing adventure buddies.

16. Inukita: Akita + Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@mitsu_1976

At first glance, the Akita Inu looks more like a fox as both parents – the Akita and Shiba Inu – are Spitz dogs with an elongated muzzle, small black eyes, and tall ears. These are medium-sized dogs that are not as big as an Akita but bigger than a Shiba Inu.

Their bodies are compact yet powerful. They also have a strong will, which makes training a bit of a challenge for folks without much experience with dogs.

15. Akita Pom: Akita + Pomeranian

Image from Instagram:@dogsoftherock

An unusual mix, the Akita Pom, combines the small Pomeranian and the larger Akita. They are Spitz-type dogs, which is why the elongated muzzle and other fox-like features are present. As for their fur, it’s thick and fluffy, just like a Pom.

Akita Poms are not suitable for people with allergies. They shed a lot almost every day but even more so during the shedding seasons. Grooming is also more intensive for them because of their long and dense coats.

14. Akitapoo: Akita + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@marc_ground.less

The Akitapoo has a Poodle’s tight curls and an Akita’s solid and bulky body. These are active and large pups that excel in a number of activities such as training and obedience sessions. Their coats hardly shed, making them a good option for allergy sufferers. 

Both parents are smart and powerful dogs. This is why they need mental and physical stimulation to help them thrive in life.

13. Akita Mastiff: Akita + Mastiff

Image from Instagram:@rosieakitamastiff

This mighty 160-pounder is one gigantic mixed breed! Akita Mastiffs have an enormous build, just like the Mastiff but with the Akita’s more proportioned body. Because of the strength, size, and strong will of these dogs, they are better suited to experienced owners.

Akita Mastiffs are big affectionate dogs. Yet, it is best to keep your child supervised when playing with such a massive pup to avoid accidental danger.

12. Boxkita: Akita + Boxer

Image from Instagram:@thehairyrider

An athletic and outdoorsy kind of a hybrid dog, the Boxkita combines a Boxer’s signature coat colors in an Akita’s larger body. These are big dogs that can easily weigh over 100 lbs, which is why they need a larger space to roam around and play.

Overall, they respond well to training, as long as you are firm and consistent with these dogs. Boxkitas are also excellent family dogs that are highly protective and loving to their owners.

11. Samkita: Akita + Samoyed

Image from Instagram:@thesecretlifeofsnowy

Samkitas are fluffy, smiley, large dogs with a huge amount of fur! They often come in white color just like the Samoyed but combined with a few streaks of an Akita’s color such as tan or dark brown.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance breed, then this pup is not for you. Samkitas have dense coats that require frequent grooming. They also shed a lot, so be sure you have the vacuum cleaner ready!

10. Aussiekita: Akita + Australian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@bygollieitsmollie

An Aussiekita has the Australian Shepherd’s trademark colors of black and white, with the Akita’s sturdy and bulky build. These canine cuties are long-haired, just like the Aussie Shepherd, which would require frequent brushing and grooming.

Since both parents are highly active, they need plenty of exercise on a daily basis. When not given time to go out and exhaust their pent-up energy, they can be quite destructive and develop undesirable behavior. This is why they are better off with folks who lead an active lifestyle.

9. Chikita: Akita + Chihuahua

Image from Instagram:@loveladyylisa

Smaller than the Akita but larger than the Chihuahua, the Chikita is a medium-sized pooch with a short coat. These pups have the Chihuahua’s large eyes and an Akita’s tall, triangular ears and an elongated muzzle.

Chikitas are independent pups with a hint of stubbornness. They should be okay with first-time owners as long as they are trained at an early age.

8. Dalmakita: Akita + Dalmatian

Image from Instagram:@hoosier

Featuring a Dalmatian’s infamous spots in an Akita’s robust build, the Dalmakita is one active and agile pooch. These hybrid dogs have short coats just like their parents, which makes grooming easier.

If you like a pup that you can take on the road with you, then the Dalmakita is a perfect choice. These pooches make excellent adventure pals because of their love for the outdoors and exploration.

7. Akita Dane: Akita + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@kyla.vaughan

Another big dog with a fascinating personality, the Akita Dane, offers the best of both worlds. These dogs possess the large build of both parents but are a bit smaller than the mighty Great Dane.

A mixture of serious, goofy and independent, Akita Danes have an interesting character. They are suitable for both first-time and experienced owners because of these dogs’ easy-going and affectionate nature – like giant lap dogs!

6. Sharpita: Akita + Shar-Pei

Image from Instagram:@mrswooferton

One look at the Sharpita, and you can easily see one of its parents’ distinctive loose skin and wrinkles, which the Shar-Pei is known for! These pups have wrinkly faces but in a more muscular and powerful body like an Akita.

Sharpitas are fiercely loyal pups that would do anything to keep their owners safe. But they require plenty of exercises, and with their build, they need a huge space to run around.

5. Bullkita: Akita + American Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@lane_eliz_

Bullkitas feature an American Bulldog’s loose skin and an Akita’s robust body. They don’t quite have a Bulldog’s underbite or short nose, which is why they are not prone to breathing difficulties, unlike a purebred Bulldog.

Sweet and loving, Bullkitas have a strong desire to please their owners. This is why they are suitable for inexperienced owners. These dogs also thrive in a more predictable environment and have difficulties dealing with lots of changes.

4. Akitamute: Akita + Alaskan Malamute

Image from Instagram:@twobears_adventures

Akita Malamutes sport a Malamute’s signature thick coat and an Akita’s colors such as tan or deep brown. They are big pooches that love to run around, play, and be quite goofy like large puppies!

With their thick fur, they are more well-suited in a cooler climate. Frequent grooming is also a necessity for these dogs because of their dense, double coats.

3. Corgita: Akita + Corgi

Image from Instagram:@akitalolaq

Imagine an Akita in a Corgi’s long body and short legs, and that’s a Corgita for you! These dogs are not quite as short as a Corgi but most definitely not tall and leggy like an Akita. They are playful and adventurous pups that love to explore and run around.

But because of their strong prey drive, these dogs are not suitable in a household with smaller pets. They are easy to train, which is why first-time owners should have no problem training these cuties.

2. Labrakita: Akita + Labrador

Image from Instagram:@_good.girl.mika

An adorable mix of the sociable Labrador and the mighty Akita, the Labrakita is a charming hybrid dog. But just like both parents, this pooch has a dense double coat. Shedding happens pretty much all year round, with heavier shedding episodes in certain seasons.

These pups are energetic and active. They are well suited with active owners but not quite with young kids because of their enormous build and energy level.

1. Golden Akita: Akita + Golden Retriever

Image from Instagram:@bilbo_the_doggins

Affectionate and loving, the Golden Akita is a hundred-pounder pooch that has a thick coat in a shade of gold or tan. This hybrid dog has the sunny disposition of the Golden Retriever combined with the protective nature of the Akita.

In terms of facial features, these pups look more like the Akita with their long noses and tall ears. They are also larger than a Golden but just as playful and sweet as one!

Are Akita Mixes Aggressive? Akita mixes are not aggressive dogs but can be prone to destructive behavior when bored or not given ample exercise. Early training is important for these mixed breeds to help them develop better habits and prevent unruly behavior patterns.

How Big Do Akita Mixes Get? Akita mixes come in varying sizes; some can be very big, like an Akita Dane, Akita Mastiff, and Akita Newfoundland, while others are more compact like the Corgita, Chikita, and Akita Pom. It all depends on the breeds combined.

Is An Akita A Wolf Hybrid? The Akita has wolf-like features like a shaggy, large head, and heavy bones. So, it isn’t strange to wonder if the Akita is related to a wolf. According to researchers, four dogs are closest to wolves when it comes to their DNA, such as the Akita, Chow Chow, Alaskan Malamute, and Shiba Inu.

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