American Bulldog VS Pitbull

At first glance, the American Bulldog and the Pitbull may both bear a number of similarities. They are both muscular pups with bulky builds. However, there is more to these pooches than what meets the eye. In fact, they are more different than alike – and it’s not just their looks!

American Bulldogs hailed from the United States, while Pitbulls were originally from England. If you have small pets in the house, American Bulldogs are more capable of living with them since Pitbulls have high prey drives – and the latter is more aggressive than Bulldogs.

These are just some of the striking differences between the two… But there’s more! Keep reading to learn more about the American Bulldog and the Pitbull below.

21. Facial Characteristics

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American Bulldogs and Pitbulls have very distinct facial traits. Pitbulls have rounded faces and triangular, high-set ears. They also have wide jaws but no underbite, facial folds, or wrinkles. 

On the other hand, American Bulldogs have square-shaped faces that are evidently larger than that of Pitbulls’. They also have facial wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks, and these pooches have a slight underbite.

20. History

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The American Bulldog was originally bred to help humans with farm work. Whether it is hunting wild pigs or guarding cattle, they can do all of these with ease and enthusiasm. But later on, these pups were bred for companionship and not so much for working purposes.

As for the Pitbull, this breed has always been skilled in dogfights. These dogs were also originally bred for ratting, a betting sport that required quickly killing as many rats as possible. Hence, Pitties gained a bad rap for being ferocious and aggressive because of their history.

19. Height

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These breeds are generally both large dogs, but American Bulldogs are bigger. They tower over the less massive Pitbull, which makes them ideal in larger homes.

An average American Bulldog stands about 22 to 27 inches at the shoulder. Pitbulls are slightly smaller and grow between 17 and 21 inches. They should be fine in apartment living with access to a yard or a dog park.

18. Weight

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Since American Bulldogs are taller than Pitbulls, they are also heavier. Typical male American Bulldogs weigh about 60 up to 120 lbs, while females can tip the scale at 90 lbs. 

Pitties, on the other hand, are slightly lighter, regardless of gender. An average Pittie can weigh between 30 and 60 lbs. Female Pitbulls can grow up to 50 lbs – still lighter than a female American Bulldog.

17. Build

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American Bulldogs possess Old English Bulldog genes, which make them bulky and muscular. They look rectangular all around with a heavy and massive build.

Pitbulls are also muscular but not as dense as an American Bulldog. They have a low center of gravity, yet they do look athletic and are generally light on their feet.

16. Coat Color

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Another common difference between these dog breeds is the coat color. Pitbulls come in a variety of colors – black, brown, white, and other shades of these colors. But they don’t usually come in a merle pattern, and this is not a breed standard.

As for the American Bulldog, these pups come in a limited color combination for their coat. They may come in red, brown, black, or white colors, and they have that infamous “eyeliner” design. You can also find these pups in brindle patches, and such coat patterns are not usually rare.

15. Guarding Skills

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Since American Bulldogs have a history of managing cattle, it is not surprising that they are great guard dogs. They are dependable, fearless, and confident. These dogs will not back out of any situation whenever they know their humans or homes are in serious threat.

But the same cannot be said about Pitbulls. They do appear intimidating and have a rat-hunting and dogfighting historical background. However, they are not the best guard dogs because of their general curiosity toward humans – even strangers.

14. Barking Frequency

If you prefer a dog that does not bark as much, then these two breeds are great options. Neither one of them is known to be a frequent barker. They only bark for a good reason, such as when they are excited or bored.

But one thing to note – Pitbulls are quite vocal. By that, we mean that they talk quite a lot. They create certain vocalizations, such as whining and other unusual sounds. However, they only vocalize when they try to communicate with their owners.

13. As A Family Friend

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Both of these pups are outstanding pets. They do well with families because of their affectionate, fun, and loving qualities. But one is more serious than the other.

American Bulldogs are everyday canine clowns. They can be dopey and clumsy and all-around funny like the Old English Bulldog. But Pitbulls are not the type to usually clown around – yet they are generally perfect for kids.

12. Exercise Needs

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Those who lead an active lifestyle would want a pooch that can keep up with their exercise regimen. Both American Bulldogs and Pitbulls are high-energy canines. After all, they were historically bred to work and do the job right.

But Pitbulls are more athletic and can handle heat better than American Bulldogs. With their short muzzles, American Bulldogs are unable to deal with overheating. This can lead to breathing issues, so it is best to take them out during the early mornings or evenings.

11. Chewing Power

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This is an important factor to consider when getting your pooch a toy. The greater the chewing power, the more durable the toy must be. Since both breeds have strong jaws, it is expected that their toys should be able to handle their bite force.

American Bulldogs have a bite force of 305 PSI, while Pitties are at 235 PSI on average. However, the inherent stubbornness and tenacity of Pitbulls to hold onto things make a difference. This is why they need more heavy-duty toys than American Bulldogs.

10. Trainability

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For new dog owners, a canine’s trainability is an important factor to consider when getting a pet. The last thing you want to end up with a pooch is the difficulty in training, as this would require professional help.

While both of these breeds have average intelligence, American Bulldogs have a stubborn streak that is more evident during training sessions. This is why they require more patience and consistency during training, as compared to a Pitbull.

9. Independence

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Owners who have to leave home for a certain number of hours each day need a pet that is independent. Otherwise, the dog runs the risk of suffering from separation anxiety, which can lead to behavioral concerns.

Unfortunately, both Pitties and American Bulldogs are not independent creatures. They love their humans so much that they do not want to be away from them for too long. Pitties are more prone to suffer from separation anxiety, and with its powerful nature, this can lead to disaster when alone and bored.

8. Health

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Everybody wants a healthy pet that can live as long as possible. So, it is another consideration to look for when in search of the right pet for you. Plus, you would not want to be racking up high hospital bills each month.

Pitbulls are predisposed to more serious ailments such as cancer and heart problems. They also have sensitive skin, which leads to skin issues. As for the American Bulldog, they suffer from breathing and joint problems, which can impact their day-to-day life.

7. Life Expectancy

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Overall, both breeds should live for at least a decade or so when well taken care of. They may have some hereditary ailments, but these can be addressed with a high-quality diet and a wholesome lifestyle.

When treated well and given the right diet, American Bulldogs should have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Since Pitties are smaller and more athletic, they can live up to 16 years or an average of 12 years.

6. Nutrition

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Because of their larger build, American Bulldogs have a bigger appetite and are prone to eating more than Pitbulls. They need about four cups of quality food per day, while the Pitbull should be satisfied with two cups.

So in terms of the monthly food bill, it is generally higher when you own an American Bulldog. These pups are more likely to require more kibble than the Pitties. But be sure to keep their diet in check to prevent obesity which leads to multiple health issues.

5. Grooming

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Considering their short hair, these dog breeds are mild shedders. But they are not hypoallergenic pups since they tend to drool a lot. Thus, they can still trigger allergic reactions in humans.

American Bulldogs and Pitbulls require occasional bathing and weekly brushing to remove loose fur and distribute natural oils. However, Pitties have very sensitive skin. So it is best to use the right doggy shampoo for their skin condition.

4. Price

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American Bulldogs are more pricey than Pitbulls upfront. The average price of an American Bulldog puppy is $1,500 and can be slightly higher or lower, depending on the breeder.

On the other hand, Pitties are a little cheaper at $800. Since there are more Pitbulls in rescue shelters than other canine breeds, there is less demand for them. But reputable breeders charge more for Pitbull puppies.

3. Aggression

American Bulldogs are typically friendly and loyal dogs. They are also quite mellow, although they can be very protective of their owners. This is why they are not generally aggressive dogs.

Pitbulls, however, are more known for their aggressive nature because of their history in dogfighting and rat-hunting. Nonetheless, training and socialization can reduce aggressive tendencies.

2. Tolerance With Small Animals

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If you have small pets in the home, you need a dog that can get along well with these tiny creatures. This is why the ability to tolerate and live peacefully with small animals is a must for some people.

American Bulldogs are more tolerant of cats and smaller dogs. With early training and socialization, they should adopt good behavior as a puppy. But the same cannot be expected from a Pitbull. They have a naturally high prey drive, which makes them aggressive toward small animals.

1. Origin

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American Bulldogs were bred as guard dogs and for farm work in the United States. They have descended from English Bulldogs but have been in America since the 17th century.

Pitbulls have been around since the 1800s in England. They were popular on the British Isles for bull baiting and ratting. This sport was a form of entertainment to humans that sadly led to injuries and fatigue of Pitbulls.

What Are The 4 Types Of American Bulldogs? The four types of American Bulldogs include the Painter, Old Southern, Johnson, and the Scott or the Standard. The Hybrid, which is the fifth type, is basically a combination of any of these four types.

Is American Bulldog A Restricted Breed? Yes, it is. It is restricted and may also be banned in certain states such as Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, Washington, Texas, Oregon, New York, Arkansas, and Colorado.

Can A Pitbull Breed With A Bulldog? Yes, a Pitbull can indeed breed with a Bulldog. In fact, a Pitbull Bulldog mix is a crossbreed between the American Bulldog and a Pittie. These are loyal, hardworking, and smart dogs.

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