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American Bulldog VS Pitbull

American Bulldogs hailed from the United States, while Pitbulls were originally from England. If you have small pets in the house, American Bulldogs are more capable of living with them since Pitbulls have high prey drives โ€“ and the latter is more aggressive than Bulldogs.

American Bulldog VS English Bulldog

One major difference is that English Bulldogs have shorter muzzles and flatter noses than their American cousins. American Bulldogs are more active pups with a higher energy level than their British counterparts. This will explain why they generally live longer and healthier than English Bulldogs.

American Bulldog

An American Bulldog is a well-balanced muscular dog of the Mastiff group and a descendant to the English Bulldog. This canine is a perfect combination of a lap dog, watchdog, and cool-headed dog. And if lucky enough to own one, then youโ€™ll have gotten your best lifetime friend!

Blue American Bulldog

The Blue American Bulldog is a muscular dog that belongs to the family line of the English Bulldog. This well-balanced dog ofย the Mastiff groupย is an impressive combination of a calm dog, a watchdog, and a lap dog. If you have one in your family, you will be glad that you made the decision.

Black American Bulldog

Black American Bullies are a mix ofย American Pit Bull Terrier, Bulldog, and Staffordshire Terrier, and they come in an all-black coat. However, black is not the correct color for an American Bulldog. Traditionally, American Bulldogs are often white with patches of red, brindle, and black.

Scott American Bulldog

The Scott American Bulldog is a variety of the American Bulldog, which we often call the Standard American Bulldog. It is a guard dog, lapdog, and gentle giant. While the Scott American Bulldog resembles both a Classic, or Johnson, American Bulldog, and aย White Pitbull, there are some differences to be aware of.

Johnson American Bulldog โ€“ Your Complete Breed Guide To The Classic American Bulldog

The Johnson American Bulldog originated from theย Old English Bulldog, which was brought to North America by working-class immigrants who wished to see their working dogs help on the farm. Instead of growing concerned about maintaining breed purity or certain genetic traits, early farmers ensured that the dogs were bred with the best working features for all-around farm work.

White American Bulldog

A White American Bulldog is a large, white bulldog breed belonging to theย Mastiff groupย and a descendant of theย English Bulldog. It is initially bred to be a working farm dog rather than be housepets. However, in recent times, this breed has evolved into loving family dogs.