White American Bulldog

White American Bulldogs look powerful and intimidating, but they can be extremely loving and affectionate to their owners. These hyperactive fur babies are sure to make your life much more joyous and energetic.

So what is a White American Bulldog? A White American Bulldog is a large, white bulldog breed belonging to the Mastiff group and a descendant of the English Bulldog. It is initially bred to be a working farm dog rather than be housepets. However, in recent times, this breed has evolved into loving family dogs.

Here’s everything you need to know about White American Bulldogs, from their physical traits to their health issues and grooming requirements. We’ll also talk about exercise and food habits. Before we dive further into those topics, Iet’s start by looking at how big they can get.

How Big Do White American Bulldogs Get?

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White American Bulldogs grow taller than English Bulldogs or French Bulldogs. As an adult, they grow between 20 and 28 inches tall and weigh between 60 and 100 lbs, although the exact size varies.

In terms of physical appearance, White American Bulldogs often have a muscular frame, making them look fierce and powerful. The head is large and square, while the tail is short. The tail is thick at the base and gets thinner towards the tip. These doggies have round eyes, usually brown but sometimes hazel or blue.

People sometimes confuse American Bulldogs with American Pitbull Terriers, but American Bulldogs are larger and heavier.

Coat Colors And Patterns

Most American Bulldogs have a white basecoat. They are either all white or have patches in black, brown, or tan colors. Doggies with all white coats are sometimes called “platinums” or “true platinums.” Many years ago, American Bulldogs were all white but evolved to have multiple color patterns.

Regarding their fur length, it does not grow longer than an inch and is quite stiff. The short fur makes bathing and grooming easier.

Are All White American Bulldogs Rare?

Solid white and white combinations are commonwhile lilac combinations, doggies with diluted black or gray coats, are rare. The most common colors are combinations of white base coats with black, brown, or tan patches.

How Long Do White American Bulldogs Live?

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White American Bulldogs are healthy and energetic, with a lifespan of a mere 12 years. However, they may live up to a maximum of 16 years.

However, these doggies are prone to overheating, so they cannot be exposed to sunlight for long periods. Your fur baby should not be allowed to play outside too long on a hot summer day. They should have easy access to water and shade as well.

Common Health Issues

Though White American Bulldogs are considered to be one of the healthier breeds, they are prone to some common health issues. Regular vet visits, along with proper exercise, can prevent a lot of these illnesses.

Cherry Eye

It is a disease that affects the tear gland at the corner of your doggie’s eye. It can get red and swollen, giving the appearance of a cherry. Your vet will give adequate treatment if this happens.


When hip or elbow sockets wear out as your furry friend gets older, they affect movement and lead to a condition called dysplasia. If your doggy puts on more weight, it could exert additional pressure on joints. Keeping your pooch’s weight in check can greatly help in aggravating and preventing this issue.

Bone Cancer

Bone cancer mostly affects your fur baby’s legs, and a common symptom is swelling. American Bulldogs are extremely prone to bone cancer compared to other breeds. It is extremely important to check for swelling symptoms on a regular basis and if you notice any abnormalities, take your doggy to the vet.

Are All White American Bulldogs Deaf?

Not every White American Bulldog is deaf. There is a chance, however, that they will be deaf since breeds that are predominantly white, or those that have large white patches, can suffer from deafness right from birth.

How To Take Care Of Your White American Bulldog?

Caring for White American Bulldogs is relatively easy once you establish a routine. Creating a routine and sticking to it will help both you and your furry friend. It puts your mind at ease and keeps your dog happy.

Set aside time every day to play with your doggy. It is a great opportunity to help them move around and also bond with them. Regular vet visits are important to keep common health issues at bay.

Exercise Routine

Along with food and playtime, a proper exercise routine is also important for your dog. Since American Bulldogs are large and energetic compared to other breeds, it is essential that they get at least two hours of exercise on a daily basis

Establish a routine and stick to it so they remain happy. If you don’t have the time to move around a lot, you will need to change your lifestyle a bit to accommodate your fur baby’s needs.

A Good Diet For Your White American Bulldog

Feeding habits and patterns are different for pups and adult dogs. Puppies up to 6 months old will need three cups of food fed as four parts throughout the day.

After six months, they will need 2 cups of food fed as two meals a day. You might have noticed that puppies need more food than adults with this breed.

Multivitamin Supplementation

Your furry friend needs a high-quality diet with lots of protein and some carbs to keep them going. They also need omega-3 fatty acids, along with vitamin A, to boost their immunity and keep their fur shiny. Supplementing food with multivitamins is also essential to make sure your doggy receives all the required nutrients in the right amounts.

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Picking The Right Brand

There are hundreds of dog food brands available in the market claiming to contain the best ingredients to help your doggy. Many food items and additives are not good for them, so look at the contents before feeding your dog. It is best to understand foods that are harmful to your White American Bulldog well in advance so you can make the right choices.

Pet Plate is a meal subscription plan that helps you customize perfect meals for your furry friend in just a few easy steps. Simply add details about your doggy, like their habits and characteristics, and you will get a crafted meal plan that suits them. The food is also delivered to your home at your preferred time.

Dental Water Additives For Healthier Teeth

Establishing a good dental routine is just as important as exercise and food. Regular brushing and cleaning are essential, along with supplements like dental water additives to keep your pup’s teeth healthy. Dental water additives not only prevent bad breath but also help protect teeth and gums, keeping bacteria buildup at bay.

Are White American Bulldogs Aggressive? Temperaments Of White American Bulldogs

White American Bulldogs were initially bred for work, and some of their titles included personal protection dogs and hunting dogs. They still carry these traits and become aggressive when provoked.

Regarding temperament, some common characteristics include:

Alert And Protective

White American Bulldogs make perfect watchdogs because they are hyperalert. They bark at the first sign of intruders. They are also protective of their owners and would do anything to defend their families.

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White American Bulldogs are extremely sociable and enjoy the company of humans. They are happy doggies who enjoy playing around and making their humans laugh.


You would be happy to train White American Bulldogs because they are fast learners. You can easily train them how to behave around family, make them do tricks, or teach them to be good hunters.

Do White American Bulldogs Bite?

White American Bulldogs, just like any other kind of dog, bite if they are provoked or if their human is in danger. Otherwise, they don’t show aggressive behavior. Proper socializing and training from when they are pups will go a long way in helping them develop good habits.

Are White American Bulldogs Kid Friendly?

White American Bulldogs are renowned for their fondness for children, mostly because they act like children themselves. They do have the habit of jumping on people when they get excited, so keep an eye on them when they associate with children. If they show signs of aggression, keep them leashed.

Is A White American Bulldog A Good Family Dog?

White American Bulldogs are goofy, happy dogs who love spending time with their human friends. This makes them great family dogs. They are not aggressive toward people they know and trust. They are also exceptionally good watchdogs, so you can count on them for protection any time of the day.

Can White American Bulldogs Be Left Alone?

White American Bulldogs are happiest when they are with their humans. They prefer to always be with them. They do want attention from their owners, so it is not advisable to leave them alone for long periods of time.

Do White American Bulldogs Shed? Grooming Tips For White American Bulldogs

White American Bulldogs shed moderately, but this does not prove to be troublesome because their fur is not too long. Regular brushing helps remove excess fur and keeps their white coat shiny.

Here are some ways to keep your doggy nice and groomed:

Brushing Your White American Bulldog

Your fur baby needs to be brushed a few times a week with a brush with firm bristles. This especially needs to be done when there is excess shedding, typically during the spring and autumn seasons.

White American Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic dogs for that very reason: they shed moderately in varying patterns throughout the year.

To prevent fur from falling all over your floor and furniture, use the Furminator Undercoat Tool, which is specially designed to remove loose hair without damaging your doggy’s skin.

Why Does My White American Bulldog Smell So Bad?

American Bulldogs only need baths when they get dirty. But it is best not to let them go for long periods without a shower, because they will develop bad odors and allergies. 

Do not use shampoos made for humans to bathe your furry friend because certain chemicals and pH levels in human shampoos are technically not suitable for dogs.

Pet shampoos are made especially to keep fur babies clean and fresh. The Seamus Cherry Blossom Whitening Shampoo uses a soap-free formula to clean, brighten, and shine your doggy’s white coat.

Bath time is also the perfect opportunity to clean your dog’s ears and trim their nails.

How Much Is A White American Bulldog? It depends on the area where you live, but a White American Bulldog pup can cost between $1,000 to $3,000. If you are willing to pay this much, you will get a puppy that is thoroughly checked for health and behavior issues.

TDo White American Bulldogs Drool All The Time? White American Bulldogs are brachycephalic, which means they have a relatively short snout. This is one of the reasons why they drool a lot. These doggies also find it a little difficult to eat and drink.

Can White American Bulldogs Swim? White American Bulldogs can swim but not well enough to swim continuously for a prolonged period or against a current. Their short snouts require that they raise their heads further above the water, hindering their ability to float.

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