American Bulldog

While you may not buy into it, owning an American Bulldog is one of life’s greatest joys. Sure, they look physically intimidating, but inside the massive bodies are gentle beings.

So, what’s an American Bulldog? An American Bulldog is a well-balanced muscular dog of the Mastiff group and a descendant to the English Bulldog. This canine is a perfect combination of a lap dog, watchdog, and cool-headed dog. And if lucky enough to own one, then you’ll have gotten your best lifetime friend!

Now, are you a great admirer of the American Bulldog and want to learn more about the breed? If yes, then it must be your day! Right from the dog’s lifespan and caring tips to temperament and grooming, here, we will be feeding you with every information you ever wanted to know about this dog breed! But just before we delve into any of these areas, let’s begin by examining their most misinterpreted trait – the size!

How Big Do American Bulldogs Get?

The average male American Bulldogs stand between 22 to 28 inches tall, while female canines typically grow between 20 to 23 inches tall. Also, the males weigh 75 to 130 lbs on average, and that’s more than the usual range of the females; 60 to 90 lbs.

Hence, male American Bulldogs are larger and sturdier than their female counterparts. In fact, if an adult male and adult female were to be put together, you can easily distinguish the two.

But generally, these pups are medium to large-sized. And yes, with this size, it’s very likely for you to wonder whether or not American Bulldogs can thrive in apartment life. Let’s find that out in the section below!

So, can American Bulldogs live in apartments? Yes, you can live with your American Bulldog in an apartment if allowed by the house policies. Plus, have a plan on meeting their daily exercise requirement before introducing one to apartment life.

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Physical Appearance

About physical appearance, American Bulldogs typically have a dense muscular build that gives them a powerful look. By looking at this canine, the first thing you will notice is the sculpted muscles covering the shoulders, chest, neck, hindquarters, and legs.

You will also notice that they have big heads relative to their body sizes. They borrow this quality from their mother English Bulldogs, canines bred for participating in blood sports such as bull-baiting and cattle catching.

Coat Colors And Patterns

The coat colors and patterns for American Bulldogs may differ, but they at least have a white color somewhere in their coat. It can be pure white, or one with red or brindle patches. But if you come across one with a blackbrown, or tan coat, don’t be surprised; they are among the possible coat colors.

Eye Color And Shape

The eyes of an American Bulldog can either be rounded or almond-shaped. The eyes are more often brown, although they can also come in other colors such as hazel, gray, blue, or gray.

How Long Do American Bulldogs Live?

American Bulldogs live between 10 to 16 years, with the average lifespan being 12 years. While that’s not the longest a dog can live, these dogs are still considered the healthiest of all bully dog breeds.

How long your American Bulldog will live depends on:

  • The dog breed
  • Vulnerability to diseases
  • Level of care

The Dog Breed

About the dog breed, smaller dog breeds usually enjoy a longer life than larger ones. That’s contrary to what we see in other animals. Think of it. Larger mammals like elephants enjoy a longer life than smaller animals like cats, which live longer than rats, which live much longer than flies.

But why is it that smaller dogs tend to live longer than larger ones? Well, while that’s something that has baffled scientists for years, some attribute the shorter lifespan to the rapid growth rate of larger canines.

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Vulnerability To Diseases

Some health issues tend to be more dominant in some dogs than in others. Greater vulnerability to diseases means more likelihood of early death. Fortunately, compared to most larger dogs, American Bulldogs are less likely to develop health complications.

However, they still experience common health issues such as:

Level Of Care

How good you take care of your dog can go a long way to determine their lifespan. You can promote longer life for your Fido by meeting their dietary, exercise, and veterinary care needs, including ensuring that your pup is up to date with vaccinations.

Want more years of those great moments with your pet? It’s time you pay more attention to the level of care you offer to him, and that ushers us into our next section.

How To Take Care Of Your American Bulldog?

Taking good care of your American Bulldog involves ensuring that your four-pawed friend lives a healthy lifestyle. Unlike us, dogs don’t know how to take good care of themselves, and that’s one perfect area we can replicate the love and affection they show to us.

As stated earlier, an adequate amount of exercise, healthy diet and proper veterinary care are all essential building blocks of a healthy lifestyle.

American Bulldog’s Exercise Needs

Buying an American Bulldog on an impulse isn’t a decision you should be making. Before you visit that breeder or walk into that animal shelter for one, think again, especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

American Bulldogs need 1 to 2 hours of daily exercise to stay happy and well-behaved. They are more athletic than the English Bulldogs, and that tells you how much they need it. Therefore, before you think of having one, figure out whether you can stick to a regular exercise routine.

American Bulldog’s Diet

A healthy diet is neither an optional thing but a MUST for Bulldogs. Did you get that? Let me explain…

When I say MUST, know there’s absolutely no room for compromise. American Bulldog food needs to be rich in proteins but poor in carbohydrates. To retain that great wealth of muscles you see, these dogs need protein-rich food. However, low carbs are necessary to prevent those muscles from getting sunk into fat!

Get The Amount Right

It’s more natural for adult dogs to eat more than puppies – and that’s what makes more sense to us. However, American Bulldogs seem to violate the law of nature when it comes to feeding behaviors.

American Bulldog puppies aged between 4 to 6 months need 3 cups of food coming in at 4 meals every day. This amount is significantly more than that of what adults, aged 6 months and older, need, which is 2 cups in two meals every day.

Play It Safe

Not every “safe” food is indeed safe for your pet. Your American Bully requires a high-quality diet, and you should never at any time settle for anything short of that unless you want to bully their stomachs!

For high-quality food, Pet Plate comes in as your best friend with your pet. Their preparation and storage quality standards are second to none, so your canine gets what exactly they deserve!

Use Multivitamins

Food typically offers lots of nutrients your American Bulldog’s needs. However, your pet requires more than what that kibble offers.

That’s why you should supplement your dog’s food with multivitamins, such as Omega-3 and vitamin A. Multivitamins supply nutrients that are often missing in staple food, helping them live healthier lives by boosting their immune health and maintaining their coat health.

Dental Water Additives Are Worth It

Stats show that two-thirds of canines suffer from periodontal conditions. That is more than I first thought. Now, taking good care of your American Bulldog entails ensuring everything is up to par, including dental health.

Even the so deemed “minor” dental problems will result in something big if ignored. Dental water additives help fight numerous periodontal conditions, keeping your American Bulldog happy.

Do American Bulldogs Bite? Temperaments Of American Bulldogs

American Bulldogs will bite when they feel threatened or provoked, and that’s what we expect from any creature that has teeth. However, whether by an American Bulldog or not, biting is a behavior we should fight hard to curb. And yes, training helps a great deal with keeping this undesired trait under control.

About the temperament, there’s much to cherish about American Bulldogs. Here are a few traits;

Brave And Confident

An American Bulldog isn’t the kind of dog that’s going to shy away from any form of danger, whether coming from a larger or smaller animal. These canines are just as brave and confident as they look. However, they always keep up their aggression and hostility until situations force it.


American Bulldogs don’t bark a lot unless necessary. This is one of the traits that make them excellent watchdogs. They use their bark to tell intruders that they know they are around and are not welcome. They will only switch to the extreme end of things when they feel that they are being ignored.

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American Bulldogs aren’t aggressive towards their family members. They keep safe all interactions with the people they love. Actually, that’s why an American Bulldog is considered kid-friendly. However, that doesn’t mean you suspend common sense and leave your child-dog interactions unmonitored. Accidents happen.


American Bulldogs have ingrained hunting and guarding instincts. That means they have a big drive to protect what they believe is theirs. They can at times become overprotective, and that’s why they need early training and socialization.


Never leave your American Bulldog alone for extended periods as they are family-oriented. The best moments for these canines are those spent with family. They love being part of the family activities and want attention from their human partners.

Stubborn But Eager To Please

American Bulldogs are easy to train because of the big urge they have to please their human partners. However, at times, they have a mind of their own and tend to do things in a manner they see fit, thereby posing difficulties during training.

Ultimately, their desire to win their human partner’s approval overrules this stubbornness. And for training to be successful, patience and skill are all prerequisites.

How Bad Do American Bulldogs Shed? Grooming Tips For American Bulldogs

American Bulldogs typically shed moderately all year round, although the shedding tends to increase a bit when seasons change. That’s why you have to keep grooming your pup to keep their coat clean and healthy.

Here are a few grooming tips for your pup.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

American Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic. And by the way, literally, no dog is hypoallergenic. Shedding levels differ, though. American Bulldogs shed more than some dog breeds, and that’s why we can’t put them in the category of “hypoallergenic” breeds.

You can stop your American Bulldog from shedding hair all over the house by using a Furminator Undercoat Tool. The ergonomic hand-held tool makes removal of the top loose undercoat hair a cinch and won’t cut the skin or cause any harm to your lovely pet.

Brushing your dog’s coat daily, especially in their prime shedding moments will also help reduce shedding. They have short and hard coats, so make sure you get a hard-bristle brush for the job.

Bathe Your Dog

American Bulldogs can smell so bad when we don’t bathe them as necessary. While the necessity may not be as frequent as for some dogs, it’s good to not go for long periods without showering your dog.

Always avoid human shampoos as their pH isn’t good for pets. Instead, consider pet-tailored shampoos such as the Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo. The product features a thoughtful combination of ingredients that keep your dog’s coat healthy and free from tangles without causing any side effects – even with everyday use.

Brush Their Teeth

Like humans, American Bulldog’s teeth need regular brushing. It’s a practice that promotes dental health, and that’s why you should do it at least 3 times per week. Again, avoid human toothpaste as it contains Xylitol which has fatal repercussions when ingested by dogs. Consult with your vet on what product to use for your pup.

Trim Their Nails

Long nails can create excellent breeding zones for bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. Nails of American Bulldogs need trimming after every few weeks, preferably 3 to 4. Fortunately, we have lots of tools for this job. Only beware that going past the nail curve risks hitting the blood vessels.

How Much Do American Bulldogs Cost? An American Bulldog puppy typically costs anywhere between $1,000 and $6,000 when buying from a breeder and about $300 when adopting. Compared to most dog breeds, American Bulldogs are so expensive because they are highly loved and more difficult to breed.

Can American Bulldogs Swim? American Bulldogs can only swim for a short period. That’s because all bulldogs are brachycephalic, meaning that they have short nasal passages. Their large faces and jaws can be difficult to keep afloat for long.

Is An American Bulldog The Same As A Pitbull? No, an American Bulldog is not the same as a Pitbull and the two main differences are in their sizes and coat colors. American Bulldogs are much larger. However, when it comes to color varietiesPitbulls carry the day as they can come in any color, unlike the American Bulldogs that are only available in white, sometimes with patches of either black, red, tan, brown, or brindle.

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